The Other Always Has Something To Say

How is reconciliation? We must tirelessly pursue efforts to speak, understand and be understood, to open up the dialogic existence. It happens here something like what happens with the alcoholic: its problem is not drinking, but not being able to want not to drink. The problem is not the enemy, but not wanting to deal […]

Thought Of The Weak Venezuela

The Venezuela of weak thought Teodulo Lopez Melendez No standing in this all-inclusive Venezuela today. We are driven by a weak thought. Thinking is required to speak the truth. We must use a paradigm of complexity against the immobility and burying the static concepts. We require instituting society. The Venezuelan sample be divided, pessimistic and […]

Constituent Assembly

A few days ago we are discussing the crisis in the country and whether or not to advance the congressional elections. The arguments are many, but all based on the prestige of the legislature following the arrests of several congressmen investigated for their links with paramilitaries. Already more than 52 of them involved in research […]

New York Police Council

Or someone attracted to suspicious transactions your firm, and refused, “insulted” the businessman counted stack of banknotes assassin. Or or or Option set, even the most improbable. So how to walk in this minefield? Wisely and carefully. Commensurate with, anticipating, anticipating Before I go on the highway of domestic business, not out of curiosity about […]

Peruvian Law

While comparative law refers to the use of the comparative method to the study of law that aims to find locate the legislative history of positive law of states but the similarities in the law of several States or the differences as well as the causes of such similarities and differences. In this sense we […]

Consumer Rights – Legal Services

The Russian Constitution is the supreme and fundamental law of the state, has the highest legal force. The Constitution of the Russian Federation remains the basis of the constitutional order of the State protects the right and freedom every citizen, the federal structure of government, as well as organizing the top state authorities of the […]