Wolfgang Bergmann

The plague of tomorrow to lose everything or to have lost and no grains in the barn that could eat them and their families. This fear would not be before the morning and we would do today and change our current thinking schema tick by a Flash of inspiration, an enlightenment we got away with it: the whole world to change in an almost incredible, positive, utopian Maas. Describe the difficult, but everyone can themselves paint it out and imagine. We must give it to them, nothing what they need and the “heathens” and not covet theirs, we need to make justice and need for this Herculean task we have no money, but only the will it live at last to complete and bring the “Kingdom of God” on the Earth, what so many Holy and unholy books tell. There is not the religions and their God, there is not the rich and their God and there is not the leader of the Nations and their God. There is only ours and the mentioned will – justice to, as it is described in the verses. It requires a global primary care of humanity – for which no one must open his barn and that no one will cost a dime. It requires our all awareness of Justice and this consciousness that we already have with a new thinking schema tick, will judge all issues for today and sustainable, with full-bodied the plagues of make tomorrow.

A server is the funding for primary care and software get in the amount as it is needed. The money comes from nothing. It nobody should worry to pre-or returns that there are mathematicians, economists, and formulas, the man human and in justice can handle. We must bring the “Kingdom of God” on the Earth and breathe the paradise, our planet has already created us, new life and consciousness. Peace and trust in humanity and the humanity will be the result. This is done everyone can since then and continue in his Church go and pray to his God, guru, shaman, or sanctuary, where they and he only wants. But, it must be none in the churches and pray to someone he doesn’t know. The “Kingdom of God” on Earth is everyone understand and bring many to think about. More download at Wolfgang Bergmann

Discount Coupons

It is approaching on father’s day and this year I decided to be the first time he expresses everything that I’d like it without words, through a unique and original gift. Of those unforgettable. I don’t know if you so do I, but I find it very hard to say, face to face, and looking him in the eyes love it very much. I have tried many times. More than one and two. But at the end gets me a knot in the stomach and everything stays in a simple thank you or a smile. It makes me angry.

And that’s why this March 19 I decided to do something different. If one feels identified, I will tell you my plan for the day of the father, I hope that I can serve as a guide. Let’s go by parts. I expose my situation: I’m not very ample money nor time. The same thing happens you? I, personally, already have solved this problem, I’ll tell you how: recently he came to Spain from discount coupons page, I visit it every day to keep abreast of all promotions, special offers, and the new discount codes that you offer me. Before it was quite reluctant to buy online, but I can assure you that it is the most effective way to save money, time and acquire things different and original. This website houses all stores in Spain that you can imagine.

But the difference is that in special days, as this March 19, father’s day, offers millions of brilliant ideas. In the area of temporary offers for father’s day I found different stores like Aladinia, zone gift, Zavvi, Macnificos, catch it. I already have my preferred: zone gift. Why? Because I refuse to give him the tie always, aftershave, preferred perfume this is can buy him at any store. Yesterday I spoke with him by phone and told him that a gift is imagine. Laughing, said to me: because I want something that you can not get. I would like to drive a Ferrari as Fernando Alonso. I laughed and told him that it was true, that it could not get it. But I lied. Today I have in my hands a circuit in Ferrari for my father, purchased in area gift. The track It will be the Montmelo, because although there were plenty of options I’ve chosen this circuit so that even more champion sits in his day. And above, the price has been a bargain perhaps this idea looks like you a little risky to your fathers, and you prefer: a tasting of wine, a good restaurant, one escape romantic, horse riding or perhaps a stay? at a spa Here are suggestions, it lies in your hands acquire coupons and discount codes to demonstrate in a memorable way your father how much you want it.