Procedure For Non-pecuniary Damage

'Know the laws – means to perceive not only their words but also their content and meaning' – said the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. Under the provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine, in particular articles 32, 56, 62 and the current legislation, natural and legal persons are entitled to compensation for moral (moral) damage caused by violations of their rights and freedoms and legitimate interests. The right to compensation for moral harm is an important safeguard the rights and freedoms of citizens and the legitimate interests of legal persons. According to paragraph 3 of the Decree of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of Ukraine "On judicial practice in cases of non-pecuniary (moral) damage ' 4 of 31 March 1995, under the moral harm is to be understood non-property losses due to moral or physical suffering or other negative effects caused by natural or legal person illegal actions or inaction of others. Under current law non-pecuniary damage may consist, in particular: the humiliation of honor, dignity, prestige or reputation, moral feelings in connection with health damage, in violation of property rights (including intellectual) rights granted to consumers and other civil rights, in connection with the illegal stay of remand and the court, in violation of normal vital connections because of the inability to continue an active social life, violation of relationships with others, upon the occurrence of other adverse effects. Under the non-property injury to entity, it should be understood non-property losses, which came in connection with the humiliation of its reputation, infringement of trade name, trademark, trade secret disclosure, and also the commitment of actions aimed at reducing the prestige or undermine confidence in its activities.

Internal Affairs

Might work, If Major criticized the Russian government as a whole and called for the construction of democratic institutions. But he appealed directly to Putin – the use of traditional petition modern form, which makes 'American next>> not very clear. The effectiveness of this, in general, an effective pattern is minimized. November 9 published an open letter to veterans and retirees Novorossiisk police are angry Dymovskiy video message. Link to the authorities – a good and effective step.

But this authority must be a specific person. A famous person who is willing to enter into open confrontation and risk his reputation, unavailable. November 10 Department of Internal Affairs of Krasnodar region declared insolvency charges Dymovskiy. Chief physician clinics, to which is attributed to Major said that the police needed a serious medical examination. Information danger of such attacks tend to zero. Dymovsky hired bodyguards and had moved to Moscow.

One might ask: "where such money in an ordinary policeman?>> Is reasonable. But in circulation used another very Traditional and effective meme – "repentance and regret>>. Major admitted his sins and declared readiness to suffer – and so this method does not work, as it could. Oper said, as befits the people of his profession: messy, awkwardly, sometimes illiterate, but all we need, he said. Even more than that – whether it is even remotely similar to the Iron Felix, without fear and reproach – no one would have believed him. When? Video was posted on Friday, when the journalists always short of material, and they are particularly active in seeking information.

Civil Force

But in fact it was virtually impossible task. In comparison with the employers (and formed a strong independent individuals) that have passed through fire and water, and with whom we speak the same language, to build a working dialogue with the federal government, with political parties and state and public organizations up to now have not been successful. When the second half of 2007, we appealed to all parties with a proposal to familiarize with the solution of the independent development of small and medium businesses, we are faced with an astounding ignorance. For example, in party told us that they invent stories about small and medium businesses, but we have surpassed them and that they themselves to a level far Also, very strangely responded to atp, Fair Russia, Civil Force, United Russia, an independent deputy Vladimir , and all the rest, as if the topic of development of small and medium-sized businesses and the formation of the middle class before the elections to the Parliament at the moment is for them firing the article. (A maybe it's how it was: after a decision on SMEs as there was, and still does not. And to make any promises would certainly a substitute ). Very "interesting" we were greeted by a personal meeting at the Reception Administration President of Russia. A Mr V. Rozanov (At that time Deputy av Dvorkovich) for giving us the program looked with undisguised amazement, and said that he was not going to read it at all, let those involved Dvorkovich.

What Should Be The Price Of Cement

This sets a minimum level of profitability of 13% of the value of fixed assets. Certainly the cost of cement varied depending on the plant, less profitable production of subsidized at the expense of more profitable – course in a market economy, this approach is unlikely. Equally important was the fact that the producers of cement in spite of seasonal fluctuations in demand had guaranteed sales to the face of a single customer – the State. It was necessary only to fulfill the production plan and deal only with production issues.

In this case, there was a powerful scientific-technical and industrial base to support the cement industry. The share of depreciation stood at 15% of the total cost of cement. For comparison, the current share of depreciation is at a level of 1%. According to Goskomstat cost of cement for three quarters of 2008 was about 2000 rubles (over the same period last year, about 1500 rubles per ton). Growth was more than 30%. If a cost (2000 rubles – $ 71) add the missing 14% Depreciation – $ 10 18% value-added tax – $ 13, and 13 “investment interest” – $ 39 (considering the fact that building a new cement plant at the rate of $ 300 per ton of production capacity) then the minimum attractive to investors, price is the figure of 133 U.S. dollars. In this case, do not forget the tax on profits, rising rates of bank loans and what is not seasonally adjusted all production facilities will be loaded, even after overcoming the crisis.

Importers are currently offering imported cement in the region of U.S. $ 100, this fact justifies the treatment of domestic manufacturers with a request to impose 30% of protective duties. The share of imported cement has reached 15% of total cement production in Russia, domestic refineries have been forced to reduce production by 6%. Question – how does a including taxes and freight ship cheaper foreign cement Russia is quite understandable – in the cost of cement is fixed costs such as depreciation of equipment, wages, and variable, a substantial part of which occupy about 30% energy. Fixed costs offset a certain amount of domestic consumption, in other words, each ton of “above-cement” costs 2 times more cheaply, and even if we did not bring more profit, will help significantly reduce costs and minimize losses. Using these circumstances foreign manufacturers are keeping domestic prices, have an opportunity to sell the surplus for outside their own country the dumping price. In the long run, capturing additional markets and weaken local producers likely chance of multiple recovery dumping. Such occurred in the 90 years in the U.S., when the Mexican cement was sold at 63% cheaper than the domestic market, the U.S. government was forced to introduce 60%! import duty on cement, and later it was reduced, but it lasted over 15 years.