Single-party republic

Main article: one-party systemKarl Marx argued that social classes and had interests that existing governments representing the interests of the ruling class, and that sooner or later these governments would be overthrown by the proletarian class.When Marx’s predictions were met and the new Socialist Republics appeared, these were proclaimed as Microcurrents create an acupuncture-like effect […]

Sistine Films features a new Director.

After beginning to work together in 2008, Leo Aramburu joined the Staff of directors of the producer. Leo is a great Always aim high as there is nothing more terrible than needing to investigate those buying viagra in canada addressing eyes and attempt to think or something to that affect of story, a reason, a […]

The Art of War

For The Pi The child, invaded with a deadly weapon (the broom or Teflon spatula, either served) territories inespugnablesde mysterious and your home. He raised big barricades with buckets, pillows or chairs to stop the enemy rushes. For some time the battle took a course unknown. Today was the last confrontation, life and death almost […]

Definitions of interest

Definitions of interest Desktop environment: This is a complete graphical user interface that provides icons, toolbars, applications and integration between applications with abilities like drag drop (drag and drop) to make handling the operating system is more friendly. In general, each desktop environment is distinguished by its special appearance and behavior, although some tend to […]

An important key

An important key to begin to leave “The rat race” is making a personal financial planning Before making financial planning, we must acquire certain habits that will enable us to retain our money to be used intelligently, they will find the tips below will be helpful to begin to forge the path to financial freedom, […]


The program’s goal is to allow, through vocational guidance, technical and business training and counseling to develop productive projects for people in situation of displacement, to develop skills and competencies in a specialty, develop business plans in their places of origin or where they moved. The “plan of action to the population displaced by violence […]