Democracy And Today Price

None of us, or possibly the undersigned so believe it, we can say that the concept of democracy still imperfect, it is the least bad system for good governance of the countries.However, the substance of a democracy, and to my modest understanding, is that, the citizens with their votes, have chosen, and for a period of time, seek to those that govern them: good, regular or bad, but that govern them and not cheat on them until the next general elections. When we are not compliant with the results of the votes, without a doubt, we will have to wait to return to vote for people that we believe best suited to represent us, and say people, not parties to whom today we are voting on in Spain. And it is that the first Government of Spanish democracy output URNs (July 15, 1977), was headed by Adolfo Suarez (true architect of the Spanish transition UCD).But in my humble opinion is He paid a very high price: the creation of the 17 Spanish autonomies, whose current Presidents regard them as Viceroys of new Spain: democracy had a price. I know that to accept our fledgling democracy born in 1978, and everyone we know, it was necessary to accept the establishment of 17 autonomies and two autonomous cities (Ceuta and Melilla), which have proved to be, economically speaking, disastrous for Spain and its citizens. What costly emerging us ones and others! And I repeat it: we have 17 viceroys in the Iberian Peninsula. Former President Adolfo Suarez, true architect of the transition. The Spanish Government actual-presidido by Mr Rodriguez Zapatero-, is undergoing very unfortunate moments in terms of the Spanish economy. Possibly, and on the eve of the upcoming electoral campaigns for the municipal and the regional on Sunday May 22 of this year, turno-Gobierno and opposition politicians will begin to tell white lies and half-truths, that they themselves will not believe them and, what is more regrettable, making them believe others: it has always been so democracy, price and today is an unfinished business very difficult adopted by the Socialist government politicians and popular opposition politicians: both have forgotten – because so wanted it for their own interests politicians-, which, no doubt, could have ruled and formed a coalition Government, and then Spain would not be weakened, financially speaking, as it is.