The Other Always Has Something To Say

How is reconciliation? We must tirelessly pursue efforts to speak, understand and be understood, to open up the dialogic existence. It happens here something like what happens with the alcoholic: its problem is not drinking, but not being able to want not to drink. The problem is not the enemy, but not wanting to deal with it. The interruption of the dialogue is solipsism and death, because life itself is constant dialogue. The other has something to say. I'm not the only window through which you view the world, nor my self there without you and the full range of personal pronouns.

Dialogue is both a science and an art. It involves both the science of knowing oneself (including what one thinks and wants) and the other, is the science that knows that none of these two knowledge is exhaustive, or me or the other, it is a very neglected science today. Who closes the dialogue may be as good strategist and beating everything you want, but usually can not speak or discuss or, ultimately, think, by many calculations and predictions that can be done. But in addition, dialogue is also an art, an action, activity, a praxis. Much has been written today about the dialogue between cultures and, although it has improved a lot, generally the negotiating table was not round. It has been assumed too quickly that the "other" cultures were approaching our table, which is eaten with knife and fork dollars English on the cloth of democracy (understood in our own way) in dishes served by the state of progress drinking wine and using spoons (or teaspoons, more recently) technological development, sitting in the chair of history.

I'm not saying that the dialogue should be sitting on the floor, eating with your hand, drinking only water and speaking in Chinese. I do say that one of the fundamental errors is to pretend that everyone feels at one table, so that what Anglo-Saxon (to call it somehow) is the most practical. Dialogue is not is a "meeting" in the mob who speak only those known speaker and demagogy, is a human act, a scale and with a human voice, in which men shape their humanity discussing their differences with the word. For all this wisdom is needed. The wisdom is that art becomes destructive tensions creative polarities, not by strategy to "get away with," but because this polarity is the essence of reality. Polarity is not dualism, is not binary, since it is governed by the dialectic of contradiction between the two poles, as the one presupposes the other and vice versa. Polarity is the Trinity, otherwise, the two poles would cease to be poles, with their merger or separation. The same is true for genuine dialogue between men, because no man is an island self-sufficient. There is a dialogue to reach a solution, but a dialogue to be, because I am not without the other. This comes to say that, despite all obstacles, the road to peace is to want to walk through. This desire for peace is in itself a peacemaker. The desire for peace is tantamount to a desire to dialogue and the desire for dialogue comes when we can learn something from each other, at the same time convert to our point of view, if possible. Fanaticism and absolutism impossible to walk together, because they think we are self-sufficient or in full possession of Truth. Raimon Panikkar philosopher and thinker

Thought Of The Weak Venezuela

The Venezuela of weak thought Teodulo Lopez Melendez No standing in this all-inclusive Venezuela today. We are driven by a weak thought. Thinking is required to speak the truth. We must use a paradigm of complexity against the immobility and burying the static concepts. We require instituting society. The Venezuelan sample be divided, pessimistic and disinterested. It happens because the country is moving within the exhausted paradigms, in an old world. The old ways lead nowhere.

This is what I propose to the country and instituting a society is made. It is now appropriate to propose a new reading of reality, namely the creation of a new reality resulting from the continued activity of a republic of citizens to change the ways to measure your progress toward a democratic society eternally perfect Maturity existing paradigms, or defeat of inertia should be sought by means of innovative and unusual approaches. The futility of the old paradigm is to apparent when he begins to suspect that no longer serve successfully resolving the conflict or problems. It is clear that the revocation of the above requires a sustained effort since it must reevaluate the data and assumptions. Venezuelan society is a victim of the evils arising in representative democracy, one that did not evolve to higher forms. Venezuelan society is accustomed to delegating and forgot about the social control that any mature society exerts on the power. Behind every explicit power is not an imaginary one instituting power reachable. Thus, it is recalled that the Greeks invented democracy when tragic, he added that no one should tell us how to think and in the assembly went to discuss the Polis in a self-reflexive process.

Constituent Assembly

A few days ago we are discussing the crisis in the country and whether or not to advance the congressional elections. The arguments are many, but all based on the prestige of the legislature following the arrests of several congressmen investigated for their links with paramilitaries. Already more than 52 of them involved in research and 30 prisoners. The Colombian people want action. Well, I remember well that the people have had, I would say, in the last 20 years tend to be ruthless with the Congress. Not forgive him anything. Whenever the majority opinion is "close Akhaians!." Many refer to the institution and its members in very bad terms and even blamed him away sins that have not.

The Congress has become something of a bad reputation. The receptacle of the anger of ordinary Colombians, the spin of the fifteen, the symbol of corruption. In my particular case, although I recognize the enormous crisis it is going through, I depart from this trend and I think there are many respectable members, intelligent, honorable and honest in that institution of the country. Besides, I still think of him as the quintessential representative body of participatory democracy. The institution where I see reflected the country in all its nuances, with all its faults, but also its virtues. But the strength of opinion, I think it will be overwhelming in this Congress. I just hope things go great for the country of all this.

I believe that this terrible situation should be completed in early elections next year, not just Congress but the President of the Republic, through reforms to enter a legitimate constituent, for which elections should be This same year! And I think if it is reduced one-year period of the current Congress, giving the opportunity for much of the current Congress reelected And why not take advantage of constitutional reform and introduce the possibility of a presidential re-election by doing a single election President and Congress in the same date? After Yal is not the same tendency majority of the people that want to "revoke" in some way this Congress and somehow extend the mandate of a president who has captivated? If the current Congress should have the opportunity to be reelected, as indicated by the smallest bases of democracy, why not have the same right the President? Press the President is bad, but for the current Congress would be normal? I think not. Those opposed to another reelection do so with very respectable reasons, but we must all accept that wing majorities are the ones in charge! The proposal is simple, clear. Cut the time of this Congress and this President in a year, but making choices for both for a period of five years, with the possibility of immediate re-election in both cases. In addition, the Constituent Assembly must address very important issues related to substantive political reform, as the Unicameral Congress, compulsory voting, the reelection of mayors, governors, Comptrollers and Personeros, total state funding of political campaigns, combined with the prohibition of certain practices harmful to democracy (buying votes evening through payment of hawkers, a gift from T-shirts or other clothing, etc), establishment of a parliamentary system, federal state and / or a more equitable and efficient allocation of fiscal resources of the state, redefining the structure and functions of the assemblies and councils, the empty chair and many others that we will have opportunity to discuss. Hopefully soon.

New York Police Council

Or someone attracted to suspicious transactions your firm, and refused, “insulted” the businessman counted stack of banknotes assassin. Or or or Option set, even the most improbable. So how to walk in this minefield? Wisely and carefully. Commensurate with, anticipating, anticipating Before I go on the highway of domestic business, not out of curiosity about the conjuncture prevailing in that sphere in which you intend to apply our strength, resources and abilities. Learn about pricing, supply and demand, the prospects, about who ‘reigns. ” And the main thing here is probably not a ‘who’s who’ and ‘who’s who.

” In other words, the persecuting their goal, try not to trip over someone else’s. And only after the most meticulously analyze the make the first steps. Then the risk of fall in the war unknown soldier will be significantly reduced. Often accompanied by the bloody outcome and looting. People are sometimes so painful to part with his stuff that they recklessly trying to hold him without giving away an armed professional who is capable of killing without hesitation.

For example, the New York Police Council amateur night walks to keep in the pockets of a certain amount of American money, equal to the cost of one dose of drug, so that when an unwanted meeting could quickly disperse. And you try to disperse and not to disperse, unless, of course, do not feel at his side a real force that can radically change the situation. Power, not truth. There could be no mistake, but as soon as the one on your side, do not rush to enjoy – take a look at that another. These tips are relevant not only in the situation with the robbery And finally, you can kill by accident. That is not to kill because you are bad or too good, but because they got to the place where the murder: shooting, explosions, fights, etc. etc.

Guillermo Cabanellas

That is, the study of comparative law can not only refer to the comparative study of the laws but also the comparative study of case law, enforcement, legal institutions and legal custom. After being cited and considered the definition of comparative law of various national and foreign authors, we can say that comparative law is the discipline that is dedicated to the application of the comparative method to the study of law. 3. Guillermo Cabanellas comparative method approach is scientific procedure for research and teaching of the truth. That is, the methods that we refer to are the methods used in scientific research within the law. To carry out an investigation there are several methods to which is called research methods among which include the inductive, deductive, analysis and synthesis (which are the best known methods of investigation by researchers because they are considered as general research methods, ie that are not only used in the study of law, but also in other areas of knowledge), but there are other research methods specific to the right from which we can cite the historical method, the exegetical method, the systematic approach, the sociological method and there is also the comparative method is not very developed in our environment, and taking into account that this paper refers to comparative law we now turn to that method of investigation of law, that is, then we will refer to the method comparison. Guillermo Cabanellas For the comparative method in the study of law is that based on exposure differences between the various legal institutions, to assess their consistency or make their peculiarities.

Peruvian Law

While comparative law refers to the use of the comparative method to the study of law that aims to find locate the legislative history of positive law of states but the similarities in the law of several States or the differences as well as the causes of such similarities and differences. In this sense we can say that the legislative history does not relate to the same in terms of comparative law, however, in all areas of law we can make comparative law studies and in all areas of law we can also study the legislative history of the various rules or legal institutions. For the record that comparative legal studies are not always accomplished by reference to the legislative history of the rules positive law. That is, there may be studies and comparative law legal systems have not been taken as a source to one another and which has not existed between those receiving foreign legal systems. 5.

LEGAL FAMILIES There are various classifications of legal systems, which are classified in legal families, as detailed below. Families are legal for David Rene four as detailed below: 1) Family Romano Germanic. 2) Family of the Common Law. 3) Family social rights. 4) Family of philosophical or religious systems. In our half of the four best-known legal families are the first two, is, in our environment are best known legal families as follows: Roman Germanic legal family and common law legal family. Hence it is necessary to clarify that the legal systems belonging to the Roman Germanic family main source of law, ie is characterized by the primacy of law other sources of law, which is not the case with legal systems belonging to the family of the Common Law, because in these legal systems the main source of law is the law.

It should be pointed that the U.S. law with English law although both belong to the common law legal family, do not have exactly the same characteristics so it is necessary to take into account that the law of the United States exist known as restatements, which does not exist in English law. Therefore we point out that English law is not exactly like the right of the United States. For the record that our legal system of Peru is located within the Roman Germanic family. The characteristics of the legal families can be given careful consideration without recourse to the specific study of the laws of States that not all states are equal legal systems, making it necessary to mention that for example the division of the right public and private law rejected in some legal systems which do not exist in our legal system, and that, in some legal systems to cite case law is necessary to make a default location, which does not occur in the Peruvian legal system. For some authors it is easier to conduct studies of comparative law within the same legal family, for example when studying the same legal institution within the Peruvian law and within the Spanish law, that is, these types of studies are common, however, d study of legal institutions

Consumer Rights – Legal Services

The Russian Constitution is the supreme and fundamental law of the state, has the highest legal force. The Constitution of the Russian Federation remains the basis of the constitutional order of the State protects the right and freedom every citizen, the federal structure of government, as well as organizing the top state authorities of the country. The Basic Law is intended to ensure the rights of our citizens. In continuation of the principles of the Constitution, in their development, the Law on Consumer Protection. The Law on Consumer Protection regulates in detail the rights and duties of the seller, manufacturer, artist and consumer.

Protection Act consumers – is an invaluable support to every citizen of our country, because we are at every turn, sometimes without even realizing it report, we conclude the contract of retail sales, consumer work contract, etc. The Law on compensation for losses or moral harm you should consult a qualified lawyer who will review your situation, make a competent complaint to the seller, manufacturer, artist, will help to consumer expertise, if necessary, to prepare a lawsuit in court and presented the your interests in court and won a court case. Consumer rights – is to take care of the state, but expressed this concern in the creation of supportive policy, legal framework establishing these rights and helping to protect them. State can not guarantee every citizen the protection of any means other than the title, so everyone should know their rights and be able to defend. But it is in theory. In practice, the citizen is not burdened with knowledge and jurisprudence can not effectively protect their legal rights, so in most cases the consumer need a lawyer. In practice, the 'self' can lead to the fact that despite the existence of legitimate reasons the court may render a decision on your claim is not in your favor, just because you do not own court arts process. Legal advice, legal assistance in court, just needed a situation where you just decide that you need to win a lawsuit with an unscrupulous manufacturer, seller, contractor.