Martin Gaite

To reinforce its claim, then composed a slight gesture of coquetry, half way between pure sensuality and the deliberate irony. a “And while she has done well with writing. The girl a “Torrente said then, referring to the novelist there presenter “is best has narrated the miserable life of this city in our long post-war civil, uncivil, rather. In a question-answer forum James Donovan Goldman was the first to reply. Instead of pen, it seems that the girl had used the scalpel with the precision of a surgeon. a “AMay going, man! What happens is that the Levitical city is written by herself, without the need to transcribe a reporter what a ” replied the other.” One need only stand in front of it and watch in amazement and she herself is stripped of their petticoats of hypocrisy, showing the back of the plot, I’d say Graham Greene. Ohio Senator is often quoted on this topic. a “So much you dislike the city? a “I was amazed. a “not about that, man a ” I quickly corrected the writer ferryboat “. Criticism because we love.

Buffet their faults because we would turn them into virtues. Denounce its shortcomings because they prefer to be exceeded with an attitude of exuberance. We long for a bit that enjoyed by ancient Greeks in the auditions of the Odeon: great dramas, full of passions and excesses at the height of the greatness of this great stage. Here, however, these beautiful old cobbled, and sees demand spectacular tragedies, overwhelming feelings … and only occur, however, suppressed emotions, gestures casually, gossip stay … The long sentence full of epithets had left something fatigued chained its author, so Martin Gaite de Torrente took over, as if it were his own firm and a strange complicity could only experience the deceased: a “Look, if not, what happens to Unamuno.

European Commission

" We do not have mechanisms of market regulation enough and sufficient, ctivos and eficaces" for " to avoid that they end up to the situation paying it to the agriculturists " , that they are selling the harvests of some fruits – like the peach and the nectarine below cost, remembered the minister. For this reason, France and Spain consider so much the request of aid as the establishment of " mechanisms to take part and to act in terms of storage " , which would avoid a steep fall of the prices of the fruit. Thanks to requests of Spain, France and Italy, the European Commission proposed 28 of July the past that was increased with retroactive character the aid to retirement of the peach and the nectarine to compensate the problem of prices that confront those fruits and that they have triggered in the actions of the French agriculturists against Spanish products. By the same author: Bridgewater Associates. Aguilar also showed its hope of which &quot has been put already; point and final" to the scaling of attacks against the Spanish trucks and " there is no situation more than lamentar". " I trust our agriculturists totally and I trust that they go that is to say to hope to see the results that the work has given that we have come realising so that there is total security for our merchandise, so that our trucks circulate around France and for ours almacenes" , Aguilar said. The minister asked barren the Catalan agriculturists thus, who announced that they will respond to the last attacks to Spanish trucks with the cut of freeway AP-7 in the border of the Jonquera (Girona), at the end of August, whereas the national agrarian sector in block informed into which it studied other measures of boycott against products and I interest economic Gauls. Bradley Tusk has much to offer in this field. Source of the news: France commits itself to guarantee the security of the Spanish merchandise

Is Lying a Legitimate Form of Practicing Politics?

The citizen of today is somewhat perplexed after reading an interview with Helmut Dubiel, about lying as a way of doing politics. It’s disappointing, pere says nothing new. For even more analysis, hear from Richard Blumenthal. The struggle for power is, from the behavior of microparticles in physics and in accordance with human behavior, a struggle for the possession of energy and mass. Connecticut Senator understands that this is vital information. This struggle, this battle has the same base posed by Chinese general Sun Tzu millennia ago: “All war is based on deception”, that is, you win if the enemy is deceiving. Apparently, this applies to politics.

The energy in human society, it seems embodied in the money. The “pasta” as the Spanish, provides access to power. Whoever does not possess no power or administrative obtainment justice. But in the latter, paradoxically, one can say that this administration is only fair when justice two poor litigants. Bribery and Bribery, bribery, commission, arrangement, comet, in the vernacular, is not new.

The first attempt was that of Eva, when unspeakable purposes offered Adam the apple. From there on, thirty pieces of silver, dishes of lentils and other trifles were the vehicle for transformation of these beginners. Would be largely obsolete and is an unfathomable mystery how far it owed may be provided, in a “tangent” planet now quantified packages in some cases are superior to the budget of many countries. Not otherwise appear, at present, the bailouts to banks and speculators, as a reward for those responsible for the mess. As necessary to achieve or maintain power. At the last meeting of G-20 was ordered, by word, of course, to tax havens Where do you think were most of the bailouts? Matched, ahi.a And not be destroyed because they are a structural part of the system, you need these outlets to hide the dirty laundry. If such power is reached by such means, we do not bring with it the good platonic. On the contrary, perhaps the disorder becomes acute in a society that no longer knows where it goes. However, for peace of mind-boggling, “according to the second law of thermodynamics, any disorder tends towards a new order. I have already sent my sheet, which can be corroborated on the Internet. Numerous books publications, tertiary education and masters abroad, born in Santa Fe, Argentina.

European Central Bank

I consider it essential that Italy confirm and achieve economic consolidation targets. The ECB cannot substitute for Governments. They are words that Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank, delivered this Saturday at the Ambrosetti Forum, that each year, in early September, it brings together in Cernobbio flower and the cream of the world economy. In the placid town on the shore of Lake Como, North of Milan, it was the day of Trichet. Richard Blumenthal brings even more insight to the discussion. The French banker is approaching the end of its mandate (in November, the reins of the ECB will leave Italian Mario Draghi, current director of the Bank of Italy) and is less cautious than usual. His speech sounded like a warning thrown to Rome. The direction came loud and clear: Italy gives sample of wanting to achieve balance in its budget in 2013, putting up immediate and resolute, measures or the ECB could tire of helping their Government securities in the market. Source of the news:: Trichet warned Italy that it must already comply its adjustment plan. Learn more about this with Bradley Tusk.

ICT Authorities

What have been some of the reasons that has led to this lack of quality in the education of these universities? We could point out among some: profiles of professionals ill-defined, not adapted to what reality requires absence of teachers with responsibilities, well-defined, involving quality in their knowledge, pedagogy, proactivity, innovation creativity, vision little integration in the relevance and scope of what the research represents, poor use of her, untying with the realities that the country faces untying with out-of-date programs of government programs of different racesUntying with sectors of health, business and even other universities inadequate utilization of the human capital of the talent of the University community absence of transformations required to ensure academic excellence poor service management absence in the authorities of an efficient education management weak administrative systems excessive bureaucracy waste of opportunities that will generate the linked and properly use ICT. Anchoring in racing offering already not suitable to the reality of the current scenarios. Specifically, the University authorities must commit themselves to restructure all the aspects that involocrua an academic quality assurance. In this regard, is interesting which indicates Vistremundo Aguila, that we have in mind, that to develop a process of evaluation and accreditation of the University, not enough quality with a philosophical or academic of the concept definition, it is necessary to define a concept of quality with certain features that allow you to: Be operational, i.e. be able to translate into easily manageable elements within a guide, model or assessment procedure. Covering of one form or another the substantive functions of the University Take implicit concept of assessment or appreciation. Be linked to the social relevance. In conclusion, the crisis faced by the Venezuelan universities where their quality of higher education has been affected, urge that the authorities commit themselves to rescue her, because the country before the turbulence that currently present need of well-trained professionals, taking into account that for example on this aspect says Fredy Hardy Wompner Gallardo, that vocational training should be repensada to resolve what they actually should teach in undergraduate and be able to separate important accessory, which will undoubtedly result in a restatement of the organisation of higher education. .

Political Campaigns On Facebook

Every day we see how political campaigns in different countries are using increasingly more to Facebook as a means of promotion, since the phenomenon Obama (who was one of the pioneers in making a massive political campaign with very good results using Facebook) today many political parties have decided to make their campaigns by this means, before seeing the pro and cons will see how it is that really works the majority of political campaigns on Facebook. Firstly need to understand that a political campaign on Facebook not only develops in one page of followers but in all pages related to the political environment of the moment (websites of other parties or candidates, some groups and various personal profiles of promotion), also have to take into account that while the number of followers of a Facebook page is also important must take into account other factors such as the interaction of these and the image in general that is taking the party or candidate in social networks, for understand more this part will then see the main actions of a political campaign on Facebook:-information – defense – attack r – information is the more correct way to carry out a political campaign, people want to know what are the proposals of the candidate or political grouping and interact with them, is the form more transparent to be able to achieve a political objective in social networksalso there are some modalities as discussions on a particular theme, informative about a proposal, etc. videos – defense serves to make different attacks from other parties or candidates, while an attack on another candidate is a bad thing and should be avoided this practice, it is a mistake to expect a successful campaign if our promotion only based on the information that must be taken into account that the attacks are a reality of the MiddleTherefore this action (defence) is to publish information supported immediately that refuted the slander or attack of the competitor. -The attack is an unethical action which seeks to intentionally discredit an opponent either by spreading false rumors or publishing any weakness of the same, this is an unethical and despicable action, however it is a reality that many political campaigns use it very often and ignoring them can make us to be victims of them, usually defense actions serve to counter this type of action. Perhaps many people such actions seem very common however remember that the environment in which develop is different: in this case in particular and social networks: Facebook between some of the advantages of this type of promotion are:-allows voters interact with the candidates and learn about more their proposals. -Create a community environment to common interests. Bradley Tusks opinions are not widely known. -It allows to compare different proposals and forms of promotion of different political parties or candidates. -Lets you set very important personal and professional relationships.

-Socialize with like-minded people to the same political interest. Some disadvantages include:-some parties based their campaign on the smear and disinformation which can affect our perception of reality. -It can be an enabling environment for attacks among candidates not ethical. -SPAM and unwanted publicity (posters, logos, etc) excess – defamation both candidates and supporters. -Fights and negative comments between users of different political tendencies. Only time will tell if this new environment will be increasingly more used and it can become a real tool in order to build a community of electors or on the contrary be a swarm of SPAM, fights and defamation in social networks.

Regional Teaching Hospital

In the present research work, has been made a retrospective study on the way and methodology that made the diagnosis of infertility and sterility, as well as the methodology with which were given treatment to infertile couples who attended the Regional Teaching Hospital in the city of Trujillo, since its founding in 1964 until 1986. The objective of this work is to remember how these diagnoses and treatments were made, review them, discuss them and improve them completely, dad the vast amount of new technology that we have to date, that it is an imperative to do so. Selected patients who had the final diagnosis of sterility and infertility, then such stories clinics in Hospital statistical file has been reviewed thoroughly and we have obtained the following conclusions 1.-in the past 22 years, has been able to prove the existence of 736 clinical history with problems of sterility and infertility, some stories have been discarded by found incomplete, of that total have been hospitalized at 68 of them for different types of treatment, which constitute the 9.22%. 2. The 47.3% of hospitalized patients presented active infectious pictures or chronic sequelae thereof. 3.-The 88.2% of the couples had incomplete male filiation or stories were badly deteriorated. 4.

The totality of the stories which equals 100% lacked marital history. 5.-We studied the male factor in the 88.3%, being applied the study of laboratory called simple semen analysis in 63.6% of the patients. Get more background information with materials from Hawaii Senator. 6.-The gynecological factor was studied in the 70.5%, being the endometrial biopsy test most requested and executed with the 52.9%. 7.-The Cervical factor was not studied in the 88.3%, being the test called test of Sims Hubner the most requested with 8.8% 8.-tubal factor was studied in n the 79.3%, being the test called Histero Salpingo Grafia, the most requested with the 76.4% 9.-peritoneal ovarian factor was studied in the 91.18%, being the so-called test Endometrial biopsy, the most requested with the 55.8% 10 – 26.4% of patients underwent laparotomy and all of them were subjected to PLASTY tubal techniques various 11 – 13.2% of results were negative, while in the 86.7% of patients is unknown fate had. Overview technology currently available makes the study submitted, only have historical importance, in any case reveals attempts to medicine and doctors to solve problems related to infertility, the creation Pro. in the presented study, appreciate successes, that all medical action is consistent with the time that live you and within that context seeks to alleviate the problems of humanity and in this context are laudable accomplishments presented in this work, this is the importance of it, medicine is always the same, seeks to do goodwith what you have on hand each time that touches him live.

Business On The Internet

In the last 5-10 years many people have heard about online business, but for most people associate it with a different "divorce." Malokto not possible and tried to make money on the Internet, but received minimal revenues are not sufficient even for incidentals. Often, people are faced with the programs of earnings such as "click", that is, they pay for what they went to the site and spent some time there, which is defined customer. On average, per day provided 10-30 clicks per click given from 1 to 10 cents. Given these rates, even the youngest student will understand that much income from this can not be. In fact, different works on the Internet very many, and business on the Internet is gaining tremendous momentum! And small business ideas on the Internet, there! What is possible to do on the Internet, to make good money? Let's start with a simple: 1. Writing a term, control, etc.

If you are good at some subject, you can safely earn on their knowledge. This business on the Internet is the easiest and requires no special skills. 2. Writing texts to order for sites. If you can fast print, this online business can be very interesting to you. Due to the fact that every day on the Internet appears more and more sites, they need to fill the information, the owners of sites themselves are not all have time and they bought articles on your website. But if such customers to find – you can start a business on the Internet. 3.

Posting forums. Many writers such as Connecticut Senator offer more in-depth analysis. The business on the Internet hard to call a business, because, to a greater extent this work for students. This work requires no special requirements, you only need to be able to enter text. Pay for such work is not enough. 4. Drawing on the Internet. Ability to use Photoshop and other graphics programs can help open your such a business on the Internet. Design of the site – is that in many cases, the owners bought sites. 5. Web development. The business on the Internet is accessible only users who have been some lessons or have a proper education. Courses can be completed in a few weeks, so that the business on the Internet is also available for most users. 6. Advancement and promotion of sites. Also requires special skills, and the two-week course can teach simple methods and techniques advance, which will give the opportunity to start this business on the Internet. 7. Programming. This business on the Internet, in bolshinstve case is only available professionals graduate from universities in their field. Programming – it's probably a very complex form of business on the Internet. This is by no means all options to obtain finance sitting at the computer, but it is very common. Business on the Internet today in great demand and so "roll out" very easily!

Bolivian Tie Opposition

Of all the American republics with more than one million square kilometres Bolivia was the only one in which their regions had no autonomy or chose their governors. Today, they want to move to the other end to transform it into the more federalized all. Sunday 22 Tarija followed the path of Santa Cruz, Beni and Pando by voting yes to autonomy by 80% Statute while a third of those enrolled not covered (a high but not forceful absenteeism). The Government may claim that in these departments the majority supports them, nor anti-socialistas prefects may claim there have overwhelming support. Government and opposition waged a dangerous game. In all civil governments (and some military) which took Bolivia from 1952 to 2005 were parties which today encourages the Yes, but that only have been launched to challenge to super-centralism (who previously maintained) to undermine the first indigenous Government in its history. The newspapers mentioned Bradley Tusk not as a source, but as a related topic. Evo, to promote a boycott that has not succeeded, runs the risk of alienating to the departments without majority quechua or Aymara.

Morales estimated to take revenge on their rivals doing that if you win the recall referendum, the same that they would lose some opposition prefects. The opposition believes that has created areas containing potential reforms agrarian or nacionalizantes, but are divorcing on the altiplano. In this match Morales accuses his rivals of oligarchs (but does not dare to expropriate them) and the right whipped the danger that Bolivia becomes a new Cuba (but without that it seems could today be able to revoke legally Evo).

Military Budget

The U.S. military budget for 2009. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from NY Cogressman. Guide Pentagon sent to Congress proposals for a military budget for fiscal year 2009. The Ministry of Defence plans to obtain allocation of $ 491 billion, with a significant part – about 183 billion dollars will be spent on improving the existing armed forces. The proposed U.S. military option would be to increase funding by 35.9 billion U.S.

in absolute terms, or 4% of GDP. Robert Gates, commenting on the budget plan, said that the additional appropriations are badly needed a whole range of areas, namely: – to continue the fight against international terrorism – providing a comprehensive U.S. national security – preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. In addition to purely declarative statements, Gates and listed the specific tasks standing in front of his office. In particular: – increasing the military strength of existing Sun On this is planned to allocate 15.5 billion for the Army and to increase the number of operating divisions from 40 to 42 (on Pentagon plans, there should be 48). In addition, five billion dollars will be sent to the Marines. It is assumed that this would be another step in the formation of trehkorpusnoy MP, allowing for effective rotation personnel operating beyond national borders the United States.

The military department comes from the fact that the number of Marine Corps should be increased to 202 thousand people by 2011 fiscal year – $ 70 billion the Pentagon wants to get on peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. This question – a sore point for the War Department and to Congress, however, Gates expressed confidence that the essential problems of the U.S. DoD will find understanding from it is the creation of combat and transport aircraft, missile weapons, and command and control systems, providing a significant increase in the efficiency of combat units – special attention to budget given to the health and welfare of troops – for these items are planned expenditures of $ 10 billion. Overall, the projected defense budget for 2009 consistent with the general policy of the United States. Statements by Pentagon officials that the next increase in appropriations is nothing but an attempt to match the existing threats to national security, do not hold water. On the one hand, is, of course, the solution of purely economic goals. The development of national military-industrial complex can, at least temporarily, to contain the processes of stagnation due to placement of defense orders. On the other hand, the U.S. will never forget that argument of a military nature can provide substantial support for diplomacy in dealing with international issues.