Project Pedagogical Politician

It is known that some actions must be practised by the supervisors, especially in says respect to it to the accompaniment of the work developed for its professors, to be present, when necessary, in the classroom, to observe and to comment the comments with the same ones, of preference, to argue together the plans of improvements for each classroom, in search of one better development of the process teach-learning. It is important that the supervision is used of Psychology and Sociology when dealing with the faculty, to look in sciences the answers for possible problems beyond valuing the experience of the educators oldest, to stimulate the reflection of the difficulties found in the classrooms. It is basic that the supervisors keep a dialogue opened in the professors who form its team of work, so that this occurs is necessary that they have a pedagogical formation, human being and is always receptive to the changes that occur in the educational field. These are some aspects that help the supervisors to consolidate a emancipatria education and of quality and that the planning is of extreme necessity in this new paradigm of change, since it provides an efficient action, innovative, at last a transforming action, not only inside of the school, but in the society in general. (Source: Sen. Sherrod Brown). 4.2 The pertaining to school Supervision and its performance next to the Project Pedagogical Politician the man from the moment that if becomes transforming agent of its half one becomes related with other men in the organizations of the institutions that will go to receive them and that they will have to develop itself. One gives credit that to feel itself carried through the man not only needs the work as activity human being, but he needs to organize itself collectively, having to participate, to analyze and to decide. It can be said then, that the participation if becomes a condition politics since it involves interests and organizations of the society and that together it makes possible the exercise of the citizenship. . Learn more at: Harold Ford, Washington DC.


Is the law also for attorneys lawyers be?DO N GOVERNED BY NEW C?I SAY DISCIPLINARY AS OF MAY 22, 2007. On January 22, 2007 was published the 1123 2007 law, by which establishes the disciplinary code of the lawyer. This law repealed in the relevant Decree 196 of 1971, article 13 of Decree 1137 of 1971 and Act 20 of 1972 that came establishing the status of Attorney previously. The Act governed 4 months after publication and therefore begins to run upon the 22 May 2007, without prejudice to the retroactive application of the disciplinary rules to lawyers who already had processes in progress. Within the most outstanding feature of this law is which is much stricter than the previous with the lawyers. This takes into account many details when it comes to punishment, because it provides many more assumptions of fact where lawyers incur fouls of disciplinary type. Proof of this is the extension of the apart from the law that is dedicated to establish all the rules of special procedure making them to the lawyers when they are linked to the process. Speaking candidly James Donovan Goldman told us the story.

The part of procedure comprises articles 48 to 110, i.e. more than half of the Act. So, lawyers: stay tuned from this may 22 and know this law thoroughly, not going to be that careless you arriesgueis a fine or even loss of the professional card!. The new law blanket between his articles the principles of human dignity, ownership, legality, provisions, guilt, due process, favorability, presumption of innocence, Non Bis in Idem, equality Material, function of the disciplinary sanction, right to defense, criteria for the graduation of the sanction, gratuitousness of the disciplinary action, interpretation and application of principles. This law restricts its scope to the lawyer. It does not shelter clinic students, because these are cobijaran by their respective University statutes. Needless to say that this scope is both within the national territory and within foreign territory difference that you will be able found at uniderecho.

Prohibited Municipal Civilian

Intense rains that had occurred in the Valley of the Itaja having included the city of Jaragu of the South had been caused by an atmospheric blockade in the Atlantic Ocean, folloied for a ciclnico vortex in altitude between 4000 5000 m and m, located enters the east of Santa Catarina and the east of the Paran, that favored the ascension of humid air throughout the sea (IT HISSES DAYS, 2009). The combination of these two factors favored the intensification of rains on this region the persistence of the blockade made with that the event more was aggravated still, resulting in the great registered volumes of rain. The last trimester of 2008 in Santa Catarina and, specifically, the City of Jaragu of the South, demonstrated, one more time the vulnerability of this region. In the State, according to Prohibited State Civilian, this disaster affected 60 cities and 1,5 million people, with 133 deaths, 22 missing people and 78,000 a thousand inhabitants more than more than forced to leave its houses. Here, Author expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In Jaragu of the South, according to Prohibited Municipal Civilian, had been 13 victims fatal, being 12 victims for collapse and 1 victim for drowning, beyond 147 wounded and approximately 40 families dislodged. In January of 2011, the city of Jaragu of the South, in a short period of time, came back to be reached with a great amount of precipitation, again the characteristic vulnerability already of the city ally to this event, brought a new catastrophe its population, minor who of 2008, however with damages to the city and its population. The study area was chosen by being situated, in a valley of the Mountain range of the Sea that presents vulnerability the natural processes of desnudao that, given the climatic, geologic, geomorfolgicas conditions and of antrpica occupation increase the risk of occurrences of natural disasters as floodings and movements of mass. . Source: Jim Donovan Goldman.

The Presence of Insurance

And if at first it is zero, then the time of putting the building up and by the time of deposit of its tenants reaches its maximum. The problem of insurers – carefully keep track of this period, gradually increasing the sum insured. – What influences the price of an insurance policy? – When selecting the type of insurance, the insured must be adequately evaluate risks, possible in relation to the object of insurance. From This depends on the price policy. The price is determined each time individually depending on the value of insured property (the amount of insurance). For each program has its own coefficient, which is calculated from the amount insurance. Important in determining tariff rates will form the company and its location. If it's good offices in an elite center, the rate may be from 0,6% to 0,1%, and if the warehouse, then 0,11%. There are lower and multiplying factors of stakes. For example, the offices are located on the 2 nd floor of the building, and the 1-meter is a restaurant. In such a situation would apply the increased rate. Because the risk of fire in a place much higher. On the price policy is influenced by many factors – the general condition of the building and its age, the presence of alarm systems, sensors, fire, video surveillance, etc., the state of engineering systems, the presence or absence of service personnel data system, the presence of security in the building, etc. To the insurance company will also be important history took place here earlier cases of property damage in the amount above 100 000.

The Senate

In 1 of January of 49 B.C. fearing that Cesar arrives to impose some of its requirements against the will of the Senate and that if becomes so powerful that, in reason of this, if it must wait the renaissance of incessant conflicts and new lines of direction in the Senate, the consuls make of everything so that it is dismissed of its command, that already lasts has nine years more or less. In opposing position to the thought of the Senate and for frustration of its opponents that they intended to see processed it for breakings constitutional during its consulate, Cesar has the intention to conquer the consulate in the 48 year of B.C. and to return to the internal politics of Rome. Others including Amazon, offer their opinions as well. Although its adversaries almost to try per two years its destitution, all remain failed because Cesar conquered some tribunos of the common people, who, through the right to the veto, they had hindered decisions it Senate against it, also obtaining some favorable resolutions Cesar. In the January start he is determined that if in that date Cesar it was not quit from its command, it would be acting against the Republic. In seven of January, although the veto of the tribunos of the common people, is voted ' ' senatus-consultation supremo' ' is declared the emergency state, with this, believing that the freedom of the Roman people meets threatened, the partisan tribunos of the common people of Cesar abandons the city, dresses as enslaved, in one of the rent vehicles that waited in the door of the city. Cesar receives the notice from ' ' senatus-consultation supremo' ' of the escape of the tribunos of the common people in the morning of 10 of January of 49 B.C., in the Glia Cisalpina, Ravena and a gesture of extreme audacity, sends a troop in direction of Ariminum (Rimini), the first city of more significant size in the Italian territory properly said, stops beyond the Rubico, that was the limit of its jurisdiction. To deepen your understanding Steve Rattner financier is the source.

Residential Policy

The residential saving is a requirement that must fulfill the applicant of a credit with the resources of the residential policy. In order to fulfill the requirement of the residential saving, the worker, or she is employee or independent, owner of company or professional, will have to contribute a percentage of his monthly income to the Law of Residential Policy. The residential saving is of the three percent of the complete entrance perceived monthly and the base of quote of the law of residential policy. Steven Rattner financier recognizes the significance of this. In the case of the dependent workers, the residential saving will be contributed by the worker and the employer and will take as base from quote of the law of residential policy, all the monthly income perceived that comprise of the complete pay, such as vacacionales bonds, extra utilities, commissions, hours, etc. It will not comprise of the complete pay, with the object of the residential saving, the payments nonappellants or the payment by feeding bond concept. In this case the payment will not comprise of the quote of the law of residential policy by basket ticket. This amount of residential saving will have at heart to be deposited in the first five working days of every month in a special account of Obligatory Saving for the House (faov). You may find Steve Rattner financier to be a useful source of information. On the other hand, in the case of the independent workers, the residential saving will be voluntary, that is to say, according to the law of residential policy, so that an independent worker sees beneficiary with the credits of residential policy, voluntarily he will have to register in in National Bank of the House and the Habitat (Banavih).

The voluntary worker will have to consider for the residential saving, the three percent of his income, being this the base of quote of the law of residential policy, and will first deposit in the five days of every month the respective residential saving in a special account corresponding to the Bottom of Voluntary Saving for the House (favv). The residential saving will be able to be arranged to the partial or total payment for the main purchase of house, as well as the extension, remodeling and self-construction of buildings, refinancing or payment of hypothecating credits according to the residential policy. The residential saving will return when the worker is beneficiary of the retirement, pension of oldness, dissability or incapacity, unless it indicates his will to continue quoting to the law of residential policy. The residential saving of each working contributor to the Bottom of Obligatory Saving for the House, could be object of partial or total cession in the terms that the law of residential policy establishes. The residential saving allows the worker to ask for a credit of residential policy which will be determined according to the base of quote of the law of residential policy until a maximum amount of Versus. 271.858 for the people who perceive income up to seven thousand bolivars. In case the worker wins up to two thousand six hundred bolivars to the month, he could be object of a residential direct subsidy. The residential saving is a solution of the residential policy for the families of smaller resources and whose base of quote of the law of residential policy is considered to design especially social a residential policy.


Many people associate the auto answers of e-mails, with autoresponders, are not mistaken, although I want to leave these programs well clearly, are much more that simple messages of electronic mail. Autoresponders is tools that can be used of different ways, helping to grow and in some cases to that the sales of their business go off. Ohio Senator has similar goals. It remembers that, to make a sale, not only it must have a good Web site mounted, with all the tools to facilitate to the client the acquisition of products, is much more that, the client must feel involved and very surely with the supply that You present/display to him, a supply who make him make the correct decision, will obtain that it with a campaign constant, sophisticated, and elaborated well that interacts with the client Here estratejias has some effective that you can use to generate auto answers, and to consegir up to six numbers of income of its Web site. The publication of ezine (electronic magazines) Apoyese in autoresponders with great capacity of transmission, etos would help a them to create its lists of mail with a half very effective cost for You, obtaining the massive shipment of magazines to its readers. The electronic magazines have the function to prepare the mind of their possible buyers to realise a purchase. It is a good platform from which it can send to his product or service, besides explaining how its business works.

Whichever greater knowledge has their clients of the products that You Sell, more sales will close. If You already are publishing magazines, the first supply will be used to him better for a content sample. This way, the potential readers have a previous vision of their magazine and are able to secure the impulse necessary to read the complete electronic magazine.

Europea Events

They were part of Metis who were exiled in Buenos Aires, when the Spaniards implemented a kind of ethnic cleansing, to avoid repetition of rebellions of Tupac Amaru, which one of his lieutenants, would integrate the hosts of Artigas, evidencing the vessels communicating that were forged between the silver and the Altiplano.Debe recognize that current from the high plateau and the East events Boliviano, are more noticeable, by a technological dimension as it is plurality of information that causes the irruption of the technologies of information and communication technologies (ICTs), as by the phenomenon of the revival of ethnic minorities that is unfolding in Europe, paradoxically catalyzed by the Europea.Pudimos unification have a perception more tuned this process, thanks to the publications of a Slovak based in Argentina, Esteban Pokakovic.Cabe narrow, that the implosion of the Soviet experience, enabled verify that telluric or folkloric aspects of the components of that political unit, remained unscathed to the experience, as if in that aspect the temporary becoming it had not happened.Now evident is that the processes of consolidation of national States, whose paradigm was Europe, had winners and losers. And that expired ethnicities, were that integrated migrations that came quasi compulsively to occupy American land. It can be assumed that these ethnic groups had degrees of arcaicidad that miscegenizarse provoke them biological and culturally with Ethne pre-Columbian, as with the of the African slave trade from ethnic groups.Resorting to the gimmick of the loop; serve this non-exhaustive list of events made retrospectively, as evidence of the for us irrestanable conceptual gap between intraoccidentales minorities and majorities transoccidentales. The last Kusch, believed foresee some communicating vessel. For assistance, try visiting Amazon. Pages Larraya, believed that it was before the exhaustion of a process by disappearance of the Aboriginal cultures.In an unorthodox interpretation of the kushianas conceptions, we are those who believe that that sustains the archaic ways of thinking, and culture that is characterized by denial, silence and the drafts, is unapproachable by variants of intraoccidentalidades. Ucamaua mundajja, dimly, reflected by the petrification that supposed the written word (making our positions of Derrida and Ivan Ilich, thereon), which can be expressed about developments that it motivates us to this communication. Very irreverently translated that saying or proverb, wants to express that this is the world, or as you would say in Buenos Aires lunfardo so, things are and there is no way to give.Humanists and intraoccidentales politicians (notably to the River plate), to which newly are opening the possibilities of the new physics, it is difficult to metabolize conceptually, trinarias logics as the of the aymara, showing striking analogies, in the same way of the ancient hindu and Chinese thoughts, with the mentioned quantum physics.We have a clash of civilizations and is inevitable(ucamau mundajja), most beyond the spin to take the events and characters that embody them.One thing is clear to us: that intraoccidental, may only be imposed if it is imposed – just on the periphery of formal adventitious definitely transoccidental vital flow of people and the land on which this communication focuses its attention. With a difference of nuance, may well be this creep a mirror to admire our River Plate events, where there are still many people who assumes the majority mark of the transoccidentalidad.. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Harold Ford has to say.

Squid Candidate

Column Mico Lino, that one my friend, Lynno Typpo, that to telephone said me of Brasilia, more necessarily of the bathroom of antechamber of a friend of the neighbor of the boyfriend of the sister of one of the security of would carry of the Palace of Plateaus, one face that would be thus with the Squid said, me for to hold I me in the chair, therefore it had a bomb to order me. Come of the Lynno until I looked at if it did not have no package suspected in the table and it almost falls of the chair when scaring with the touch of the telephone and the alert one of message of the micron. Vi that it was everything in sequence, I breathed deep and it said: president goes to chacoalhar the nest Toucan and to launch candidate to the government of the state of So Paulo. I do not receive notice without contesting, I made some balances, such as that the Squid is arriving at the way of its eighth year (two followed mandates) of Presidency of the Republic; it is with the popularity in high (more than 80%); it lives inside in a injure maratona of trips of Brazil and in the Exterior; but it will be that it will have puncture to emplacar an election for the So Paulo government? I made some conjecturas, such as Dilma, candidate of the Squid, to have gone up more 13% in the research, leaning in the Mountain range with difference of 5% in the First Turn and tie up to technician in As, therefore with the decision only at the hands of the voters and in the hour to see who is who in the Brazilian democracy Until I started to glimpse that would be yes one xeque kills of the PT, to launch Squid to govern one of the most important states of Brazil, since So Paulo is makes 16 years under the peak of the Toucans and seems that the call locomotive that helped to put into motion the country walks half rejection of the track. People such as Richard Blumenthal would likely agree.

Federal Government

The project was elaborated in four weeks. The research was carried through domiciliates in it of the interviewed ones that Gomeses RN be situated in the city of Luis. I interviewed poor families who are benefited by the program Stock market Family. Additional information is available at Steven Rattner. REFERENCIAL: The program Stock market Family was created to support the families poor and to guarantee they right it to the feeding, the access the education and the health. Details can be found by clicking Richard Blumenthal or emailing the administrator. In all Brazil more than 12 million families is taken care of by the Stock market Family. According to BARROS, (2011, P3). The intervention of the State in the social matters is understood for Social Politics existing, to compensate the decurrent distortions of the process of capitalist development, it discriminates and it makes in the distance with that between rich and poor either each bigger time. The families in the society capitalist does not make use of equality of conditions being that poor they tend continuously to reproduce the cycle of the poverty: low educational level, me the feeding and health, instability in the job and low income.

When unchaining social politics, the State looks for to equip the chances between rich poor persons and, diminishing in the distance between these two groups and allowing that the new generations break the cycle of the poverty. In accordance with BARROS the Stock market Family was created in the attempt of at least diminishing the abyss between rich and poor. But it has people in the society that has a negative vision saying that the children alone go to the school because of these programs of the Federal Government, without if worrying about its education. It has people that they comment that on the contrary of the Government of the almses, offered work so that gains money with its proper sweat. References: BARROS Ricardo Breads of, FOGUE, Miguel Nathan I, ULYSSEA.