Juan Assumption Greek

In Venezuela there are several of these houses, some old memories of the city-American oil companies and other new and modern but scattered here and there, of these new and modern signs I can give you two: You’ll have a couple of years of built and are located on Margarita Island, on one side of the road that connects with Juan Assumption Greek at the height of the population of the neighborhood, just across the baseball field in this town … I’m telling you: These two houses are Living Model Products that served to illustrate the type of housing that is intended to build on the huge field nearby and were going to be the great housing solution for the Municipality Gomez of our island state. The fact is that the project is stopped because the land was not municipal owned, private owners had and because it was extremely expensive to build these homes so that once completed a debiana sold, (the people who run as buyers, after an endless amount of paperwork) to an exorbitant price compared with the price, being of the same dimensions and characteristics, would be sold that were manufactured by conventional means and materials … Anyway, amidst all this became public that the original design, making parts and construction systems were of a Canadian company that sold for use as temporary housing in camps, construction sites of large infrastructure projects, oil and mining operations, etc., but the Mayor of the town, Sr .