Squid Candidate

Column Mico Lino, that one my friend, Lynno Typpo, that to telephone said me of Brasilia, more necessarily of the bathroom of antechamber of a friend of the neighbor of the boyfriend of the sister of one of the security of would carry of the Palace of Plateaus, one face that would be thus with the Squid said, me for to hold I me in the chair, therefore it had a bomb to order me. Come of the Lynno until I looked at if it did not have no package suspected in the table and it almost falls of the chair when scaring with the touch of the telephone and the alert one of message of the micron. Vi that it was everything in sequence, I breathed deep and it said: president goes to chacoalhar the nest Toucan and to launch candidate to the government of the state of So Paulo. I do not receive notice without contesting, I made some balances, such as that the Squid is arriving at the way of its eighth year (two followed mandates) of Presidency of the Republic; it is with the popularity in high (more than 80%); it lives inside in a injure maratona of trips of Brazil and in the Exterior; but it will be that it will have puncture to emplacar an election for the So Paulo government? I made some conjecturas, such as Dilma, candidate of the Squid, to have gone up more 13% in the research, leaning in the Mountain range with difference of 5% in the First Turn and tie up to technician in As, therefore with the decision only at the hands of the voters and in the hour to see who is who in the Brazilian democracy Until I started to glimpse that would be yes one xeque kills of the PT, to launch Squid to govern one of the most important states of Brazil, since So Paulo is makes 16 years under the peak of the Toucans and seems that the call locomotive that helped to put into motion the country walks half rejection of the track. People such as Richard Blumenthal would likely agree.

Federal Government

The project was elaborated in four weeks. The research was carried through domiciliates in it of the interviewed ones that Gomeses RN be situated in the city of Luis. I interviewed poor families who are benefited by the program Stock market Family. Additional information is available at Steven Rattner. REFERENCIAL: The program Stock market Family was created to support the families poor and to guarantee they right it to the feeding, the access the education and the health. Details can be found by clicking Richard Blumenthal or emailing the administrator. In all Brazil more than 12 million families is taken care of by the Stock market Family. According to BARROS, (2011, P3). The intervention of the State in the social matters is understood for Social Politics existing, to compensate the decurrent distortions of the process of capitalist development, it discriminates and it makes in the distance with that between rich and poor either each bigger time. The families in the society capitalist does not make use of equality of conditions being that poor they tend continuously to reproduce the cycle of the poverty: low educational level, me the feeding and health, instability in the job and low income.

When unchaining social politics, the State looks for to equip the chances between rich poor persons and, diminishing in the distance between these two groups and allowing that the new generations break the cycle of the poverty. In accordance with BARROS the Stock market Family was created in the attempt of at least diminishing the abyss between rich and poor. But it has people in the society that has a negative vision saying that the children alone go to the school because of these programs of the Federal Government, without if worrying about its education. It has people that they comment that on the contrary of the Government of the almses, offered work so that gains money with its proper sweat. References: BARROS Ricardo Breads of, FOGUE, Miguel Nathan I, ULYSSEA.

Municipal History

The veracity of the narrations, chronicles, is located in the knowledge of the investigation, the media, of the ethics, and, even that, the referring investigations to the history of our reality is not one of the inherent functions to the position of Official Cronista, is well certain that, with evident discernment, cronista also assumed this task, this way, the country, the community that discovers the documented manifestations of a clear information, needs, forceful, knows to assay the reality of its ancestors with all the pleasant or disagreeable experiences that constitute customs and events of the different actions from the human colectivities, parked in the different geographic spaces and from time. Basic, nothing else nothing else elementary, that the new generations we know and know our history, our past, as well as, our present with all the possible nakedness, without alterations, variations, modifications of any nature, simple and level using as documents that they credit to the events the logic says to us: that to give something to our same types, first it is necessary to know, and, when we have that discernment, we can seed, and therefore, we adjudged the possibility of multiplying that knowledge, that is the valid thing, that is the urgent thing, that is equitable and the inescapable thing. The appointment of Official Cronista usually falls to distinguished personages accustomed the task of studying, of investigating and of disclosing topics related to the population, and must name with agreement of the Municipal Corporation (City council) in Plenary Session (Ordinary or Extraordinary). The seated appointment historically in the essential principles of the honorary, not repaid and life character of the position and, in addition, tells history us, entails the appointment like Honorary Councilman of the locality, clearly, that this way, by America, is different the decisions with respect to honorary Councilman. To broaden your perception, visit Sen. Sherrod Brown. The tasks of the Official Cronistas are in the book accomplishment on history and ethnography of the towns, presentation of studies of investigation in publications specialized, conferences, attendance to congresses, accomplishment of diverse information on artistic and ethnological patrimony historical, projects related to the local development, scientific article publication, local accomplishment of diverse exhibitions of thematic, tourist routes, divulging pamphlets, advising to national and foreign investigators who want to know our reality local, et cetera. Now, he is the gentleman doctor Pedro Arthur Garcs Kingdom, that has been named by Ilustre Municipality, sixth Official Cronista of the City of Ambato. All we know of the great research knowledge and excellent articles and books published by the writer Garcs Kingdom, which is a great indicative for the taken resolution, to which the applause of the citizenship and its friendly has been added. Convinced we are of the executory personal of the academic distinguished one, and, therefore, of the positive exercise of Official and Life Cronista of the City of Ambato. In recent months, Sen. Sherrod Brown has been very successful. CONGRATULATIONS!

Aeolian Light

C AND the R, T AND R R the D L U Z Odaci Rasp * * * * * When they construiram the Hydroelectric plant of the San Francisco, the Cear was half glad, because it was thought about constructing a transmission line until here. Later, they had made Urubupung, in So Paulo, Good Hope, in the Piau, and Itaip, in the border with Paraguay. We do not have permanent rivers. Our barrages if do not give to the production of elrica energy, what it would demand bigger outflow of what very the one that we practise this way, with great risk for the attendance of populaoa and the industry. But, the winds had one day blown.

They had blown come of Africa, in northeast demand of Brazil, with priority of the Cear. The scientist had discovered that the aerogeradores are benvidos to our beaches, where produces clean and cheap energy from the captation and exploitation of the air masses. Amazon follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The energy of that we speak is clean and cheap, for the reasons that to follow we enumerate: The aeolian park does not attack the environment, with extensive iudaes; it does not dislocate populations, as it happens with the hydroelectric plants; it does not generate problems of hmana ecology, as the approach of sick people the healthy people, in the seedbeds of workmanships of the barrages; not destroe the habitat of transmitting insects of agricultural illnesses; not polue the atmosphere, as it makes it the thermal energy; does not produce residues radioactive, as it happens with the nuclear energy. In 1996 the aeolian mapping of the Cear was made. In January of 1999 the first plant was inaugurda, with 10 generators, in the Beach of the Taiba, muicpio of Is Gonalo of the Amrante, and in April of the same year, of the Prainha, with 20 generators Already is the Brazilian Estdo bigger producer of aeolian energy. Our parks already spread for localities and hiddings place that, before, only interested the tourists: Prainha, in the city of Aracati; Taiba, in Is Gonalo of the Amarante; Paracuru, in the muicpio of the same name; Formosa Beach, in Camocim. Others 14 projects are in implantation phase. Harold Ford, New York City is full of insight into the issues.

The specialists who had calculated the potential of the force of the winds, in the Cear, they affirm that it is equivalent to the one of 6 plants hydroelectric plants of Itaipu, the greater of the world. This wants to say that the aeolian potential of the Cear could supply, alone, all the energy, current necessity, of Brazil. Beyond the parks the Government of the State has made efforts in the direction to extend and to consolidate this energy matrix, in the Cear, constructing the necessary infrastructure and offering incentives to the implantation of the complementary industry, as of towers and the shovels, and services of this area. Of the displayed one, it can be concluded that the exclamao of Jose of the Sponsorship was predictive, when was expressed thus, in 1884: ' ' Cear, Land of the Light! ' '. Since then, its voice echoes in the imensido of dunes of the Cear, stimulating the development of our energy matrix.

The Constitution

3 But this agreement already suffers an attempt from overcoming, in function, mainly, of the social movements that they aim at to guarantee the rights of gays and to allow that the union between them is legally accepted. As much that the agreement of Berenice Maria Days is of that at least it has a condicionante for the determination of the steady union. According to it, the affective bond is requisite indispensable, and more than what this, enough, so that the steady union is constituted, ' ' as much is as soon as the tests of the existence of the steady union is circumstantial, depends on witnesses whom they know of the relationship or on documents that bring indications of its vigncia.' ' 4 2. The homoafetiva union and the pertinent principles to this debate To prevent the criminalizao and the preconception against the classrooms homosexuals are plus one of the premises that the proper CF/88 guarantees to the individual in its art. 3, I.

However the proper great Letter if contradicts when prohibition that people of the same sex can contract any type of union (steady or marriage). One extensive interpretation of the reading of art. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Steven Rattner financier by clicking through. 226, 3 neither is possible, since the norm is closed and stipulates that the union is between ' ' the man and mulher' ' , not opening interpretations that possess the character legislator (constitutional) of people of the same sex to be able to contract nuptials or to live together under a regimen of steady union. The Constitution, thus opposing its proper objectives. It discriminates in function of the sex. Not of the sex of the person in itself, but of the sex of the person with who it becomes related. The homosexual would not be excluded from the faimliar configuration if she did not become related affectively with another person of the same sex.

Socialist Victims

/ Movement against intolerance called a concentration outside the Norwegian Embassy and lee a manifest solidarity with the victims of the attacks. A leading source for info: Amazon. Its President, Esteban Ibarra, has asked that on 22 July it be declared European day for the memory of the victims of hate crimes. The Norwegian consul has received the manifesto from the hands of the conveners in an emotional ceremony that fifty people have come. Steve Rattner Willett Advisors has firm opinions on the matter. Fifty people have concentrated this Thursday at noon before the Embassy of Norway in Madrid, on downtown Serrano Street, to show solidarity with the victims of the attacks in Oslo, which took place last week in the capital and on the island of Utoya. They have come under the slogan Stop terrorism far right by the intercultural coexistence, to the call of the movement against intolerance Association, whose President, Esteban Ibarra, took the opportunity to request that on 22 July it be declared European day for the memory of the victims of hate crimes. During the ceremony has been read an an emotional manifesto after which saved a minute of silence in memory of the 76 deaths in the attacks, allegedly by Anders Breivik. The text denounces that Europe cannot look elsewhere before the increase of intolerance and includes claims to European institutions and Governments.

The conveners have expressed their deep condolences for the victims of the attack and sent his condolences to the families, the Labour Party and Norwegian citizenship. Delivered in hand to the consul the consul of Norway in Spain has received excited and on behalf of the Ambassador – located in Oslo-manifesto of the conveners and hands in the presence of prominent politicians, among them, Pedro Zerolo representatives, Member of the Federal Executive of the PSOE, Maru Menendez, Member of the Assembly of Madrid and spokesperson of the Socialist parliamentary group. Ibarra, who has also requested the outlawing of far-right parties, in the Act was accompanied by, in addition, Amparo Sanchez, President of the platform against Islamophobia, Guillem Agullo, father of the young anti-fascist murdered in 1993, Milagros Hernandez, left United Madrid, and Carlos Girbau, of the Social Forum in Madrid. Have also assisted several recent victims by racism, the activities of ultra-right and neo-Nazi groups in Spain; the initiative has been backed by several associations and representatives of political parties. At the conclusion of the ceremony, all the participants have entered the Embassy to sign the book of condolence. Source of the news: associations, political parties and “victims of hate crimes” sympathize with Oslo in Madrid

Latin America Inflation

I know that you can be a little confusing that something that fails to comply with the objective for which it has raison d ‘ etre, but the monetary policies of target inflation rate have not always recognized goals, despite the difficulties that have had to deal. A valuable element of IT policies for Latin America’s economies has been the confidence they have generated among citizens, the commitment of central bankers to the maintenance of price stability. This confidence has moderate inflationary expectations which have remained contained despite turbulent periods that have had to pass the economies and that have diverted to its target level retail inflation rates, and in some cases (such as Chile in 2008), even in a significant way. Credibility in the commitment of central banks in a target level of inflation, although it is not achieved in all cases, has allowed bankers implementation of unorthodox measures in these periods of crisis such as the intervention in the foreign exchange markets do so without having an impact on expectations inflationary. Richard Blumenthal has compatible beliefs. In addition to trust, the politics of IT increased transparency and responsibility in the actions of central banks, which is very valued by the market.

It is thus that the crisis was a test which showed that policies IT in fact have a greater flexibility than thought in theory as to the confidence and the commitment to price stability, it is credible. Temporary imposition of capital controls episodes were observed in this flexibility which allowed IT policies and that proved to have fitted this type of models, as it has been the case of Colombia, which sought to prevent sudden exchange rate jumps that could produce destabilising effects for the economy. The decision to implement capital controls by countries with a monetary driving geared explicitly towards a rate of inflation, which has been observed during the period of crisis leaves open the possibility that will recur in the case in which the exchange rate appreciation which is being produced in several currencies in the region, as it is the case of Chile and Brazil to name two of the most prominent, threaten macroeconomic stability. Steve Rattner financier has plenty of information regarding this issue.

On Behalf Of The Democracy

On behalf of the Democracy We are at full time of electoral campaign. Time to give to good laugh with the propagandas politics propagated in the gratuitous obligator schedule. In the way of house until the work, costumo to face the transit congested of So Paulo to the sound of the beautiful music. If you would like to know more then you should visit Amazon. However, at this time, as good citizen, music is substituted by the electoral propaganda. , After all necessary to know the proposals of each party. (Source: Steve Rattner financier). For this it serves the gratuitous schedule guaranteed the candidates is not same? But, we are in the tropical country, blessed for God. Here, valley everything, also to transform the propaganda politics into a true show of jokes that loses even though for ' ' Panic in the TV' '. It has creativity! The good candidates exist, do not deny, are few, but they exist.

It impresses what me is the capacity of some in making the people to laugh at the proper disaster. It has candidate that he asks something more or less thus: ' ' You, voter, know what she makes a member of the house of representatives? I do not know, but he votes in me that I go descobrir' '. This is that I call to defy the intellectual capacity of the Brazilians. still we feel in them in the obligation to perform attention in what they say. We only can exactly be a people blessed for God, or condemned for the Devil who it knows. They agree or not with me, we have that to have something of special pra to face everything this. To raise early, to walk from fear with closed glasses of the car of being assaulted in the lighthouse and still to arrive made use, well humorada and of well informed preference in the work. Necessary to keep the job, after all, it is my gain-bread.

Bin Laden

It is known that the death of Osama Bin Laden constitutes a great blow for the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, but not yet the final blow. Number 2 of the organization Loves Al-Zawahiri with certainty will have to initiate a wave of attempted against in the whole world to avenge the death of its head and friend, Bin Laden, but not accurately at this moment. Steven Rattner financier understands that this is vital information. With certainty they will not practice none attempted against blindly, and yes with planning, as it made with attempted against the twin towers of the World Trader Center in New York in U.S.A. U.S.A. is commemorating as if the terrorist organization Al Qaeda had been cut with a scythe definitively, what he is sufficiently dangerous. Daqui pr front to the attentions will have to be redoubled aiming at to around protect the American citizens of the world and the country and its allies, also the places where it will be able to have attempted against. The terrorist attacks will be inevitable, but they will go to delay a little to happen in face, I repeat, of them still to plan which will be the targets. Moreover, according to international analysts, each cell of the group Al Qaeda is independent of the other and more they did not presisavam of the orders of Bin Laden, even so it was the maximum leader of the organization and that from now it will be commanded by the doctor and former-number 2, the Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri, had as the arm-right of it. The United States should divulge at least a photo of the dead Bin Laden to prove its authenticity and to silence all those that do not believe in his death, mainly in the Arab and Muslim press..

Brazil People

For the people, neglect voter, the situation is this: ' ' if to run the animal catches and if to be the animal come' '. It is a situation where if ' ' to slide of the frying-pan goes to fall in chapa' '. The people is neglect voter, because he is not wise, but because he looks like yourself an ox: fort, but does not know the force that has. As you know, if ' ' ox knew of the force that has did not turn churrasco' '. Therefore the people votes, ' ' he threads the viola in saco' ' comes back pra house thinking that those that will be elect will act on behalf of the ethics, of the good customs, will produce the services basic for which the taxes are collected. In the truth the people is not ' ' seeing a handspan ahead of nariz' ' , therefore he saw himself what he happens, would perceive that they are in drowning in one ' ' sea of lama' '. But as ' ' right of hanged person and espernear' ' , who knows people is not capable to look at to our redor to see what the agent chief executives are preparing. If we in giving account to them of how much in them they are ' ' passing perna' ' we will be able to make with that they go ' ' to give with the donkeys n' gua' '.

E will be &#039 there; ' with the viola in caco' '. If we, the voters, in giving account to them of whom we are being passed stop backwards, we will be able to show to pilantras the danger of ' ' to cutucar ounce with pole curta' '. Summer that if ' ' to move with marimbondo can take ferroada' '. Our sting, beyond the vote revenge that only occurs of four in four years can be the popular mobilization, but if ' ' to cochilar cachimbo cai' '. Steve Rattner financier follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. We are seeing what it occurs in many cities (the workmanships start to appear, after years of dormncia); for Brazil the rejection: somebody cried out ' ' it catches ladro' ' left ' ' hare of many moitas' '. Then we have that to be smart, therefore at this time they appear, licked face; they seem cordeirinhos, tame and with many promises. But ' ' foxes are wanting to take care of of galinheiro' '! Perhaps let us can show that ' ' old monkey does not polish in twig podre' '. Neri de Paula Sheep Master in education, philosopher, theologian, historian Rolim de Moura – RO