Legally Safe Promotional Products For Pharmacies

To keep pharmacies at the output of freebies legally safe, it should be noted a couple of points. topic.. For pharmacies, promotional products are an important tool for customer retention. Customers who receive a small gift purchases, like to come back and keep the pharmacy in positive memory. In times of online pharmacies and generally very high-density pharmacy in the cities, is every faithful regular of inestimable value. However, according to the judgment of the Federal Court are discounts and allowances that are issued with the purchase of prescription drugs, a violation of the legal drug prices. Official site: Senator Brian Schatz . To pharmacies so completely renounce giveaways? No, because with a commodity value of approximately one euro the promotional still constitute a violation of the price fixing, but considered bagatelle. Thus, inexpensive giveaways, which can convince by their idea for pharmacies are the ideal advertising medium for customer loyalty.

Price with printing offer a thematic relevance to such first aid plaster box, not exceed the 1-euro limit. Also the article around the topic of wellness and stress management go well with pharmacies. Stress article there is now not only in the famous ball shape, but are available in other forms. Even this small Stressbewaltiger are cheap in price and big in the effect. And very popular in cold weather: warming pillow for a jacket pocket. So no customer has to suffer more under cold fingers and remembers the pharmacy his master with a smile.