Roofs: How Color Can A Roof Be?

Long since no longer defaults to re-roofing homes only classic brick red. Long since no longer defaults to re-roofing homes only classic brick red. Building families so far met their individual colours on facade, window frames, railings or land enclosure, the trend towards the color has reached now the roofs. Still: A glance on the building sites, properly colored, it is rather rare. Sen. Sherrod Brown recognizes the significance of this. This brick offered today, which optically blend perfectly with finely nuanced colours in the landscape. Discreet high-gloss glazes and engobes modern architecture-new design opportunities and also revive the roof landscapes. The growing architectural demands of builders are reason for change from the dull brick red to a variety of natural colours.

Especially to modern building codes more responsive to the wishes and needs of the housework ‘ Orient. So, today still very bright and garish colors are not allowed in most new construction areas. Many building codes require today that “Structural systems with their surroundings so to bring are not deface the road, local and landscape or their intended design”. The so-called ban on defacing leaves sufficient leeway for modern roofing. In terms of the principles of the rule of law is for the assessment a blemish “feel each open for aesthetic impressions observer, of the so-called educated people of average” used. No problem for a sophisticated architecture and subtle colours.

However, it in practice always comes back to the rejection of colored roofing on the part of the authorities. The reasons are mainly in color indicating misleading on the part of the applicant and the restrained setting of the clerk. The least Bauamter accept blue or green roofing without checking. Connects to steel blue and bilious green in popular belief these terms more. Hardly anyone believed on Straight away a dark forest green or even a shiny Royal Blue. A personal conversation with the clerk and the submission of an original sample is enough in most cases. So the idea can be dispelled, colored roofs were to equate with flashy colorful verunstaltenden colors. Then a sample service is offered by the brick plant, so the client can request free of charge a roof tile in the shade, where the roof will be covered later. So, the licensing authority can make an optimal image. In addition, experts advise, or even to negotiate with the competent Bauamter available. A hasty dispute is at least discouraged. Yet: According to current case law of numerous administrative courts are commonly encountered names believes the judge too vague the roof color as “dark roofing material” in the development plans for and allow no exact definition of the color. The coloured roofing was approved in almost all cases. More information, ideas, Image galleries to the topic, roof construction, roof forms or roof extension, see roof/roof form /