Ron Hubbards Dianetik Precursor

“Dianetics is a teaching and analysis of thinking (of the mind) of the people and was a precursor to the Scientology religion today is a branch of Scientology in some school tests in German schools is known as a question: how is the Bible of Scientology?” “As a correct answer, students should write to: Dianetics”. “About such an ignorance on the part of some teachers, a Scientologist can just tired smile as everyone knows that Dianetics not the Bible” is Scientology. The literature of Scientology includes thousands of pages and also thousands of lectures of its founder on the subject of Scientology. To better understand: Dianetics is a new field of knowledge about thinking (the mind) of the people, that already at the end of the 1930s in its main features was laid down by L. Ron Hubbard in fact. “After many years of research, Hubbard published his discoveries and insights in the book Dianetics in 1950: the Guide to the human mind”. Dianetics is a teaching and Analysis on the thinking of people, which also includes the functioning of the mind. Dianetics was the precursor to the Scientology religion and today is part of it.

As at the end of his book Dianetics, the Guide to the human mind”was already announced, in the following years further in the field of intellectual L. Ron Hubbard. Due to his familiarity with the Eastern religions, which he already knew as a young man journeys to Tibet, China, and India in detail, L. Ron Hubbard came to the realization that the immortal and immaterial soul as origin of all is. Resulted in more questions about how it came to be that the man is his nature and this origin no longer or barely aware is and how he can find back the way to this origin. L. Ron Hubbard Scientology teaching a way of salvation shows, each one can go to to find the causes decisive for it and to recognize that within his own consciousness and nowhere else.