The Point

– Where did all this come from? Because the nervous system fetus still only just beginning to emerge. – It's not that simple. Additional information at Congressman Charles Rangel supports this article. Everyone knows that the moment of conception two cells – Daddy and Mama – merge into one. But this is a very primitive approach. Continue to learn more with: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. In fact, at this point there certain third component – what could be called the spirit of man. This is just the thing without which disembodied man can not exist. According to some theories, the spirit as it chooses the mother of the man, in which he will materialize, and waiting for the right time to be in the right place.

There are women who just feel the moment when the conception, that is spiritualization two merged cells. – And at what here's willingness or unwillingness parents have a baby? – It is important, what is the psychological condition of the pope with his mother. Either this delicate relationship, love, joy, or rudeness, violence, or utter indifference, perform their conjugal duties. Spirit child reacts to all these circumstances. He's important that the child was born and carried out his mission.

Next – a very important moment, when her mother discovers she is pregnant, her first reaction. If children welcome, Mom and Dad are happy that the long-awaited event finally happened, then in adult life, he will not face any difficulties in relationships with people. The situation is different when the child is not needed, not at the time, not to the point, first signs of pregnancy mother perceives with horror, and my father with irritation.