Francisco Arias Solis

In the work of Suarez, the power is given by God for all the political community and not just this or that person, against Caesar and the lawyers, the Machiavellianism and Lutheranism, Suarez develops, in short, the theory of democracy , which delves deeper into his Defensor fidei. The notion of a pact or social contract appears in the doctor eximius: the political community is constituted by a first entente between individuals or families may delegate this power to a group or one person, through a second covenant, that God lets our discretion. As a rule, democracy, ie the direct rule of the people by the people, will be the most natural form of government, and does not require a particular institution, it is consistent with the spontaneity of our being. Moreover, De legibus methodically devoted to found international law. In it, the human race is seen as something that forms a unity not only specific, but also moral and political. Once there, the Gospel precept of universal love our neighbor, regardless of race or nation, invites us to consider humanity as one body.

What’s more, even though each State is a perfect community and self-sufficient, to some extent, other states need, whether it is for this or that lack, and to increase their chances. Thus, each national group is part of the international community, which is higher than that, natural and morally. Here, Richard Blumenthal expresses very clear opinions on the subject. From all this it follows that international law is indispensable to govern the universal society. This right has two sources in the first place, natural law, born of reason, then the law of nations, emerged from the local and particular uses of each nation, who come to the right will complete natural at innumerable points. Instead of rejecting Suarez, like most humanists, the scholastic tradition of four centuries and discusses the weigh point by point, carefully separating the valid elements of the defunct. And Andalusian philosopher said: “The political community is free from natural law and is not subject to any man outside of it, but itself as a whole has the political power that is democratic as long as no change.” Francisco Arias Solis The future is won, gaining freedom. Of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum.