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Moreover, each glacial period lasted an average of 100 thousand years, and interglacial only 10 thousand. Now we live in such a short interglacial period. Temperature data of a certain period determined by studying the isotopic composition of ice. Comparing these parameters, the researchers concluded that changes in atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and Methane […]

Using Facebook

Facebook is the social network the world’s largest, used by millions of users and where it is possible to communicate with friends, meet people, find out about events and promotions, do business, etc. Connecticut Senator wanted to know more. Every day are more companies using Facebook and other social networks to promote themselves and advertising, […]

The Domestic

On the family, valley to cite the central paper that this institution possesss in the Brazilian society, according to Gomes: ' ' It (the family) represents for us the basic unit and ' ' natural' ' of society and, therefore, the obligator and primary unit of any form of aggregation. In other words, the family […]

Marketing Briefly Business

Alexander Sorokin has long studied and continues to study ubiznes coaches and mentors, which he appreciates and honors. Alexander Sorokin sure that the path of knowledge is the right way and it endless path, because excellence has no aisles. He knows that the coach helps to save the most valuable resource – time. With a […]


There is a new colonization by powerful countries and that they use third world countries to obtain funding. Decline of the economies turning ena weak economies in developing countries. Participation of foreign capital in weak economies further reducing their child support because the revenue of these companies are going to give accounts of their partners […]

Martinez Tamez

In 1931 the Russian film director Sergei Eisenstein filmed the unfinished tape Que viva Mexico! , While Fernando de Fuentes made Compadre Mendoza (1933) and Let’s Go with Pancho Villa (1935). The surprise commercial success en el Rancho Grande (1936), Fernando de Fuentes also marked the beginning of the national film industry. There were external […]