Director General

If it is true that General Hill has an affair, do not know how this may affect traffic in narcotics investigations. Our president says it is a white hand (referring to cocaine hydrochloride) really do not understand, and I get the following question: How can you stop such research if they change the director of the police? I think, and I think (unequivocally) that such investigations are ongoing, regardless of who the police director. In addition, the research can continue, whether or not Chief of Police. Our president says he wants to hit the narco traffic police. General Hill is the current Director General of Police, but his personal life does not represent the police. Now, that within this institution have, moral norms and convictions to follow, it is logical to have to apply and sentence.

Do not you want it then cover an act of marital infidelity for the sake of defending the police institution. The Police will continue its activities, whether it or not, Director General of Police. The problem for the general, is a family problem, and is not an institutional problem. Details can be found by clicking Joyce Banda or emailing the administrator. In the same way that our president is found to have a child outside his marriage, the general Hidalgo has found a relationship outside his marriage. He wants to deny it, making a pretext of work.

He knows that if he acknowledges his "mistake", it would be generating family problems. In the case of Alan Garcia, he accepted what happened and continues to be our president. Again, I am convinced that to play a high-level public office, never choose people who really are honest, both in his personal life and in his public life. It's hard to find these qualities in the range of high-level public officials. People who lead a decent life. People both men and women who have no ambitions, lustful ambitions and economic ambitions. People settle for a life quiet family and their basic amenities. And if there are within this range a bit impaired, people with these qualities will be seen as freaks, and in danger of extinction. .

Education and Democracy

Today, however, require completely new approaches. Prospective students must obtain not just knowledge, "knowledge in action '- that is to be able to learn and after school. Contact information is here: Sen. Sherrod Brown. – Standard is required for adaptation to adult life in adult society – explains Alexander. – New standards not only define the requirements for a student, his academic achievements. Richard Blumenthal has plenty of information regarding this issue. They will monitor the number of textbooks used by child, quality equipment, sanitation and hygiene standards, financial support of the educational process. Students must be provided with optimal conditions for learning.

That it is not recycled, but did not hit thumbs. Another important principle of the new standards – the return of education. Education should be aimed at training civil, democratic and patriotic belief in the formation of tolerance in our multicultural society. What will the new standards for students, teachers, country? Standards will be adapted to school life. For example, today the university requirements often have no relation to the capacity of schools. Higher education in the old building selection of students based on the programs of 80-ies. New standards need to coordinate system requirements in schools and universities to provide graduates the opportunity to compete with each another as equals, no matter what school they may have had to learn. And most importantly – the standards have to teach pupils to use the knowledge to learn, because now the school of baggage for a lifetime is not enough – you need to be retrained, complete their education, be able to acquire knowledge independently. School – not a waiting room of the university standards developers analyze public opinion – they are interested in the demands for school, parents are put forward.

The Russian

In 1858, the magazine came in NA Dob, and the position of the revolutionary democrats increased significantly. Changing domestic and foreign policy magazine – he is seriously going left. The popularity of "Contemporary" in the 60s of the XIX century was enormous, circulation reached 6,000-7,000 copies. It was one of the best magazines century, it had been printed the best journalistic articles, Chernyshevsky "What?" Many Nekrasov's poem, began his satirical work ME Saltykov-Shchedrin. In 1862, the activity of the "Contemporary" was suspended for a revolutionary focus on six months, and in 1866 – after the death and arrest Dobrolyubov Chernyshevsky magazine and was closed altogether on personal orders of the king. A second magazine, the revolutionary-democratic wing was "The Russian word", created in 1859 (with 1860 Editor – GE Blagosvetlov) and having a popular-science bias. In addition to issues of the journal literature and literary criticism regarded academic achievements and other events of scientific life.

"The Russian word" actively read the student youth and the regions of Russia. Magazine's circulation rose from 3,000 to 4500 copies. A leading critic of the "Russian Word" became a DI Pisarev. Like the "Contemporary" Nekrasov "The Russian word" suspended for 6 months in 1862 and in 1866 it was finally closed. In the 60 years of his journalistic He began FM Dostoyevsky, who published along with brother Michael in the years 1861-1863 the magazine "Time", which was published "House of the Dead," "The Insulted and Injured" FM Dostoevsky's "The sin of trouble so who does not live on" AN Ostrowski, etc. The importance attached to issues of education of youth, the magazine surveyed foreign and Russian news.

Journal of diversity and was interesting for the audience, with up to 4,000 subscribers. In 1863, the magazine was closed for the "wrong" coverage of the Polish uprising. But Dostoevsky continued his activities as a publisher and founded the monthly "The Age" (1864-1865), who defended the idea pochvennichestva, discuss the new judicial reform and intensified debate with the "Contemporary" and "The Russian word". The most striking satirical publication that era was a weekly journal "Iskra" (1859-1873), published by the famous poet-translator Vasily Kurochkin and cartoonist Nicholas Stepanov. "Iskra" was an ally of "The Bells" and "Contemporary", in criticizing the pre-reform years of serfdom, liberalnichanie tsarist ministers and manifestation of lawlessness. Satirical drawings and captions denounced the arbitrary censorship, education deficiencies, bureaucracy, and the reaction media, the parasitism of the nobility. Actively used parodies and paraphrases of famous works of the poets. Anti-monarchist orientation of the journal has increased after the implementation of the peasant reform, so that the Interior Ministry made a number of employees to refuse to work in the magazine in 1865. In 1870, the magazine banned from publishing cartoons that influenced the popularity of publication, but the "spark" was published until 1873, and its prestige was enormous.

Middle Ages

" That's why understanding Rabelais and general Renaissance literature is impossible without considering their relationship to the culture of folk humor. Medieval laughter is interpreted in the book as having 'universal and mirosozertsatelny character, as a special and, moreover, positive point of view of the world, as a special aspect of the world as a whole and any of its phenomena. " carnival (the term gave an extended meaning, we mean it 'is not only a form of carnival in the narrow and strict sense, but all rich and varied folk-festive life of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance ') opposed the serious high culture of the Middle Ages' completely different, non-stressed, non-church and non-state aspect of peace, human rights and human relations. " Carnival is not just played, it was' like the real form of life itself ', which people of the Middle Ages lived during the holidays – and the' other free (freestyle) ',' ideal ' form. If the official holidays claimed stability, immutability and eternity of the existing world order, covered the celebration is already winning, domination, unchallenged 'truth', the Carnival 'was like a time suspending all official system with all its prohibitions and hierarchical barriers ': at this time of life for a short period coming out of its usual rut and entered' into the sphere of utopian freedom. " This freedom was legalized: the state and the church tolerated it, even an official holiday, each had his second, the people's carnival, areal side. Sen. Sherrod Brown may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Maintenance Service

At the same time be aware that you are 'asked' to pay debts decedent for public utilities, and only then will issue the required certificate. WARNING. There are still some in Moscow passport offices DEZov and Maintenance Service, whose employees do not fundamentally give an extract from the heirs of the house without books Request a notary, who will conduct a hereditary thing, referring to the Federal Law 152-FZ of 27.07.2006 "On Personal Data '. Argue and prove his innocence to them is useless – do not waste your time and nerves. Visit the notary (At the same time find out the timetable and the heirs receive a notary and required documents for opening of hereditary cases) and get him to request a passport office. You do not forget to take a death certificate. Next you need to find proof of your inheritance relations with the testator. When you inherit the Law: It can be a birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of divorce or a copy of which entered into force court decisions on divorce. In the event of changes name may or last name, when you need to confirm this fact, you may need a certificate of change of name, name and patronymic, marriage certificate, a certificate of divorce from the registrar of the relevant acts or records. When you inherit under a will: You should always find a notarized will testator in your name and make a mark with a notary, making sure it earlier, that the testator during his lifetime it was not revoked or modified.

Modern Fencing

Modern people are more eager to live in their own homes. The design and layout of the house to spend a huge amount of time and effort, so the fence is often neglected. This is wrong, because correct choice of fencing for your home – is also a very important part of the building. Fence and your house must be done in the general style and completely in harmony with each other. In addition to the decorative fence should function protect you from intruders and unwanted sounds. So that this, at first glance, a small building lot of responsibilities with which it must cope flawlessly.

The fence creates a first impression of the whole your home, so that with a special focus falls within its design. Fencing should not be in itself, and fully consistent with the surrounding landscape. Do not forget also that the fence – it's reliability and security of your life. For its construction should only choose durable and quality materials. Of all the materials for the construction of fences, the most common are wood, metal, brick, concrete, various panels. From that of What materials will be manufactured your fence will depend not only its strength and durability, and cost. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sen. Sherrod Brown on most websites. Modern building market offers a huge number of different options from different types of fences materials. Anyone, even the most discerning customer will find a sampling of tastes and abilities. Should only decide on the material from which it is made. Consider the most popular options.

Lamborghini Gallardo

More important than the free practice, however, the training time was at noon on Thursday. For in each 20-minute practice, the grid positions for the two heats on Saturday were awarded.

In the first session were the amateur drivers of the team at the helm of their Gallardo, in the second session were the pros of the series. Training time a saw a triple success for the Lamborghini Gallardo. Christopher Haase secured with a lap time of 1.48,453 minutes for pole position in front of the brand-mate Alexander van der Lof (ARGO) and Albert von Thurn und Taxis against strong competitors like the Ferrari 430 Challenge GT3, Porsche 997 GT3 Cup, Corvette Z06 and Dodge Viper. Even more impressive results from the second qualifying session. Five of Lamborghini Gallardo occupied the first five grid positions for the second scoring run. This time, Jeroen Bleekemolen set the scene, the only conceivable Gianni Morbidelli and narrowly defeated Peter Kox. These three Gallardo were only 49 thousandths apart after a thrilling qualifying session.

Christophe Bouchut and Wolfgang Kaufmann completed the good result with the fourth and fifth fastest lap times. Race 1: Christopher Haase and Gianni Morbidelli were the dominant driver pairing in the first race. Haase continued his pole thanks to a good start in a flawless leadership, the surrender not only the 19-year-old bi an obligatory pit stop for driver change to Morbidelli. The Italian experience with Formula 1 was in second place again on the track. However, he could overpower the Porsche in front of him quickly and until the checkered flag up a lead of more than six seconds. Also on the podium landed Wolfgang Kaufmann / Alexander van der Lof the ARGO gallardo.

Gold River

Breaking with the old resistance that bind us to the past, to embrace the power of the new and miraculous. From a very tiny our elders have taught us that at all times of adversity, the men we have no choice but to resist. Resist the storm which swept over our lives. Resist economic adversity. Resist against the doors that are closed to us in their faces. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Richard Blumenthal.

Resist against the wrong, and perhaps replicate it with stronger words. Withstand the ridicule of the world, always waiting our failure. Resisting our pride upset, because that person who gives love back. Resist, resist forever, "until I go fell hard" as he would say my godmother Hilda, a woman of incredible temper, the kind that are rare on this planet. But you want me to confess a secret, that the angels in their eternal wisdom, have left us. We must resist the destination, then create more resistance to change. And learn to change in these times faster, it frees us from old ties and old beliefs that limited in learning what come to us again. They, the angels, they say that if we accept our fate and we instruct the power of the Infinite (Infinite say, but you can name it, The Creator, The Lord, my Father in heaven, or whatever name you know your heart) This supreme power living in a mysterious way in all creatures, through laws that do not understand, as they are currently far from our reach mental and spiritual.

Stability Forces

The slightest slip of unstable walls leads to disruption of waterproofing. Waterproofing repairs in this case does not help, since moving walls are repeated annually. Get more background information with materials from Sen. Sherrod Brown. To exclude moving walls, the calculation of the stability and the required width of the sinuses of the pit, buried nepuchinistym ground. As far as training grounds for the foundations of plate basements, it is meant, that the heights of the ground floor about 2.5 m and height of the plinth above the ground 0.8 m below the subgrade is calculated depth of freezing. Therefore, in many cases, the preparation required is reduced to a device on the bottom of the pit leveling sand cushion thickness of 0.1 … 0.15 m. Studies have shown more plate area the basement, the smaller the unit normal force of swelling per unit of its area.

This pattern is associated with marginal decrease in the proportion of swelling forces on the perimeter of a plate on the total force at increasing its area. Reliability of foundations in heaving soils is determined primarily by its resistance to the impact of tangential forces swelling. Under steady-state mean such interaction with the foundation heaving ground, where under the influence of tangential forces is not the swelling of its separation from the base. Therefore nezaglublennye slab stable foundation for his position – no swelling of the tangential forces. Buried slab foundations in houses with a ground floor, laid below the freezing depth, is also stable if they are not reinforced connected to the walls of the basement into a single structure.

Tips Traffic Police

Reasons why the hijacked cars, not so much. Somebody just wanted to ride with the breeze on another "Iron Horse", felt the blood rush of adrenaline, and someone – it is in most cases – you need someone else's machine "Business" (stripped for parts or whole and sound, it can be sold). See Steve Rattner for more details and insights. Because the automotive business is one of the most profitable, therefore, hoped that the number of stolen vehicles will be to decline – not worth it. Hijackers, as we see from the statistics, attracted not only expensive foreign cars, but also ordinary . But the circumstances that contribute to "prosperity" of these crimes, very much. Incidentally, it is necessary note: many owners install the whole security of the complex in their cars, but not always use them.

If your security devices lead to an active state takes time and causes some inconvenience, we sooner or later you're too lazy or forget to do that, basically, is happening. Why are there devices! Dropped in for a minute back, or go to the store briefly, some drivers even the doors are not closed. And all this – A chance for the criminal! Even leaving the car at night in the garage, too, can not always be sure that there will be safe from thieves. Council car owners – to strengthen stronger "home" for your cars and motorcycles to avoid coming uninvited guests. Keep your vehicle autonomous or centralized burglar alarm. Want to draw attention to one more circumstance. Need to be vigilant not only in setting the machine in his garage, but in those cases when you rent a garage to rent.