Isaac Asimov

Authors like Minsky, Isaac Asimov and Bateson have been dust and renewed and his studies have returned to classrooms in universities, ancient works of science fiction where robots intelligent and emotional affect dramatically the future of humanity today are hits on billboards of cinemas in the world. All this causes greed to discover the manner […]

English Constitution Revolution

(1) Also called the Liberal revolution by their ideology that is at its finest in Locke, Puritan revolution by those who carried it out and glorious revolution that participated in it almost all sectors of society. (2) Is definitely established parliamentary system, that if well already existed for centuries in the tradition English, definitely shifts […]


Its site has more than what to speak for you, and you can go learning on the product with the time. Yes I will choose a product on the basis of marketing research You needs to know that type of demand that exists for a product, as well as the saturation the same. Markets of […]

The History Of Art

Yes man means expression, development, experience, exploits, invention, communication and representation, since men in its constant historical process has given place to many situations, in which overall boasts of his character and the aspects of his life, so the man in the constant process of his life has given place to a medium in which […]


Polarity or decline by Teodulo Lopez Melendez the obvious is not that the world was bipolar until the fall of the wall in Berlin. The obvious is that the world was unipolar in ancient times. Of the first, included United States and the Soviet Union. Of the latter, to Rome, not to involve us in […]

Portuguese Prime Minister

AGENCIES visited by the German President just last a few hours. Merkel has defended a policy of sustainable debt. Greece has already received with protests to the German Chancellor in October. Between strong security measures and acts of protest, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has begun his visit lightning to Portugal. The Portuguese country, one […]

Popol Vuh

Corn, the most important cultural plant of Mesoamerican peoples, was the basis for this myth of life, death and rebirth in the same manner as wheat, used symbolically in the mysteries of Eleusis, took the same symbolism as a nexus of union between men and divine beings, or man and his own divine part. The […]

Brazilian Time

The nationalistic romantismo Again citing in this article Antonio Cndido, according to esteo Brazilian romantismo it was initially (and it continued being in part until the end) above all nationalism. nationalism was to write on local things. It was part of the objectives of the time to value, to display, ouseja, to show the cultural […]

Revolutionary Latin America

Calvin: Use or decay of its Theological thought Ideological Politician in a Revolutionary Latin America? The Challenges of modern Venezuela to the religious sectors of our country, are the challenges that raise all those ideological principles to us that specifically need to be considered from a theological perspective and from a Latin American theological vision, […]


According to Aristotle, we are beings politicians. One of the essential conditions of the human being is the fact of living aggregate to other men. In such a way, some simple gestures, as to admit a principle as being optimum for the common good, an act becomes politician. As well as the choices that we […]