Federal Constitution

In our society it is difficult to fight the violence because the application of the corporal punishment, of the pat and of the beating with whip, they are practical sights as normal, acceptable and used as justification for the correction, being supported disciplinatrios acts always in the figure of the familiar power. For Azevedo and […]

Wind Erosion

Our natural environment includes a number of elements that are affected by amount by the presence of external such as wind, water and ice forces. Ohio Senator will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Soil, rocks and sediments of the beds of the rivers and hilly terrain are displaced by these forces regularly, so it has […]

Changing Climate

Everyone knows that our planet Earth is still warming up i.e. its temperature average is on the rise. Even if the temperature rise is miserable (a few degrees) this would bring complete thawing of the glaciers of both poles and could therefore raise the level of the world ocean. Let us talk about that topic. […]