The History Of Art

Yes man means expression, development, experience, exploits, invention, communication and representation, since men in its constant historical process has given place to many situations, in which overall boasts of his character and the aspects of his life, so the man in the constant process of his life has given place to a medium in which many aspects of your life can come together and such medium is artwho has accompanied man since time immemorial and it has meant one of the major components of the life of man, depicting a without of elements of his life. With form the above when talking about the man and his story, also refers to the history of art, since through art, the man in its constant development process has obtained a medium optimal to express various emotions and feelings, in addition that in every age the history of man, the history of art is has gone shaping, because art is one Lara shows social, cultural and political conditions by loas which passes the man in your life. The value that has the history of art, is that this one is a clear example of the history of man and the changes and evolution processes that occur in the life of mankind and which are clearly represented in the history of art to speak of the history of art, refers to a set of expressions of man through historyThese various expressions include painting, sculpture and architecture, and can summarize the three in term of Visual Arts. Get more background information with materials from Harold Ford, New York City. Looking in the history of art, is able to perform an analysis of the history of mankind, through the history of art itself and this should be a classification of the different types of cultures and time periods in which develops a particular style or mode of art, for which it is necessary to make a study of the artistic expressionsin aspects such as features that accompany works of art and the influences that can be seen in them. Making a tour on the history of art, the first sample that may mention on this topic, is presence of art in prehistoric times, of various figures and drawings made in times of 500,000 years ago, early in the history of art, the figures were very rustic and simple, due to the lack of materials and tools. With the passage of centuries and the development of knowledge of man, appeared useful instruments to make works of art, thanks to the technical development of certain peoples or communities, as that of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, India and China, where techniques were developed optimal for carried out works of art, in addition to refine the application of various materials provided best aspects to the various creations. Additional information at Amazon supports this article. With the advent of the contemporary and modern eras, the history of art took a new direction, since the history of art in former times was very framed what was referring to the worship and the religious beliefs, while the history of modern art, represents more the personality of the common man and the diverse experiences that you accompany your life.


Polarity or decline by Teodulo Lopez Melendez the obvious is not that the world was bipolar until the fall of the wall in Berlin. The obvious is that the world was unipolar in ancient times. Of the first, included United States and the Soviet Union. Of the latter, to Rome, not to involve us in an extensive listing. A multipolar world indicates the existence of many powers, each with its own area of influence and self-sustainable to be resolved. Claim a multipolar world seems an absurdity given the reality of the present times when everything seems to indicate an evolution towards a non-polar world. One where actors there are several and not necessarily States.

In the current geopolitics of this continent there is a non-polar situation, given that Brazil can not direct the subcontinent, despite its growing influence of power that emerges. Less Venezuela, limited to fish some customers eager for cheap oil. What many do not have realized if Honduras is that for the first time flagging ostensibly the United States influence in the region. Away or eliminating the verbiage a left without speech, or one time and repetitive, the truth is that Americans did not participate in the Defenestration of the ridiculous man in the hat and, conversely, exerted all the pressures to avoid Congressional destituyese it. The loss of influence lies in that the military acted above the gringo Ambassador, a kind of purported proconsul in Tegucigalpa. Such disobedience is what makes the new Latin American situation. Check out Ohio Senator for additional information. We emphasize that now the military act against the opinion of Washington. Obama has given up the line of superiority military to exert the force of the Empire, comprising the non-polar world situation and resorting to multilateralism, as in the case of Honduras or in the entrelineados of his speeches, for example, in Istanbul and Cairo. Hence its position of supporting Zelaya, case Latin American and try washing your old face American of being behind all coup in Latin America.

Portuguese Prime Minister

AGENCIES visited by the German President just last a few hours. Merkel has defended a policy of sustainable debt. Greece has already received with protests to the German Chancellor in October. Between strong security measures and acts of protest, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has begun his visit lightning to Portugal. The Portuguese country, one of the supervised by the troika, the German President defended sustainable debts and more competitiveness as the only way that Europe overcome the crisis. In a joint with the Portuguese Prime Minister, Pedro Passos Coelho, press conference both conservative politicians stressed the need for adjustment programmes comply with underway for Europe to regain the full confidence of the markets and investors. Merkel, who performed a six hour visit to Portugal amid strong security measures by the convening of several acts of protest (as already happened recently during his visit to Greece, another of the countries monitored by the troika), acknowledged the difficulties that are experienced in Europe, but He stressed that the implementation of reforms depends on the future of the European generations. The future sustainability of debts and investments is fundamental for Portugal and other countries, Merkel said after a meeting with Passos Coelho in a military fort to twenty kilometers from Lisbon.

The Chancellor stressed that one of the main problems facing Europe is the difference in level of competitiveness and Portugal shows that it can be improved. A March in Lisbon against German Chancellor Merkel arrived in the capital of Portugal in this official visit of barely six hours, is protected by extraordinary security measures before the convening of several acts to protest his presence. After the landing of his plane at the military airport of Lisbon, the Chancellor moved immediately to the Presidential Palace of Belem, whose perimeter was cordoned off by numerous policemen, who almost outnumbered onlookers and protesters who began to concentrate in their vicinity. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs contributes greatly to this topic. Several civic movements have called one March in Lisbon, among others acts of protest against the presence of Merkel and the Portuguese conservative Executive austerity policy. See more: Portugal meets with Merkel and her speech of austerity amid protests and a large shield

Popol Vuh

Corn, the most important cultural plant of Mesoamerican peoples, was the basis for this myth of life, death and rebirth in the same manner as wheat, used symbolically in the mysteries of Eleusis, took the same symbolism as a nexus of union between men and divine beings, or man and his own divine part. The Xibalba or Mayan underworld is not only the place or State which pass the souls of the dead. If you would like to know more about Amazon, then click here. It is also and primarily an inner dimension that involves income in certain States of consciousness. Thus, the Popol Vuh shows not only the path of the soul that has desencarnado, but also the path of initiation into life that leads to the inner or spiritual birth an inner road that leads to the creation of a new man. It can be considered the fundamental book of the Mayans, cosmogonic both in the sense of cryptic code or guide in key for the internal search engine, with a value similar to that of Homer’s Odyssey for the ancient Greeks, the so-called book of the dead for the ancient Egyptians or the Bardo Thodol or Tibetan Book of the dead. Thus, encloses the teaching that leads to internal development, the development of the soul, and in this sense, is not travel only once the road to Xibalba, but descend again and again to our interior, discover and eliminate from our infraconsciente negative energies, transforming them into light, and return to our area to continue living a little more aware each time.

As the alma-conciencia is gaining strength, the descent will be deeper and more fruitful. Each element of the myth of the divine twins has an interior psychic reality, is showing us the path to our own underworld and the various tests that will face those who start the descent. Xibalba is the world linked to our subconscious.

Brazilian Time

The nationalistic romantismo Again citing in this article Antonio Cndido, according to esteo Brazilian romantismo it was initially (and it continued being in part until the end) above all nationalism. nationalism was to write on local things. It was part of the objectives of the time to value, to display, ouseja, to show the cultural characteristics of each region of the country well. Surgindoda the origin of them you chat, romances published in periodicals: the calls romancesde folhetins. The indianistas romances are part of the second geraoromntica that had as its representative Jose de Alencar, these foramimportantssimos for the authenticity of nationalistic literature. Learn more at: Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Alencarescreveu the Guarani, Iracema, Ubirajara; Gonalves Magalhes wrote AConfederao of the Tamoios, workmanship criticized for Alencar, but that also it had papelsignificativo for this style of romance; Antonio Gonalves Teixeira and Sousatambm wrote long indianista poem. He also published the eoutros Son of the Fisherman romances up to 1856. How to obtain to arrest the published attention of the comestas society of the time and other workmanships? The reader of long ago needed to read something quefosse indispensable, and that to exactly time remembered its customs, daily and sonhadoras suasatitudes. The originalidade of the Brazilian writer eraisso that all the representatives cultivated at the time. Some crticosliterrios applaud the nationalism, however at the same time they call comoilusrio, showing the theory with emphasis and leaving extinguished all practical its. However with all critical the o romantismo was and can simser called until today as nationalism thanks to the slightness, to the content, simple and sophisticated alinguagem of the romancista that was not worried in great citarapenas events and knowledge of mythology and the antiquity, but had the commitment with the reader that could identify questions queestivessem on to the society, the sentimentalismo, its I, and to sonhosd' soul found in booklets that to the first sight can be julgadosinsignificantes, but was authentic to the events and customs of sociedadeda time. .

Revolutionary Latin America

Calvin: Use or decay of its Theological thought Ideological Politician in a Revolutionary Latin America? The Challenges of modern Venezuela to the religious sectors of our country, are the challenges that raise all those ideological principles to us that specifically need to be considered from a theological perspective and from a Latin American theological vision, that is distanced of all those brought north-Atlantic theological mediations from Europe, the United States and Canada. Especially the Latin American protestant theology must be defined urgently of the most recent historical mediation of the Hispano-American Protestantism, the American, who brought to us through transnational of the mission a theology right ideology, deeply preservative and ally to the North American imperialism that was constructed under the influence of the postulates of the cold war against everything what outside Socialism, leftism and Comunism. What challenges have Bolivariana revolution to our calvinista conception of the world and the reality? We can in particular speak of the relevance of the calvinista theology and protestant generally in these times of transformation of our continent? We must understand that the political transformation that it occurred in our Latin American countries, 50 years ago approximately, in second half of century XX, has come from the political sector of right and the oligarchy. Little it has been the political, ideological and social contribution that from the sectors of left and the liberating religious sectors has occurred, with the exception of Cuba and Nicaragua. Connecticut Senator is actively involved in the matter. The Democracy in Latin America, was constructed from the doctrine of right of the sectors of the White, British Society and protestant North American, handled ideologically by the Department of State. The theology of the liberation reached its maximum activity and influences in our continent, with the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution and happened quickly to background little time after the fall of the Nicaraguan Revolution. Without hesitation Harold Ford explained all about the problem.


According to Aristotle, we are beings politicians. One of the essential conditions of the human being is the fact of living aggregate to other men. In such a way, some simple gestures, as to admit a principle as being optimum for the common good, an act becomes politician. As well as the choices that we make daily. Nobody can be considered non-political, therefore the simple fact not to like, or not to become involved themselves with the politics, by itself, already it involves a decision politics: of agreement with what it is rank and with the acceptance of the decision of excessively.

In other words, or you it makes politics or it suffers politics. The problem is that many people associate politics the petty politics, and finds that only the people who possess a position or function politics are they exert that it. However, when we direct a claim for an agency in the attempt to guarantee a right, we are making politics; when pra has much people to enter in a place and makes a line to prevent baguna, also; as well as when a councilman makes a law to improve the conditions of the city. The politics is more present in the daily one of the people of what if it can imagine. It is in the price of the bus ticket, in the gratuitousness in the public transports for aged and in the taxes that we pay without perceiving when we acquire any product in the supermarket. At last, all the rules of convivncia in society are defined by the politics. It is not necessary to relate politics to the corruption. It is clearly that we do not have to ignore some facts, and we need to recognize that it has very to be changed in the scene Brazilian politician.

However, we cannot arrive at the extremity to say that the politics in itself is something dirty. The politics can until being dirty, in this in case that, we need to sweep the dirt and not it politics. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs can provide more clarity in the matter. To become insane of the events politicians, will not go in way some to minimize the problems that we have faced, quite to the contrary, will leave the free way so that each time more unscrupulous people if use to advantage of its positions to get personal advantages. We need, therefore, to improve our conscience politics, stop of some form, either through ideas, attitudes or of our vote, to move for better the society where we live.

Rights Of Debtors

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was created to protect consumers from the improper money from debt collection practices. If you find yourself with financial problems that have him dealing with creditors or collection agencies, it is extremely important to know their rights as well as responsibilities of the collection agencies. Below is a list of items that may interest you as a consumer: harassment: creditors are prohibited from harassing the debtor or third parties with which the person involved has any relationship. Examples of abuse are violent dealings of any kind, publish your name in lists of bad debtors (with the exception of reports to lenders), use of insults and make use of the telephone to annoy the person. False witness: creditors are prohibited from using false information or misrepresenting it to collect the debts. This includes threatening the person saying that lawyer, Government representative, representative of financial entities, IE not paying a debt is a crime, lying about the current balance of the debt, say that the papers you received are legal when they are not, or threatening to take legal action when not going to do. Richard Blumenthal usually is spot on.

Threaten to take legal action unless you are really that vallan what to do and make it legal: A creditor of debts shall not threaten him with arrest for failure to pay their debts. They also have banned say they seize wages, cars or property unless vallan to do and it is legal. Say that they were going to take a to legal action, unless that vallan what to do and that is legal also is prohibited. Give false information: creditors should not give false information to lenders, nor send any document resembling a court official or Government when they are not and should not use false names. Hear from experts in the field like Harold Ford for a more varied view. Unfair practices: creditors can resort to practices unfair to collect debts, this includes collecting amounts of money greater than the debt not to be that this is allowed by State regulations, deposit a check post dated before the date, use dishonest tricks accept calls by charge or pay correspondence., threaten with repossess properties unless you go to do and is legal, or contact by correspondence. Abuse contact techniques: a creditor may not contact a debtor at inappropriate hours of the day, and this understanding that can only contact between 8: 00 am and 9: 00 pm.

Contact you at work if they have some sort of knowledge which does not allow to have this class calls in the work are prohibited. Is also forbidden to contact third parties in an effort to locate the debtor, the creditor may not for any reason reveal the amount of the debt or the person in question is in arrears. Correct identification: the person must see that it is a creditor and is calling to collect a debt. Please take a moment to study the regulations and are informed of their rights as a debtor, likewise if you are in a difficult financial situation in which requires knowing their rights as debtor may be a good time to have recourse to a professional that will help you find an ideal plan for your situation that will help you achieve independence financial. Scott Wallitsch is certified by the IAPDA as debt negotiator for DebtorSolution. He provides advice on deletion of debts (Debt Settlement and Debt Relief) to people who are seeking to become financially and economically independent. Original author and source of the article

Assessment Costs

But you first need to be thrown off. Borrowed sources – produced mainly by loans, as well as various creditors debt (salary, budget, other businesses). Education payable still deserves some explanation. For example, you received the goods and pay no hurry. Of course, it’s not very good, but practice is common. Or delayed payment of wages or accrued taxes, and money for them, sorry.

In short, this is the use of other people’s money. We are about to, to learn what methods are available accounting. 1.3 What method of accounting. Methods of accounting – a method of accounting, such as: – Inventory – Documentation – Assessment – Costing – Accounts and double entry – Balance and Reporting devil is not so bad as he is painted. And all these terms are quite accessible explanation. Inventory – Reconciliation of actual availability of inventory in the company of their number, as reflected in the accounting.

In practice, this is so – go to the warehouse, are remnants of the goods, and compares them with the remnants of accounting. Believe me, do not always coincide. Then put in the famous director. Your business-accounting. Documentation – a way of recording all transactions in the accounting. Documents can be divided into primary, accounting records and reporting. As noted earlier, the primary documents – this account – invoices, invoices, credit and debit orders, bank statements, etc. User registers – it’s all sorts of magazines and records, which reflect the accounting operations. Further, on the basis of entering the information compiled accounts. Evaluation – neither more nor less than the definition of each business transaction in cash. How does the accounting and no money? Costing – is used in determining prices for products. We first determine the amount of costs to production of goods (works, services). If the products produced several kinds of (usually because the case), costs are determined separately for each type. Then determine cost. To do this, divide the cost of a particular type of product by the number of units of output this species. It is quite logical – the cost is divided by the number. A simple formula. Costs are direct and indirect. Direct costs are directly attributable to specific products. These are materials from which products are made, salaries of workers employed in manufacturing, etc. For commercial enterprises that purchase price plus transportation services. Indirect costs – it costs the company as a whole. Such as salary administration, security services, repairs, etc. At the end of the reporting period (month, quarter) indirect costs charged to specific products.

Democratic Convention

The republicans of the USA already have elect to their presidential candidate thanks to having a system in which he wins in many States remains with all the delegates. The democrats, however, have proportional representation. This mechanism is more equitable but in the end it can prolong the internal tension or cause that the final decision 800 congressmen, governors and heads of the party do not have the million democrats but about. When already more of 80% of the delegates to the Democratic Convention they have been elect is improbable that Obama (that takes one slight advantage) obtains the 2.025 delegates who are needed to gain the nomination. More difficult it to him to Clinton is, that his rival would not surpass. If the democrats end up dissolving their candidate in their Convention and with the vote of their leaders they run the risk of repeating what happened in 1980. Then, Reagan used it stops to devastate them in the elections. For assistance, try visiting Sen. Sherrod Brown. Obama and Clinton could finish like those two squirrels that therefore to fight itself by a nut finished devoured by a fox. Original author and source of article.