Juntamente with the pupils we will analyze which the structural characteristics that differentiate the texts. 3.Partindo of its daily one in pair, they will have to transcribe a prescription obeying its structure. Humorsticos texts: Historinhas in quadrinhos will 1.Ser presented the subject inquiring to the pupils if it has the knowledge of personages in quadrinhos, […]

Political Constitution Of Colombia Part X

CHAPTER II – THE GOVERNMENT ARTICLE 200. It is the Government, in conjunction with the Congress for the formation of laws, presenting a project through the ministers, exercising the right goals and fulfill the duty to approve in accordance with the Constitution. Connecticut Senator may also support this cause. Call special sessions. Presenting the national […]


Nice to wrap myself in warm fox or rabbit fur. Warm and cozy. It’s amazing how such a tricky subject did not seem so long kept in vogue, just think about the third year from the date when in 2008 they were in the first appeared in the collections of D & G Dolce & […]