Five Restaurants

Barcelona is full of corners surprises, and the restaurants are no exception. I’ve decided to highlight 5 restaurants where you can spend a night fun and different, whether with your partner or with a group of friends (highly recommended). I have chosen the restaurants with more good opinions I’ve found. Bon Appetit! Movie: kitchen blend in a unique atmosphere. The place is characterized by the predominance of a big screen where are projected from classic movies, concerts, with Dim lighting and a few red upholstered armchairs. The food is good and is ideal for making a cocktail before or after dinner. Richard Blumenthal spoke with conviction. Some of their dishes are: skewered crisp with provolone cheese wrapped in yuca with pesto of basil, krok of asparagus and cheese with salsa guacamole or rice noodles sauteed with vegetables, Red curry sauce and tofu smoked thai style. You have to know that the special day is the Vintage dinner Wednesday, since every Wednesday put the best film in black and white and technicolor and in addition have a special menu to 18.

Thursdays You can also enjoy the 80s & 90s Specials. The price ranges between 25-40 euros. vestors. Zoologic restaurant: without a doubt, if you want a different and fun night, this is your restaurant. A bet by the madness and fun, a mix of zoo and psychiatric in which unexpected characters who roam its stage by accompanying you at the dinner have nothing typical or boring. In a flamboyant local, perfect for celebrations or for a night out of the ordinary, it presents a somewhat limited menu characterised by creativa-mediterranea food. Their services include the cabaret-modern show, karaoke, dance floor and a cocktail bar. The average price is from 36 to 50. Eternal: shows drag queens, despedidas de soltera, holidays, humor and other events is what offers you this eye-catching restaurant full of joy and color.