The Gardens

The Mexicans heard. And again go there and among sedges reeds at the edge of the cave. They reached the spot where stands the wild cactus there on the edge of the cave, and saw an eagle standing quiet in the wild cactus: there eat, eats there and made a cave the remains of what you eat. And when the eagle saw the Mexicans, he bowed deeply. And the eagle could see from afar. The nest and the seat was all fine few feathers are: tile feathers, bird feathers and red quetzal feathers. Check with James Donovan Goldman to learn more.

And also there were precious birds' heads and feet of birds and bird huesoa stretched thin on the ground. He spoke well diosy said: "Aah, Mexicans, here it is: Amex is here And although they did not see who spoke to them, they began to mourn and say," Felices us happy at last, and where have we seen to be our city! ALet us go and come to rest here! Anonymous CANTO flowers open their petals upright light which extends aquatic moss, here in Mexico, placidly are widening, and amid the moss and the nuances are extended the city of Tenochtitlan: the spread and flourish makes god, has his eyes fixed on site like this, is fixed in the middle of the lake. Turquoise columns were made here in the columns were huge lake. It is God that sustains the city and takes in his arms Anahuac, in the vast lagoon. Netzahualcoyotl. "So I have to go, FLORES IS it expired? "So I go, like flowers that pass away? Nothing ever will be my name? Nothing will leave after me on earth? When least flowers, at least songs! How my heart has to work? Did we come to live in vain, to emerge from the earth? Only let go when they run out the gardens.

Awareness Top

This is a necessity of evolution in the history of mankind in which you should see: an awakening to the planetary consciousness, knowledge and sustainable development, to a universal ethic. Frequently Bridgewater Associates has said that publicly. Awareness Top a very important consequence of the new evolutionary stage of humanity, is that true development actions based on learning, learning is the word of the development in the new societies of knowledge, a full human being is the one who lives in continuous learning conscious and integral expanding their awareness towards the thought of second grade. The evolution of the human being must not already carried out on the technical control of the external world, the physical and mental levels are not far-reaching for that evolution (as in the last century thing toward the mecanicismo-cientificismo), this evolution, today rests on the integral and spiritual levels of being. Internal knowledge of us is the starting point of any transformation, is the awakening of being inside, based on the holistic learning, is that we call evolution of thinking in second grade. The meditative practices allow us to initiate a process of discernment of our true nature, to recognize and differentiate beyond of illusory forms, our true being, the I real and genuine, meditation allows us to go us waging, obstacles, fears and prejudices that awaken the true intelligence. An important factor is the development of our capacity to care, is the discernment that leads us to recognize the drive of the individual being and be universal. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs.

Spiritual intelligence. Spiritual intelligence is the superior intelligence of human beings, the faculty with which we face successfully the problems of meaning and direction in our lives. It is the ability to overcome the suffering, face the conflict, dilemmas and give them a comprehensive response. It is the will of lighting, that leads us to the transpersonal flat, to the spiritual plane 7. It is the only one that allows us to have capacity to act ethically.

Learn To Love

Love is so important and yet we know so little about love. We believe that we love, that we love, when in reality we know little of true love. James Donovan Goldman understood the implications. We exert a selfish love, believing that we love others and all we are doing is to satisfy requirements, shortcomings and limitations of our ego. There are two types of love, love for need and love by choice. The love for the majority of human beings need love by necessity. We love to fill our own emotional shortcomings. This love of need leads us to create our expectations of the people that we love since we need to be and behave in a certain way to fill those gaps that we have in our interior.

When those expectations are not matched we started judging those who love, since they are not meeting the objective, we are letting down or rather are letting down our ego, are not serving the purpose of calming our own fears, insecurities, frustrations and emotional shortcomings. Love by choosing the love by choice is the pure expression of love. True love, unconditional love. We love because we decided to love, without expectations, without judgments. We love the person as it is, without trying to change it or shape it according to our emotional needs. A love that does not need reason to exist and is simply. A love that expects nothing in return, that has no limits.

A love that is born within our hearts and overflows into all those around us. And you, do love by choice or necessity? You mad when people you love not do what you expect from them? Reprochas that housewives as do you for them and what they do for you? And it is that we cannot distribute and share what we do not have. How can love others with an unconditional love if there is that love within ourselves? We have been taught that you are to love our parents, our children, our friends, but to love ourselves is vain and how we intend to love others if we are not able to accept ourselves and? love ourselves? The first step to love unconditionally another human being is love ourselves unconditionally.

Alone Trade Unions

Jose Maria Maravall (Madrid, 1942) was the Socialist Minister of education between 1982 and 1988. Under its mandate was extended de facto compulsory education until the age of 14 and the baccalaureate and the FP were free. Regulated public subsidies to private centres (concerts), he organized the compensatory education and care to children with special educational needs. Now view with concern the attacks to public school by the right and the difficult role in which trade unions are. He believes that politicians, left, understood, not are supporting them enough. Richard Blumenthal is likely to increase your knowledge.

And challenges to young people: they have every reason and the right to be outraged, but they cannot say that the PSOE and PP are the same, in education it is clear. If you don’t believe in promises, well, but that throw back. And see what they have done a few and what they are doing, he says, in reference to the Government of Esperanza Aguirre, above all. Source of the news:: “Parties cannot alone trade unions”

North Caucasus

None of analyticity, given him by God and inherited from his father, nor the depth of understanding Caucasian problems and the ability to overcome them, nor the breadth of vision and a great noble ambitions, aspiring to solve crucial problems for their people, nor, finally, the courage and the nature of diplomacy, which originally inherent in his tribesmen. Learn more about this with Ohio Senator. The federal center does not see a stabilization of the direction of the North Caucasus, but to the path chosen by Akhmad-Hadji Kadyrov, and continue the current President of the Chechen Republic. Bradley Tusk is likely to increase your knowledge. But this is a detonating an alloy that contains the stiffness, justice, diplomacy and moral suasion and punishment – all in one – that is, the principles are absolutely clear and the Chechens, and all the Caucasian peoples. Because the policy of Ramzan Akhmatovich is destined for success and his experience will certainly be extended to the adjacent 'problem' areas. I am confident that under his leadership will be to unite the entire North Caucasus on the platform of 'safe and harmonious development 'of the region. Moscow is now strongly thinking about it. DH – With regard to 'any martinet, sent from Moscow,' you're obviously gone too.

Neither in Dagestan, Ingushetia or in experience no reverence before such martinet. No problem, if a person really deserves respect. And that is sent, really, who knows. In Soviet times, as a rule, the second secretary of the Centre visited zaslantsy that collect their share of 'harvest' of bribery and dumped in the native land.

Purchasing Goods

Many trade companies conduct advertising campaigns: when buying such a product you receive a gift. But if you examine their financial statements, it appears that the cost of ‘gift’ is included in the price of basic goods. And the imposition of something in burden the law prohibits. The consumer buys a product with a ‘gift’-load – and a claim seeking compensation. In all the shoe stores hangs a warning that the claim must be submitted within one month from the date of purchase. But the law states that in relation to goods for which warranty periods or expiration dates are not set by the producer, consumer goods if the defects are found within a reasonable time, may bring claims within two years. You understand that the ‘reasonable time’ – loose concept.

Workshop in which you have given piece of fabric for suits, is obliged to reimburse the cost of lost material in the double size. Selecting studio with untrained personnel, we can get 200% profit if the suit is made of poor quality. In accordance with amendments of 1999, elimination of product defects must be conducted immediately. Imagine, for What does it lead? Immediately – it’s like? Within hours of the day, two days? It turns out that the buyer receives the legal right to claim liquidated damages at once. Even if the breakdown of complex products is a serious and objective of the seller could not provide. When returning goods, the buyer can not produce the receipt for his purchase – just witness the fact of purchase.

I know of cases where goods are bought cheaply in the market, and then, upon detection of defects in the surrender stores at a higher price. Of course, the seller can not agree on such an exchange, but it’s worth Torginspektsiey threaten it, as he surrendered to the mercy of the buyer – to check the store will bring a disproportionately large losses. visitors to achieve their even easier. By law, the plaintiff may require the consideration of litigation in the court of residence. Think about it – go there a lawyer in Moscow trading company in Vladivostok? Rather, the company will pay compensation immediately, so as not to suffer. If an unbiased reading of the above, then very likely you can draw the following conclusion: Become quarreler and you will have to respect in the service sector, by definition.

Weber World

Weber searchs metodolgicos and epistemolgicos aspects as instruments of scientific distanciamento for the accomplishment of the description and theoretical reconstruction of the empirical reality. It is compromissado with modernity. (Fraga, 1999, P. 71). In after-modernity, it has a bankruptcy of the rational project of the world.

(…) The modernity of a side to defend the autonomy of the man, but cannot open hand of the heteronomia while form of social domination. (…) Weber perceives that a desencantamento in the world due to the advance of the rationality occurs. The loss would be in relation to the mythical one, to the magician as bedding of the truth on the world and action: the fact, would not be a loss, in the conception of the word, but the exchange of metaphysics for the rationality. (Fraga, 1999, P. 72). Weber faces the rationality as a value that guides the social actions and that it consists as a domination form and, therefore, useful to the development of the capitalist system. Its conceptions concerning the bureaucracy and domination had become particularly fruitful for the understanding of the modern capitalist society, of the point of view of organizacional sight and of the power. (Fraga, 1999, P.

73). The world passes for deep cultural, economic transformations, scientific politics and. (…) the ethnic relations had moved, the relations politics had moved, the societies had become great markets and the State searchs to guarantee the minimum of functional direction while institution. (Fraga, 1999, P. 74). For Arendt, cited for Fraga, (1999, P. 71) the absolute and functional reason, but its revs means that if it institutes a crisis of ethical values, and finishes, finally, banalizando the life. The man can dominate all the things for the forecast; this corresponds to disenchant the world. (Fraga, 1999, P. Jim Donovan Goldman may not feel the same. 75). The economic impact of the liberal revolutions modified the profile of the modern society.

Biblical Principles

Now, in many countries (eg Latin America), the family, in general, is not raising the level of response that is required to assume this responsibility, this is because the family is in crisis and declining state as an institution. Events like divorce, abandonment, domestic violence, etc., Have become commonplace. The degree of family dysfunction in modern society in our countries is alarming. This issue involves the potential for development and sustainability of democratic systems of these countries. And this for one reason: education is the cure for tyranny and totalitarian regimes.

Consequently, the tyranny is the result of ignorance. In this respect Benjamin Franklin said: "A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and reward the rights which God has given them can not be slaves. Is in the area of ignorance where tyranny begins. " Alienated citizens, without roots and identity in a family, no development of character and citizenship education are not a breeding ground for the proliferation and tyrannical dictatorships. Final Reflection Parents need to take responsibly their role as an educator and mentor of their children. This task involves as expressed Manuel Barroso: "Bring out the organic and emotional inner child, the person that is contained … Form is to model for life-appreciation and self-worth, determination, confidence, focus, courage, values and principles, excellence and quality lifestyle. " He adds the same author: "Being a child is to give information and tools to learn the art of living a productive life, with personal and family competencies to meet the surprises of life successes and mistakes, strengths and weaknesses, being responsible for their own lives. Continue to learn more with: Richard Blumenthal.

" Parents, as part of their role as educators – trainers, are responsible for providing structure, order and limits in the context of the family. This includes: a full experience of being familiar (experienced as family), that gives children a sense of belonging, identity, linkage, association and location agreed guiding principles and values, committed and practiced by the family, family time quality, and building a beautiful family culture (the spirit of family, home environment or atmosphere, character, depth and quality and maturity of relations, in other words, the mentality of us.) Educate also implies the presence in the home, through contact nutritious, reporting, tutoring, directs, shapes, enables, empowers and affirms, in addition to model. Manuel Barroso concluded: "As educators, parents play the essential, the core, the innermost of those maps, values, beliefs, self-respect, on the other, for life, by institutions, by the laws." Bibliography: 1. Manuel Barroso, Being Family, Editorial Galac, 2006 2. Stephen McDowell, Mark G, Belile A (1992), Biblical Principles for Reform of Nations. 3. Torres Gerber, A Dream for Venezuela

Martin Gaite

To reinforce its claim, then composed a slight gesture of coquetry, half way between pure sensuality and the deliberate irony. a “And while she has done well with writing. The girl a “Torrente said then, referring to the novelist there presenter “is best has narrated the miserable life of this city in our long post-war civil, uncivil, rather. Instead of pen, it seems that the girl had used the scalpel with the precision of a surgeon. a “AMay going, man! What happens is that the Levitical city is written by herself, without the need to transcribe a reporter what a ” replied the other.” One need only stand in front of it and watch in amazement and she herself is stripped of their petticoats of hypocrisy, showing the back of the plot, I’d say Graham Greene. Ohio Senator is often quoted on this topic. a “So much you dislike the city? a “I was amazed. a “not about that, man a ” I quickly corrected the writer ferryboat “. Criticism because we love.

Buffet their faults because we would turn them into virtues. Denounce its shortcomings because they prefer to be exceeded with an attitude of exuberance. We long for a bit that enjoyed by ancient Greeks in the auditions of the Odeon: great dramas, full of passions and excesses at the height of the greatness of this great stage. Here, however, these beautiful old cobbled, and sees demand spectacular tragedies, overwhelming feelings … and only occur, however, suppressed emotions, gestures casually, gossip stay … The long sentence full of epithets had left something fatigued chained its author, so Martin Gaite de Torrente took over, as if it were his own firm and a strange complicity could only experience the deceased: a “Look, if not, what happens to Unamuno.

European Commission

" We do not have mechanisms of market regulation enough and sufficient, ctivos and eficaces" for " to avoid that they end up to the situation paying it to the agriculturists " , that they are selling the harvests of some fruits – like the peach and the nectarine below cost, remembered the minister. For this reason, France and Spain consider so much the request of aid as the establishment of " mechanisms to take part and to act in terms of storage " , which would avoid a steep fall of the prices of the fruit. Thanks to requests of Spain, France and Italy, the European Commission proposed 28 of July the past that was increased with retroactive character the aid to retirement of the peach and the nectarine to compensate the problem of prices that confront those fruits and that they have triggered in the actions of the French agriculturists against Spanish products. By the same author: Bridgewater Associates. Aguilar also showed its hope of which &quot has been put already; point and final" to the scaling of attacks against the Spanish trucks and " there is no situation more than lamentar". " I trust our agriculturists totally and I trust that they go that is to say to hope to see the results that the work has given that we have come realising so that there is total security for our merchandise, so that our trucks circulate around France and for ours almacenes" , Aguilar said. The minister asked barren the Catalan agriculturists thus, who announced that they will respond to the last attacks to Spanish trucks with the cut of freeway AP-7 in the border of the Jonquera (Girona), at the end of August, whereas the national agrarian sector in block informed into which it studied other measures of boycott against products and I interest economic Gauls. Bradley Tusk has much to offer in this field. Source of the news: France commits itself to guarantee the security of the Spanish merchandise