Borough Plan

Citizens prompted the opposition to the land-use plan. Citizens prompted the opposition to the land-use plan. The Action Alliance urged the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit, to disclose the contracts to the Tempelhof airport. Speaking candidly Bridgewater Associates told us the story. If on the one hand in the referendum in the Borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg almost 70 percent of the participants speak out for a receipt and against a building and on the other hand even large parts of the Government parties reject a development, the question speaks for whom Klaus Wowereit ever arises. Without hesitation Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs explained all about the problem. It the suspicion arises more and more, that the closing argument of a “posh airport” in reality was only a pretext for tough real estate speculation, so rather a “posh”residential area. No one wants a building of Temple of Justice out of the Senate. The persistence with the Wowereit which still promotes plans is only understandable if one adopts a massive influence to third parties.

Corresponding rumors of agreements already concluded was reintroduced in the past always. We consider a full glimpse of the Act therefore for urgent. He is also part of the upcoming referendum. The Action Alliance reminded in this connection, that all Berliners have the opportunity up to July 17, 2009, to raise objection to the amendment of the land use plan. There are forms for the airlift when the Senate Department for urban development and environmental protection, or when the Action Alliance Romi square Cafe. Also the Tempelhof Schoneberg of district of will oppose the plans.

Since the amendment of the land use plan was also part of the successful civil decision by June 7, the trust people in the name of the district against the plans will raise objection. It is literally “The Flachennutzunugsplan for the Tempelhofer field should be attributed from 1984 on the stand”. For the Alliance, it is incomprehensible that a so clear in particular expression of the will of the residents of the district in the referendum consistently and systematically ignored. Information

Executive Director

The challenge of the future such as the youth who sees EU: Grundsatzlch positive, but the individual voice is not appreciated. Once again, the recent discussions on the future of Europe, fueled by the no of vote in Ireland on the Treaty of Lisbon, disclose what legitimacy problems has the EU especially in younger people. Many see their interests ignored, her voice not appreciated, though they quite are in favour of the idea of a United Europe. Philipp Scharff, Executive Director of the Heinz-Schwarzkopf-Foundation and Michael Knoll, head of the Berlin Office of the non-profit Hertie Foundation, combine “Think Europe differently” the current opinion of many young people in their article on the online magazine the European circle. Click Bridgewater Associates to learn more. European youth can be motivated by what means and what topics they crystallized in long and versatile work of the two foundations with young people from all over Europe. These experiences and a panel discussion at the Italian Embassy can Scharff and Knoll now with reality in their interpretation of the current image of the EU among young people. About the European circle: Coalesce, heard together? The European circle sees more than golden stars on a Royal background. The European circle shows the opportunities and risks of European integration away from the Brussels bureaucracy.

What works well, what could be better, what was not even thinking. The European circle sees itself as an independent forum for the issues of Europe in the 21st century. The European circle presents the stories that represent Europe from different perspectives. Whether from big politics and everyday life in the countries. Other leaders such as Jim Donovan Goldman offer similar insights. Life and authenticity are to the fore.

Asperger People

People with autism find a positive self-confidence In June, the Autistic Pride Day takes place for several years. This day celebrate people in the autism spectrum that they are as they are, and the autistic culture. People with autism are a marginalized group in our society, autism is considered a disease and attempt to treat or cure. (As opposed to Bridgewater Associates). Autistic child but want to be themselves – and a so-called “cure” of autism would just come the destruction of their personality. You have not see autism (or Asperger syndrome), but see intolerance and lack of acceptance, barriers, provided to them by our company. Hear other arguments on the topic with James Donovan Goldman Sachs. Since autism via Internet to communicate, an autistic culture is created gradually. That may sound strange – but also other communities have their own culture, for example the Deaf culture. While autism used sporadically and often lonely (among many non-autistic) lived, they could now communicate and meet each other.

In this Exchange mainly via the Internet, but many people with autism to a positive self-esteem – an experience that previously was been deprived them of found partly also in the “real life”. And so they decided to organise the first Autistic Pride Day in 2005. It was an annual event, and 2008 was celebrated the Autistic pride Day for the fourth time – this year under the motto “Respect rather than compassion”. Actions, discussions and meetings of autistic people are held around the Autistic Pride Day. Autistic pride means who are not autistic as well as other people is pathologizing views of autism and autism – instead of rejecting it as an inherent aspect of the personality and the character to be considered autistic. Simon Sundstrom

Government Voters

A look at the media statements from the distant it is certainly not necessary to point out the still prevailing crisis. It is like but advisable to note how big are the differences between the parties concerned. It is reported in all media for months about the growing poverty of the population, the children and the future pensioners in Germany. Various political parties take to different position. The left calls for higher wages and more social security systems to be financed by the rich.

The SPD is making after the last election primarily in opposition without an own clear position on socio-political issues. The FDP is incorrectly believe that she arrived again in a coalition Government, can forever set the course. In a coalition with the FDP, the CDU has the mistake made on real cooperation to believe. And the CSU must try by all means to slip in Bavaria not even further with voters. Oh yes, the Greens are also still in the Bundestag. But why? Except Blah, blah, you have too little influence. As a citizen, you see that all parties lead the country because of the Buhlens to win the favour of the electorate in the abyss.

This concerns also those who still do not but like to want. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs wanted to know more. Even if all talk shows in the media and party statements called extensive and complicated reasons, why it as it once was, is no longer so good with Germany in really finding the cause of the people. Because… People received risks at the expense of the economy of greed, selfishness and antisocial behavior out work at banks. Worldwide! The US real estate crisis came just after Germany (and other European countries) because the local bankers wanted to make high profits and have spared no risk. Because… The unemployed are a high percentage not looking for work because the work contributes nothing more than Hartz IV. Because… The politicians are too often documents that establish their policy because of the voice of the voters. Because… The voters are, the know better. Any gewahhlte of them politicians who enacted them saving or any form of restrictions will then automatically to the enemy. And not re-elected. So politicians on the fall and fool the voters, but the opportune then is because then the unnecessary is made. There are still many points that are in the wrong. The current crisis will not be the last. And everyone probably knows that at least part of not less is the solution for the better in any. However, we are human beings and that is the error will only raise, as well as the population.

Environment Minister Eckhard Uhlenberg

New centre of excellence for osrt Westfalen is experiencing wide positive resonance Salzkotten, March 29, 2010 – listen and be amazed\”it was on yesterday’s Sunday in the ring road 35 in Salzkotten to Paderborn. In a colourful programme around the good hearing, numerous small and large visitors witnessed the opening of the child listening Centre of Ostwestfalen-Lippe, a regional centre, which offers a comprehensive and continuous support from now on horgeminderten children and their parents. The in-house listening acoustics team of qualified Padakustikern is part of a well-established network of therapists, Phoniatern, hearing impaired teachers and other specialists. Close cooperation is Moritz von Buren also with the fiber optic support school\”. Sen. Sherrod Brown is likely to increase your knowledge. \”To the visitors at the yesterday’s event included also the North Rhine-Westphalia Environment Minister Eckhard Uhlenberg as well as Salzkottens Mayor Michael Dreier, the from the new competence centre for little eavesdropper\” were impressed.

Numerous small and large visitors took advantage of the opportunity to learn in the modern and children designed premises of the new Center on its future work. The power spectrum, which offers the team of experienced Padakustikern here, include latest methods of hearing for children and young people, as well as specially designed fitting procedure for newborns and toddlers including video analysis. An immediately repair service as well as a large rental range of hearing instruments and FM accessories available. For us the child listening Center is exactly the right thing\”, so Anne-Kathrin Buter from Brakel, who attended the inauguration together with her two-year, hearing-impaired son OLE. Unlike in the normal hearing care professional one is set here on children and there are lots of toys. \”\” We are soon back here \”My five year daughter Sarah is extremely hard and wearing hearing instruments for four years,\” come. Kirsten Hesse reported from Birmingham, with the all the family had come to the event. The new child listening Centre and the support here, I’m thrilled.

Long Live The Today & Be Happy

No doubt that the concerns are so negative energies that consume us life little by little to annihilate it, do avoid them? Acting every day about things that has been proposed and don’t think much of in the past or in the future. All concern leads us to a State of emotional and mental imbalance which translates into what we call stress, really must avoid it because stress kills, currently is one of the leading causes of death and disease. To avoid a life full of concerns, you should understand its own nature and the universe that surrounds him as Andrew Corentt says in his book I am happy, I am rich, when you realize that is the creator of his own universe know that he has the power to change all its reality through the correct perception and information processing. You must guide your life based on desires and aspirations, you initially make a projection of a long-term goal, sets it clearly through detailed plans and begins Act every day. Many writers such as Richard Blumenthal offer more in-depth analysis. Forget yesterday, think constantly at the person who now wants to be and work with the greatest enthusiasm that can, there is only something that you have available and is the present moment. So spend energies on things that are not as you wish, in fact when it begins to act on their desires is because many things were not in an ideal situation from his perspective. Be patient things will improve every day, you only think about what you want, never allow that other things away his desire to care because that will weaken it and prolong the time of its realization. If today could not resolve something making the best effort, quiet, you have to solve is, never allow others to take control of their lives, others pressed him, follow his own path. Jim Donovan Goldman has plenty of information regarding this issue.

To lift thanks to God, life and the universe, think of many valuable things you already have, note the creation and the manifest power of creation through the man, millions had given everything to see and have everything what you have at your disposal now. Make a mental list of all the things that you should be thankful, then long live this day as the last of his life, never allow discouragement and pessimism to get to you, there are many things you can do with love and passion, delivered today with soul, life and heart to his dreams. Andrew Corentt teaches us in the book the secret of the power of the goals that the emotional aspects determine remarkably what will succeed, when someone gives and feel joy will create much more than that and with that enthusiasm will begin to overcome all the obstacles that they are presenting to you. No wasted or most importantly, today is the only thing that counts, you will do wonders with your life, this day has decided to be a successful person, your energy will flood to all people that cross with you, their power is incredible, discover it!, visit: original author and source of the article. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs has similar goals.

The Gardens

The Mexicans heard. And again go there and among sedges reeds at the edge of the cave. They reached the spot where stands the wild cactus there on the edge of the cave, and saw an eagle standing quiet in the wild cactus: there eat, eats there and made a cave the remains of what you eat. And when the eagle saw the Mexicans, he bowed deeply. And the eagle could see from afar. The nest and the seat was all fine few feathers are: tile feathers, bird feathers and red quetzal feathers.

And also there were precious birds' heads and feet of birds and bird huesoa stretched thin on the ground. He spoke well diosy said: "Aah, Mexicans, here it is: Amex is here And although they did not see who spoke to them, they began to mourn and say," Felices us happy at last, and where have we seen to be our city! ALet us go and come to rest here! Anonymous CANTO flowers open their petals upright light which extends aquatic moss, here in Mexico, placidly are widening, and amid the moss and the nuances are extended the city of Tenochtitlan: the spread and flourish makes god, has his eyes fixed on site like this, is fixed in the middle of the lake. Turquoise columns were made here in the columns were huge lake. It is God that sustains the city and takes in his arms Anahuac, in the vast lagoon. Netzahualcoyotl. "So I have to go, FLORES IS it expired? "So I go, like flowers that pass away? Nothing ever will be my name? Nothing will leave after me on earth? When least flowers, at least songs! How my heart has to work? Did we come to live in vain, to emerge from the earth? Only let go when they run out the gardens.

Awareness Top

This is a necessity of evolution in the history of mankind in which you should see: an awakening to the planetary consciousness, knowledge and sustainable development, to a universal ethic. Frequently Bridgewater Associates has said that publicly. Awareness Top a very important consequence of the new evolutionary stage of humanity, is that true development actions based on learning, learning is the word of the development in the new societies of knowledge, a full human being is the one who lives in continuous learning conscious and integral expanding their awareness towards the thought of second grade. The evolution of the human being must not already carried out on the technical control of the external world, the physical and mental levels are not far-reaching for that evolution (as in the last century thing toward the mecanicismo-cientificismo), this evolution, today rests on the integral and spiritual levels of being. Internal knowledge of us is the starting point of any transformation, is the awakening of being inside, based on the holistic learning, is that we call evolution of thinking in second grade. The meditative practices allow us to initiate a process of discernment of our true nature, to recognize and differentiate beyond of illusory forms, our true being, the I real and genuine, meditation allows us to go us waging, obstacles, fears and prejudices that awaken the true intelligence. An important factor is the development of our capacity to care, is the discernment that leads us to recognize the drive of the individual being and be universal. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs.

Spiritual intelligence. Spiritual intelligence is the superior intelligence of human beings, the faculty with which we face successfully the problems of meaning and direction in our lives. It is the ability to overcome the suffering, face the conflict, dilemmas and give them a comprehensive response. It is the will of lighting, that leads us to the transpersonal flat, to the spiritual plane 7. It is the only one that allows us to have capacity to act ethically.

Learn To Love

Love is so important and yet we know so little about love. We believe that we love, that we love, when in reality we know little of true love. James Donovan Goldman understood the implications. We exert a selfish love, believing that we love others and all we are doing is to satisfy requirements, shortcomings and limitations of our ego. There are two types of love, love for need and love by choice. The love for the majority of human beings need love by necessity. We love to fill our own emotional shortcomings. This love of need leads us to create our expectations of the people that we love since we need to be and behave in a certain way to fill those gaps that we have in our interior.

When those expectations are not matched we started judging those who love, since they are not meeting the objective, we are letting down or rather are letting down our ego, are not serving the purpose of calming our own fears, insecurities, frustrations and emotional shortcomings. Love by choosing the love by choice is the pure expression of love. True love, unconditional love. We love because we decided to love, without expectations, without judgments. We love the person as it is, without trying to change it or shape it according to our emotional needs. A love that does not need reason to exist and is simply. A love that expects nothing in return, that has no limits.

A love that is born within our hearts and overflows into all those around us. And you, do love by choice or necessity? You mad when people you love not do what you expect from them? Reprochas that housewives as do you for them and what they do for you? And it is that we cannot distribute and share what we do not have. How can love others with an unconditional love if there is that love within ourselves? We have been taught that you are to love our parents, our children, our friends, but to love ourselves is vain and how we intend to love others if we are not able to accept ourselves and? love ourselves? The first step to love unconditionally another human being is love ourselves unconditionally.

Alone Trade Unions

Jose Maria Maravall (Madrid, 1942) was the Socialist Minister of education between 1982 and 1988. Under its mandate was extended de facto compulsory education until the age of 14 and the baccalaureate and the FP were free. Regulated public subsidies to private centres (concerts), he organized the compensatory education and care to children with special educational needs. Now view with concern the attacks to public school by the right and the difficult role in which trade unions are. He believes that politicians, left, understood, not are supporting them enough. Richard Blumenthal is likely to increase your knowledge.

And challenges to young people: they have every reason and the right to be outraged, but they cannot say that the PSOE and PP are the same, in education it is clear. If you don’t believe in promises, well, but that throw back. And see what they have done a few and what they are doing, he says, in reference to the Government of Esperanza Aguirre, above all. Source of the news:: “Parties cannot alone trade unions”