Government Native

Article 3 .-purpose of the consultation the purpose of the consultation is to reach an agreement or consent between the State and indigenous or native peoples concerning the legislative or administrative measures which may affect them directly, through an intercultural dialogue that will ensure their inclusion in the processes of decision making in the State […]

World Environment Day

You can not ignore the June 5 representing those who inhabit the globe, world One day we are reminded of the importance of always being attentive to the way of how we work towards ensuring an environment which is our life, does not deteriorate. It is very true when they say: Our world needs all […]

Peter Shamrayev

The crisis in the economy – as breakdown of equipment at the plant, that is – is a normal working time. At the plant there are small equipment failures, to remedy which the school has enough knowledge, there are major equipment failures, which require serious knowledge engineer as well and the economy. Crisis – it […]