The ‘Affordable Housing’ In St. Petersburg

First Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on April 27 to inspect the implementation of priority national projects in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Dmitry Medvedev arrived in St. Petersburg on the eve, April 26. As reported in the Press Service of the city administration, his visit is devoted to implementation in the regions of predominantly two national projects – 'The development of agro-industrial complex' and 'Affordable Housing'. In one of his first speeches Vice-Premier noted that in Russia in 2007. planned to be 56 million square meters. m of housing.

In 2006. the figure was 50.2 million square meters. m, whereas 5 years ago in the country were built 30 million square meters. m of housing. According to Dmitry Medvedev, in the current year is expected to 'good growth '. "The more we build, the more reasonable prices should be on the market" – said the first deputy prime minister.

In his view, the increase in construction should change the price situation on the real estate market into positive side. Commenting on the possibility of creating a state construction company, Medvedev said that it is not new, but by itself the appearance of such a company would not solve the problem with the prices. 'You must not create state-owned company, and the development of the housing market "- he stressed. In addition, First Deputy Prime Minister expressed the view that the deal with buying apartments for the 'quick resale' on the secondary market will help the development of stock tools, 'attractive free money'. According to him, it could be bonds, securities of large companies. Latest Issue of big companies have shown interest of citizens in these securities, have Dmitry Medvedev. He also considers it inappropriate introduction of a special tax on the purchase of second and third apartments, as well as the prohibition of such purchases. He explained that circumvent these protective measures' will be easy. " Dmitry Medvedev also repeatedly stressed that the current mortgage rate is not satisfied with the government, because it is too high. "Our goal – to omit it from acting now 11-12% to 6-8%. It's absolutely on forces, but it will take to achieve some success in macroeconomics', – said first deputy prime minister.

Konstantin Khokhlov

In this case, there are dozens of ways to cut costs on public utilities: the acquisition of a well-known to all energy saving bulbs to the correct operation of domestic appliances. For example, the time has not ravaged dust bag increases the consumption of electricity a vacuum cleaner up to 40%. Abroad, such "wisdom" are taught in school. For example, in Denmark, all children special classes talk about the culture of energy use and how its economy in the "home". Together with such educational measures in Russia and the need to move towards European standards organization systems to deliver water, electricity and heat. If we talk about heat supply, which consumes the greatest amount of natural resources, we can note the vast reserves to increase its effectiveness.

For example, in the Moscow city government hope that the renovated residential buildings savings pay for the heating system will reach 50%. "Most of the heating systems of multi-storey buildings in need of upgrade: installation of modern automated substations and automatic radiator thermostats that let you control the temperature in different rooms. In this case, setting for each heat sink counter, we can independently adjust the level of their payments for this service, such as water and electricity ", – said Konstantin , director of thermal automatics Danfoss in Russia, the world's leading manufacturer energy-efficient equipment for heating systems and heating buildings. Currently, Danfoss, with the Department overhaul of Moscow holds in the capital of the experiment: two 12-storey houses on the street Obrucheva addition to planned activities within the complex overhaul (warming of the building facades, glass replacement, installation of automated control units (), automatic balancing Valves and radiator thermostats) on each battery mounted counter-sharers.

Sochi Baths

Little running, half-forgotten, neekskursionny, but themes and beautiful: the lack of civilization to another park just adds to the beauty. And the park – eucalyptus, and even if you nose finds itself in a vial of eucalyptus oil, it is only distantly remind Adler scented richness. Nasmorochny my nose starts to breathe normally after ten minutes of stay at this location. Near the sea, and the tour can be combined with a dip. And in August, the year begins watermelons to eat them the grove – a special treat. In Matsesta valley (around the river Matsesta) allowed free of charge.

In the river water a lot of hydrogen sulfide, and a number of baths is where you can take baths in whole or in parts: to bathe the patient's hand or leg. Sometimes Matsesta baths are included in the price of sanatorium vouchers, sometimes not, and it should negotiate directly. In the Valley – deciduous forest, where the mushrooms after the rain get out. There you can picnic, good wooden benches, and even makeshift tables in the woods, too, can be found. The road, covered with wood from the heat, has to give Stalin, where right on the terrace, recently opened a cafe. For children in the valley special joy – Glade gnomes.

They accepted photographed, but to climb on them much more interesting. There is very convenient for climbing instances. And the government is resting in a place called Bocharov Stream. There are not allowed. Promenade lives of people and animals Quay – the most noisy and crowded place Sochi, I'm for it, and I love it.

Federal Antimonopoly Service

Russian government legislatively approved a new mechanism for calculating utility bills for energy consumption. Decree "On the fundamentals of pricing and tariff regulation procedure, allowances and limits indices in the field of communal organizations, "published July 23, 2008, introduces the possibility of rates for the calculation of payments for energy consumption, including, and most wasteful expenditure item homeowners – heating. The tariff will comprise two parts. The first – a fixed amount charged for the year-round access to the service. In fact, it means paying for what resources should be delivered in a house regardless of whether these at the moment or not. Funds from the fixed portion of the tariff should go to pay staff and maintenance of heating networks.

The second part tariff – this fee directly consumed amounts of heat. "The main condition of dvustavochnogo tariff will be the introduction of universal metering devices – experts say the company Kamstrup, world leader in production Ultrasonic metering of heat energy. – The dissemination of heat meters in the long term should help reduce the constant component of the tariff due to more efficient organization of work of suppliers of heat. " This resolution lays the foundation for large-scale changes in accounting. Strict control over the consumption of resources is becoming a necessity for an absolute majority organizations working in the housing sector. Ministry of Regional Development in cooperation with the Ministry, the Federal Tariff Service and the Federal Antimonopoly Service plans to develop methodological guidance on the calculation of tariffs and surcharges in the housing sector by early next year.

Legislative Assembly

Subject dilapidated housing stock in Russia could argue for its relevance, even with the theme of the crisis. If, however, stabilize the economic situation the state was not yet in force, then the solution to the first problem it has already prepared. Adopted by the State Duma of the Federal Law 185 provides residents of the country a chance to completely renovate their homes for the minimum money. But in order to participate in the program, you must perform a number of conditions. To overcome the 5 percent barrier Important remark: the program term expires Jan. 1, 2012. Thus, the time for long meditation is not: it is necessary to act. "The first thing to determine the way home management.

We chose the homeowners (HOA). However, this is not a prerequisite for a major overhaul. It can be done and when to use House hired the management company ", – says Elena Boyun, Board Member hoa nine homes on the street in Vladivostok. "Further, at a general meeting specifies the types, volumes of the planned activities, their cost and duration beginning repairs – tells about the conditions of participation in the program the first deputy chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region Yuri Karlikanov. – Then composed repair list (this document reflects all of the existing technical problems in the house, it also identifies materials or design of end-of-life). On the basis of statements prepared a rough estimate for works. All collected documents with the application for participation in the Program should be directed to the administration of local government.

Stay Alert in the Legal Realm

During special events may be stopping vehicles outside of fixed positions to test driving and registration documents, as well as documents on the consignment. Prohibited to stop vehicles unless necessary. The driver, who knows these rules, will feel in a conversation with the inspector dps much confident and the first thing to ask the inspector, it is the reason for stopping (unless, of course, not stopped at a stationary post DPS). Not be amiss, too, have on hand the document – it is clearly stated, how and what to do dps officer in a particular situation. 3. If you can – take to the road recorder and a camera (you can use a mobile phone camera, if its parameters allow you to do distinguishable images). Keep them alert and, depending on your situation, use. 4. Keep a pen and paper, where you can write to the inspector, who, in your view, had exceeded his authority. Each dps inspector carrying duty, must have a chest token, the number which you can later identify the employee. Often difficult to make out the first words spoken to the driver (and this is the fulfillment of the Inspector responsibilities are clearly and distinctly imagine) but about the handwriting in the record to say is no longer necessary. In addition, you are entitled, and the traffic police have to produce on request a service identity, from which you can also get the necessary information (of course, writing it in the notebook is available at hand). 5.

If you are not traveling alone and it came to drawing up a report with which you disagree, want to record the details of your witness (es). Required, even if your companion is a close relative. Once again – the court will evaluate the evidence in totality. The above recommendations will certainly not protect you from illegal actions by officials, designed to ensure order on the roads. My primary goal as a lawyer – to instill in you a little confidence, “lay” sequence of actions that is universal for any situation. Remember that your goal – the maximum record for all time “communication” of the circumstances that subsequently can be regarded as evidence of your innocence. Maintain consistency and composure during the conversation, no matter how ridiculous you have not seemed the charges. Take a “timeout” for online consultation with a lawyer on the phone. Clearly set out their claims, in case of failure to meet them – note this in the protocol. Do not engage in legal discussions with staff, remember that you have with them have different goals. Especially do not try to “play” in the judicial process in place. Along with This, I note that in any structure is as “good” and “bad” as decent and not very much. Also the drivers. Think about how, with what face almost any staff dps on their work, especially in days of the seasons and changing weather conditions. Therefore, in any situation you will have a much greater chance of a successful outcome, particularly if we see a man behind him – an employee.

Tax Police

addresses a requirement that the provision jur. address at the firm had no less than 6 square meters. meters of space and small office was not recorded hundreds of firms. Even a joint raid conducted by representatives of the then Tax Police and the actual members of the local tax inspectorate. True no specific results are not gave. What is the legal address? Jur. address – this is a concept consisting of a set of documents that meet the requirements of the registering authority, and allows to register the new entity at that address. Sometimes there were very clever fellow, who managed as a jur. address indicated, the St. Petersburg or Moscow, no street, house number or structure, but characteristically, they succeed. While the standard legal Consultation on all these species was reduced to the following addresses – the location of a firm is a place of its state registration in accordance with the Civil Code.

Address registration of a company is determined to Based on documents provided by jur. address. All And this explanation suits all. There were certainly moments associated with the fact that where we should send invoices, the requirements for inspections (which is rare, but still sometimes happened, usually the most common interaction with the tax inspector was due to improper filling of the declaration, when the chief accountant phoned or wrote a letter to urgently provide the correctly filled in the calculation tax). Therefore, in addition jur. addresses the organization had for public use so-called postal address, usually shot at the post office box, if the landlord could not officially grant the premises.