Political Changes

CHANGES POLITICS THE GLOBAL PARADOX Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo The interests politicians are provoking separatistas movements in places where the federative system is weak and incipient. As the writer commented John Naisbitt, author of the book Global Paradox, starts to appear movements of creation of rules of law that can provoke social […]

Spanish Civil Registry

Selected thus adopting and adopted, the adoption already can be constituted. It has to notice that the fulfillment of the rules of the Agreement of The Hague is credited by the opportune certificate of the central authority of the country of the adopted one, that will be to appear in the Spanish Civil Registry. By […]

Tenerife Municipality

The municipality of the Orotava with its 218 km2s, is greatest of Tenerife, located in the heart of the valley of the same name, we can find places of much resistance, bathe in its beaches (bollulo, the ducks,) to visit the monumental zone of this town one of prettiest of Tenerife, to enter themselves in […]

The Art

Soon, this reflection leads in them to look at literature not as mirror of the society, but as a half transmitter of information, whose social function is to facilitate to the man the understanding of these conflicts in its plurality and diversity, and thus to emancipate itself of the dogmas that the society imposes to […]

Project Pedagogical Politician

It is known that some actions must be practised by the supervisors, especially in says respect to it to the accompaniment of the work developed for its professors, to be present, when necessary, in the classroom, to observe and to comment the comments with the same ones, of preference, to argue together the plans of […]

Prohibited Municipal Civilian

Intense rains that had occurred in the Valley of the Itaja having included the city of Jaragu of the South had been caused by an atmospheric blockade in the Atlantic Ocean, folloied for a ciclnico vortex in altitude between 4000 5000 m and m, located enters the east of Santa Catarina and the east of […]

The Presence of Insurance

And if at first it is zero, then the time of putting the building up and by the time of deposit of its tenants reaches its maximum. The problem of insurers – carefully keep track of this period, gradually increasing the sum insured. – What influences the price of an insurance policy? – When selecting […]

The Senate

In 1 of January of 49 B.C. fearing that Cesar arrives to impose some of its requirements against the will of the Senate and that if becomes so powerful that, in reason of this, if it must wait the renaissance of incessant conflicts and new lines of direction in the Senate, the consuls make of […]

Residential Policy

The residential saving is a requirement that must fulfill the applicant of a credit with the resources of the residential policy. In order to fulfill the requirement of the residential saving, the worker, or she is employee or independent, owner of company or professional, will have to contribute a percentage of his monthly income to […]


Many people associate the auto answers of e-mails, with autoresponders, are not mistaken, although I want to leave these programs well clearly, are much more that simple messages of electronic mail. Autoresponders is tools that can be used of different ways, helping to grow and in some cases to that the sales of their business […]