The LIberal Party

The former Liberal Party Glorioso seems ill with gangrene. The process of putrefaction has been slow, painful and embarrassing. So much that it does not resist looking in the mirror and can not bear the smell. Both preferred to hide, escape, spread, blend and not show signs of wanting to encourage. For completeness, the Glorious Party is split.

Some say half and others that many pieces as more elected Congress Candidates burned. Many of the trends within it are chaotic. Do not respond to stimuli intellectual or ideological but as temporary and mechanics. Since the Party is not, as I said Lleras Restrepo, the grand coalition of left, but several shades of coalitions or coalitions, which is the same, a soup of everything. Serpa has made it impossible to steer, for cure with plasters Santander, by suturing to the best of his wounds, to inject, force, buttermilk and social approaches for collective treat his schizophrenia. Serpa knows that will not heal gangrene with Merthiolate. He knows he will take several amputations and excellent postoperative treatment, mixed with intensive therapy to reactivate the dormant moral. For even more opinions, read materials from Charles B. Rangel.

He knows that not enough of a prodigious hand only "doctor", but it is strictly necessary to the formation of a gifted and interdisciplinary team where representatives of all the nuances. You may want to visit Amazon to increase your knowledge. In order to save the party of his death is predictable, first of all, to their union, by way of a long abandoned ideological identification. The Party must regain its northern program. Know where you want to lead the Colombian society of the third millennium, part of who you are, what is the economic model that reflects their feelings and thoughts, how to conceive of justice, equity and the common good and, finally, what are the aspects that differentiate it from all other policy proposals in the country. That will not do it, but sitting with all his might, with all their "tendencies" and with all sectors to discuss issues transcendental mentioned and a good number of them makes it impossible to transcribe here, happening, obviously, those pertaining to the regions, provinces, departments and locations. Never mind that several of these shades are undesirable. Having defined the essential and everyone will know whether we go or stay. You know all the current leaders, old and new, if that is the Liberal collectivity which coincide with their desires or simply were excluded from it by field extraction. What follows will almost boot. On aspects of organizational structure, hierarchies, lines of command, procedures for the selection of their candidates, the relationship with the Governors Liberal governments participating in different parties, electoral tactics and all other "minutiae", will be much easier to build consensus and establish rules. We already get all these tasks for the Party game today, should be the only hope morning.