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Set of actions to create a translation of the text in the general sense can be called the translation process. In this case, the translator must go through several stages of the standard work: read the whole text, split it up into parts, and then work directly with each piece. To start the translator to extract all information from the source document, analyze and fully understand it, and then choose the linguistic resources for its translation. But make it's not as easy as it seems. First, we must consider the meaning of the whole document, not just individual paragraphs. And secondly, uncommon words, the translation of which is difficult – abbreviations, names, names, and so on. Clarify laws governing the transition from the original to the translated text is designed to translation theory.

Technical translation has its own characteristics. Likewise, literary translation differs own set of rules recommended techniques. The very process of translation occurs during mental activity of an interpreter. So that researchers can only represent and articulate the theoretical models of translation. In this sense the model consists of a set of mental operations by which it is converted whole document or some of its parts. Researchers have developed several models that describe the work mechanism of transmission information from one language to another. At the core of denotational models based on the following premise: all linguistic units describe the specific denotations (things, events, relationships).

And in each text necessarily contains information on denotation, or their combination. It turns out that in the translation process is necessary to describe the same situation as described in the source. If you submit a situational model of translation, the translation process takes place from the original text to real situation, and then the same situation communicated by means of another language. Reverse translation into German or English by a similar manner. Best of all, such a model of the translation process works in the case lack of an equivalent vocabulary. It may also be applicable when the choice of a particular variant of the translation of lexical items accurately determined by the situation. The second model of translation – the transformational-semantic. Here rule of law inseparable lexical items of two documents: the original and translation. It is believed that with the help of translation can proceed from the text of the original units to units of the final document. The model involves several steps. We first analyzed the syntactic structure of the original, and here is the simplification of structural forms. Ie complex vocabulary replaced by a more simple without losing sense. To this end, each element of the text associated with a simple analogy, close to the value of the word. At the next stage of the model components are replaced with words and expressions of another language. Finally, the last stage restructuring takes place. Created a proposal that meets all the rules of language translation and language norms. Formed the correct order of words in the sentence, choose the required form of the word, clarifies values, etc. This translation from English more objective. Along with an explanatory, descriptive superiority, he stressed the importance of linguistic units. Often the translators use this approach. Commonality between the two documents, the initial and final, allocated by units of language. Naturally, such a model of the translation process is not only true, universal. Despite the adequacy of the model, it does not include actions in the case lack of transformation, which can be applied to text units of the original.

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The program provides learning Chinese language (as spoken language and writing). Such a program lasts one year for its completion the student is transferred to the 1-year student Bachelor automatically. On admission to the UIBE and passing further training in Chinese language student passes the exam HSK Chinese language. Richard Blumenthal can aid you in your search for knowledge. And for learning English need a certificate TOEFL or IELTS 5.5. Successfully passing the exams (written and spoken Chinese or English, Chinese history, math, Chinese culture, plus interview) or completing a training course for the initial program, students enrolled in bachelor. Education in the Bachelor lasts 4 years. When teaching the Chinese language are offered such courses: “International Economics and Trade, Law, Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing, International Risk Management, “International Politics”, and “Chinese Language and Literature.” While teaching at English language – “Economics, Finance and Logistics,” International Trade “. For more specific information, check out Steve Rattner. If you have been trained in China or any other country and has a bachelor’s degree, then you can, after passing certain exams, enroll in graduate school.

Program Masters Course lasts for 3 years. Education master’s degree may be carried out in the following areas: accounting, finance, international trade, law, business management, international risk management, management of trade, international economics, an MBA (in Chinese), and applied economics, international business, MBA (in English). If you have a master’s degree, then you can be enrolled in postgraduate education and a doctorate, graduating you will receive a doctorate (PhD). For admission to the university of China must fill out the registration in high school (it can be found on the website University) and send your chosen institution, together with the document on education (it must be translated into English or Chinese language and notarize), copy of passport, letter of guarantee (from your parents or employer), the certificate of HSK at least the third level (certificate confirms the extent of knowledge you kitayskogo language). Also need to list 50 to $ 100 on account of high school – the registration fee. Documents and fee are received from April through May. When you receive an invitation, you need to apply for a visa at the Chinese Consulate in your country to book a ticket to China and the room in a hostel. Once you arrive in China, you must will pay tuition fees for the first year (then it will be possible to make payment for a single semester).