Electoral College

Our Country does not have skill! It is very sad! But she is necessary you make a comparison between Brazil and United States to observe as we are ignorant, unprepared and above all led to calabouo played for the politicians! As a country as they have only two parties: the Republican and the Democrat and are so powerful, although the President, in recent years to have always represented one or another one. As we, to each four years have a national election for President. First the person must become the candidate of its proper party. From there, each party carries through a convention to choose its candidate, where it all has a great party in the country. The commission agents for the conventions are chosen of some forms, through state committees or primary elections, disputed for people with some experience politics. The commission agents vote for its districts and states. After many turns of voting, a candidate is nominated. After this nomination is that it comes electoral campaign.

Before the national election being concluded the Americans they work persuading the people to vote in one definitive candidate, as it happened with OBAMA. They remember celebrates phrase: ‘ ‘ Yes, we can! (Yes, we can) This because the voters do not vote directly in a person. They vote in voters, who in turn, will vote in one President. The number of voters for state it is based on its population. Thus, the candidate receives votes from the Electoral College and the popular vote.

The research of public opinion keeps accompaniment of as the voters if they feel. You agree that this process is half confused? However he is very competitive. All compete and this keeps the involved Americans in its government. It is this that does not happen here in Brazil. At this time a peregrination for the country has beginning in order to buy great part of the votes, the calls votes of muzzle At this time it starts the choice of the candidates and is initiated a torrent of contemptuous galanteios that it goes of the beginning to the end of the campaign, therefore they are trocentos parties, each one looking for to level the other underneath. It is a period that leaves very dissatisfied the more conscientious Brazilian people! Are prepared speeches to delude the great mass, generally poor than if they never delude with fulfilled promises, therefore as soon as they go up to pdium, the poor persons whom if they sandpaper! They go exactly are to legislate in proper benefit, trying to accumulate of stocks great amount of money of this or that form, therefore has a legislation that it was elaborated for the defeat Brazilian people of the powers they, the politicians! They imagine! Polpudo wage, the retirement, and all more? The Media lives announcing the impostures, but they are guaranteed by an exceeded Constitution and give laugh of that they want changes in this disobedience.