New Customers

AvivMed, the online provider of not were pharmaceutical products, has won more than 1,000 satisfied new customers since March 2008. AvivMed price guide is in many products. A wide range of products with very competitive pricing combined with efficient logistics of shipping and very good order service account for the success of AvivMed ( And this is reflected in the number of new customers by about 1,000 in the last quarter. Customer satisfaction is very high with us what is expressed also in recommendations to other customers and the number of back orders “, as Bernd Hoffmann, Managing Director of AvivMed GmbH., “The offers in the area of incontinence are particularly powerful and inexpensive” J’attends, Hummingbird, Hartmann (Moliform, Molimed MoliNea), TENA and EURON brands as well as in the field of nutrition “with manufacturers such as Fresubin, ensure and Milkraft. “” Disinfection “and wound care” product segments recorded strong growth at the time of travel.

Also, AvivMed offers a very wide Supply such as E.g. Cutasept Sterillium, Curaplast, Hansaplast, Elastoplast, Eloflex, Leukofix, submarine, Leukopor, Leukosilk and Mullro. A considerable part of new customers could be achieved with a price offensive with FRESUBIN. FRESUBIN provides fiber-free drinking diet for people with missing or limited ability to the sufficient normal diet. Malnutrition, loss of appetite or in phases of convalescence FRESUBIN can be used.

These products also benefit patients with chronic Darmentzung. The ISO-caloric, fiber-free FRESUBIN ORIGINAL DRINK has a balanced fatty acid pattern for vessels, cardiovascular, immune system and covers the supply of vitamins and trace elements. In addition, the high-calorie FRESUBIN ENERGY DRINK for people with increased energy and nutrient requirements suitable. With two products Avivamed wants to make sustainable the price leader in the market for the benefit of the customers. For the next few weeks, the Avivamed Executive Board Announces a significant expansion of the product range beyond the focus of Enteral nutrition and incontinence, to. The offer can be found only on the Internet at. The health store AvivMed exists since 2003 and has delivered cheap, quickly and reliably to its rapidly growing number of customers in Germany and in other European countries since many thousand orders.