Single-party republic

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Karl Marx argued that social classes and had interests that existing governments representing the interests of the ruling class, and that sooner or later these governments would be overthrown by the proletarian class.
When Marx’s predictions were met and the new Socialist Republics appeared, these were proclaimed as the most direct inheritors of the ideals of the Enlightenment.
When these appeared Socialist Republics had to face a serious problem, most of the proletariat lacked the interest or the experience of government to the republican ideals that socialists could be implemented. Therefore, the socialist government structures eventually, in practice very pyramidal.

The Art of War

For The Pi The child, invaded with a deadly weapon (the broom or Teflon spatula, either served) territories inespugnablesde mysterious and your home. He raised big barricades with buckets, pillows or chairs to stop the enemy rushes. For some time the battle took a course unknown. Today was the last confrontation, life and death almost walked the same Cornice.It was the day chosen to attack and destroy once and for all the Enemy. Won its fourth in search of allies to help you – Come, follow me. The battle is not lost. We must recover the lost territory, regardless yelled her entourage of stuffed animals succor him in his struggle. He ran from side to side, shouting, jumping. The battlefield had obstacles everywhere. Huge beasts attacked his step-to the spoon! Sultan. We are about to take the enemy camp. Your not going to stop me, you damned scoundrel, “he shouted. Thus, the Grand Warden of the Enemy ran defeated his abode in the garden. “Captain, the right flank attack was going to Grandma’s room has fallen. They call for reinforcements, “snapped a voice” OK, first we must attack the enemy by surprise is in the living room. Tugging Once we go to his aid, “he answered the child. Silently, the squad reached the enemy’s land. The Great Lord Enemy was on his back, carefree, arrogant. It was time to attack was now or never. The boy took courage. ‘Charge! – Cried “Do not move the chair, Guria of shit – that voice yell terrible. “Stay quiet child, do not break the eggs. What do you do perspire so – Calling his mother. – Turn on the TV and let yourself to break my balls! — The boy, his eyes red from repression, she huddled in the living room. She lit the pipe. A violet puppets dance. The enemy was defeated. Note: Click HERE, read a nice Article Ignacio Copani – Special Affects

Definitions of interest

Definitions of interest Desktop environment: This is a complete graphical user interface that provides icons, toolbars, applications and integration between applications with abilities like drag drop (drag and drop) to make handling the operating system is more friendly. In general, each desktop environment is distinguished by its special appearance and behavior, although some tend to mimic features of existing desktops. Terminal: A terminal is a way to access the system without using the GUI, ie all kinds of tasks in text format. File Manager: is a software application that provides access to files and facilitates transactions with them, such as copy, move or delete files.Multihead (Multithreading): Thread is running the code within the environment, so the multithreading is whether the program is executed in a multiprogramming system with two or more threads can share the processor time multiplexing, even if they are using the same program and the same data. If the computer is running in multithreaded computer with more than one processor, it is possible that two or more threads to run in parallel. Window manager: A window manager is a program that controls the location and appearance of windows under a system of windows in a graphical user interface. The actions associated with the operating system are normally open, close, minimize, maximize, move, scale and maintain a list of open windows. It is also common for the window manager designed to integrate elements like windows, system tray, taskbar, program launchers, icons or wallpaper.The X Window system, popular in the field of Unix and similar systems such as GNU / Linux, allows the user to choose among several managers. Window managers differ in many ways, including appearance, memory consumption, customization options, multiple or virtual desktops and similarity to certain existing desktop environments, among others. CUPS: Printing System Common Unix (Common Unix Printing System English, CUPS) is a modular printing system for Unix-like operating systems that allows a computer to act as a print server. A computer running CUPS is a server that can accept print jobs from other client computers, process them and sends them to the appropriate print server. Bugs: software defect. It is the result of a failure or deficiency in the process of creating computer programs (software).Gstreamer: This is a free cross-platform multimedia framework written in C programming language, using the GObject library. Gstreamer can create multimedia applications such as video, audio, encryption. The GStreamer core function is to provide a framework for plugins, data flow and management / negotiation of different media types. It also provides an API to write applications. Flickering: Effect of oscillation, flashing or flickering of windows.

An important key

An important key to begin to leave “The rat race” is making a personal financial planning Before making financial planning, we must acquire certain habits that will enable us to retain our money to be used intelligently, they will find the tips below will be helpful to begin to forge the path to financial freedom, and we begin to take advantage to enter the money game. Set up a payment plan (must reduce its liabilities), it is important to begin to repay their debts, and thought of you to deposit You can begin to reduce some unnecessary expenses (Remember: We all have unnecessary expenses) and with this money, you pay, IMPORTANT: Later on bad debts will differentiate the good, is necessary to cancel the bad, good debt, are what allow us to leveraged for investment or business, we can go into debt, provided that the rate of return for use of that loan is higher than the interests of the bank. Use only one credit card purchases and defer a month only!! (for tanking the vehicle to 12 months if the gasoline consumed in a week , or would like to pay 12 months a meal knowing that you finished in 15 minutes Think about it! If you have more than a credit card, cut up your cards, keep one as a maximum only for emergencies, remember that so do not use the other cards, these will limit the borrowing capacity (ask your banker) The most important of all keys NO BAD DEBTS GENERATE MORE !!!!!! Refinance your payment terms (this allows you to increase revenue without creating more debt) First pay the debts with higher interest Allocate 10 of their income just to save initially, over time you will know how to invest that money. Pay yourself FIRST (save !!!!! Before anything), because all are paid first and not us Your half is coming to your pocket with discounted deductions, loans, health, pension, and others, then if everyone pays first, because we do not , This will enable future two things 1. Force you to generate more revenue 2. That savings can become passive income that will allow you to pay the debts after Save 3 to 6 pay, then you should invest the savings into the equity to leverage their income Remember that the more money is a means not an end “This is not how much money you make, but how much money you can keep”


The program’s goal is to allow, through vocational guidance, technical and business training and counseling to develop productive projects for people in situation of displacement, to develop skills and competencies in a specialty, develop business plans in their places of origin or where they moved. The “plan of action to the population displaced by violence nationwide” integrates all areas of the body in order to respond immediately and effectively to the needs of this population and socio-economic support to restore it. Requirements and mechanisms for accessing the program benefit Having over 14 years of age To be included in the information system displaced population-SIPOD Identity To access this program must register the Public Employment Service of the Seine through the virtual environment ( or in places of public employment service located nationwide. Phases of attention to IDPs a) entry to the database of public service employment to access to vocational guidance services, vocational training, entrepreneurship, and advice in the formulation of productive projects and the employment agency services. b) vocational guidance, through occupational, that identify occupational interests and goals of the population in situation of displacement. c) technical training in productive skills, to develop in learners knowledge, skills and theoretical skills – practical, enabling it to improve their job-related skills, to properly implement its business plan, or seek their employability. d) entrepreneurship and assistance to develop productive projects, to awaken the entrepreneurial mindset practitioners and facilitate the development of your business plan to build and strengthen a business, generating income for their household