Municipal History

The veracity of the narrations, chronicles, is located in the knowledge of the investigation, the media, of the ethics, and, even that, the referring investigations to the history of our reality is not one of the inherent functions to the position of Official Cronista, is well certain that, with evident discernment, cronista also assumed this task, this way, the country, the community that discovers the documented manifestations of a clear information, needs, forceful, knows to assay the reality of its ancestors with all the pleasant or disagreeable experiences that constitute customs and events of the different actions from the human colectivities, parked in the different geographic spaces and from time. Basic, nothing else nothing else elementary, that the new generations we know and know our history, our past, as well as, our present with all the possible nakedness, without alterations, variations, modifications of any nature, simple and level using as documents that they credit to the events the logic says to us: that to give something to our same types, first it is necessary to know, and, when we have that discernment, we can seed, and therefore, we adjudged the possibility of multiplying that knowledge, that is the valid thing, that is the urgent thing, that is equitable and the inescapable thing. The appointment of Official Cronista usually falls to distinguished personages accustomed the task of studying, of investigating and of disclosing topics related to the population, and must name with agreement of the Municipal Corporation (City council) in Plenary Session (Ordinary or Extraordinary). The seated appointment historically in the essential principles of the honorary, not repaid and life character of the position and, in addition, tells history us, entails the appointment like Honorary Councilman of the locality, clearly, that this way, by America, is different the decisions with respect to honorary Councilman. To broaden your perception, visit Sen. Sherrod Brown. The tasks of the Official Cronistas are in the book accomplishment on history and ethnography of the towns, presentation of studies of investigation in publications specialized, conferences, attendance to congresses, accomplishment of diverse information on artistic and ethnological patrimony historical, projects related to the local development, scientific article publication, local accomplishment of diverse exhibitions of thematic, tourist routes, divulging pamphlets, advising to national and foreign investigators who want to know our reality local, et cetera. Now, he is the gentleman doctor Pedro Arthur Garcs Kingdom, that has been named by Ilustre Municipality, sixth Official Cronista of the City of Ambato. All we know of the great research knowledge and excellent articles and books published by the writer Garcs Kingdom, which is a great indicative for the taken resolution, to which the applause of the citizenship and its friendly has been added. Convinced we are of the executory personal of the academic distinguished one, and, therefore, of the positive exercise of Official and Life Cronista of the City of Ambato. In recent months, Sen. Sherrod Brown has been very successful. CONGRATULATIONS!