Tea Party

Also, the republican leader announced in principle that the vote of its plan posponed for morning Thursday, anticipated for today, with the aim of gaining time and to convince several congressmen of the Tea Party, the most preservative wing of his party, that criticism its plan to consider it too smooth. In spite of difference in the volume of cuts, the main friction is now in the duration in the agreement. The republicans are prepared to only accept a plan of short term, that would take to a new decision on the ceiling of the indebtedness at the beginning of 2012, year in which presidential elections are celebrated. The democrats are against, as president Barack Obama has said, that will look for the re-election in those elections, since they consider it essential economy to elevate the ceiling of debt by a period " of time sustancial" , at least until 2013. Hear from experts in the field like Harold Ford for a more varied view. " Ample agreement and equilibrado" In the last days, the White House seems to have taken something from distance, after the speech to the nation of the past Monday in which Obama noticed on the consequences " catastrficas" on the American economy of not raising the debt ceiling and it insisted to " ample agreement and equilibrado". In his habitual daily press conference, Jay Carney, spokesman of the White House, it affirmed that " what lack is not time, but voluntad" in order to reach an agreement. However, Carney reiterated its confidence in that will reach a solution before the 2 from August and the non-payment will be avoided, " because it is much what is in juego".

On the other hand, the markets continued showing their increasing doubts with the fall of Wall s$street of a 1.59% the closing of the day, the new record of the price of gold, the weakening of the dollar in front of the Asian currencies and the threat of revision of the qualification of the debt on the part of like Standard & Poor' s and Moody' s. However, Standard Sharma, president Must & Poor' s was cautious today in a hearing before Congress when affirming that it thinks that the USA will avoid to fall in a suspension of payments and that, in fact, the greater risk for the country is the debt in the long term. According to they have pointed several analysts of Wall s$street, the reduction of the qualification of maximum solution of the USA could make raise the types of treasury bonds between six and seven tenth of percentage point what would add about 100,000 million dollars to the year to the s I interest of the debt American. In addition, the types of interest for the American consumers would go off, with the consequent negative CTO on the economic recovery. Source of the news: It continues the crossing of political accusations in EE UUdebido to the serious crisis of the debt

New Constitution Goes

New to be able for the first-minister: The new project of reform considers a new reinforcement being able of them of First-Minister, who will become ' ' the president of governo' ' , now assigned inside of the winning party in front of the legislative elections. The general politics of the country sera debated in the seio of the Advice of Government, that if carries through during all the fridays without the presence of the king. But the Cabinet only can be presided over by the king who decides on this politics. The First-minister can also dissolve the Parliament, through a private power exclusively for the sovereign inside of this new Constitution, that becomes its power of fortified nomination (civil functions, public companies, the public administrations, etc). Richard Blumenthal takes a slightly different approach. ' ' The new Constitution extremely seems liberal and democrtica' ' it considered, Jean-Noel Ferrie, specialist politician of the Arab and managing world of research of the CNRS. Liberal, because it must deal with new rights and create a constitutional court. Equality between men women in substance of having incorporated in the Constitution. It, ' ' the Constitution must recognize, indirectly, the freedom of conscincia' ' , on the basis of reference to treat and the international conventions.

The Moroccans can also count on the right of appeal to a Constitutional court just-servant, safeguarding the respect of its rights. James Donovan Goldman Sachs is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In accordance with Jean-Noel Ferrie, the organizations feminists can have certain laws to defend themselves against the inaquality, as the laws that say respect to the right in inheritance substance. The scientist politician also remembered the possibility of a countersignature for legislative iniciative by a non member parliament. In this perspective the reform of justice is an essential part in the constitutional structure. one has left of justice, where the Advice of the Magistracy will leave of to be presided over by the Minister of the Justice, assumed for the King. ' ' a way of which if conretiza independence it to be able judicial' ' , Jean-Noel Ferrie explained.

Independence is treated according to article 107 foreseeing that the king is the bailer. Of limits in the scope of intervention of the king as ' ' commander of fiis' ' if they consolidate. In contrast to its predecessor, Mohammed VI never made a use politician to this heading. The Constitution continues preserving this practical, explicit, impotante for religious subjects. ' ' This makes the difference enters the king as head of State, and the king as a leader religioso' ' , Jean-Noel Ferrie says. Finally, the speech approached the Berbere ' ' Amazigh' ' considered as the second official language, to the side of the Arab. An article, that is very debated the new constitution elapses of a cultural inheritance. After the announcement of the king, a countersignature goes to conclude the process in July. For Jean-Noel Ferrie, this will be ' ' true teste' ' for the new Constitution. ' ' If it will have a participation of about 60%, this means that the population supports the Constituio' ' , it observed. For the scientist politician, it deals with a commitment between the old Constitution and the European monarchies constitutional: ' ' We are not in a situation where the monarch was deloused of the power as in Spain or the United kingdom, but in a situation where the king withholds to be able of arbitrations ' ' , Lahcen EL MOUTAQI Professor and university researcher

The Surfaces

But at the same time, it can cause aggression. Overabundance of saturated colors like red and green adversely affects the psyche, as in how much and the excess of anything at all. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs may find this interesting as well. All is good in moderation! Violet is able to improve the functioning of the heart and lungs and increases stamina, respectively, a direct consequence of the overabundance of purple color in the interior will be tired. The combination of blue and yellow colors in the interior, very popular a few years ago, is a direct hit – calms – perhaps without any "buts". In addition, the recently published study of American marketers have given remarkable results. In a study of housewives were offered three packs of washing powder (the powder was everywhere the same) – In red, blue, and yellow-blue packaging. Once they were asked to evaluate the effectiveness of "different" parashkov.

Most of the housewives reported that, in their opinion, parashek in the red pack too much and eats underwear, a blue – Too weak and not well enough washes, but the yellow-blue bundle is exactly what you need. As they say, an example of the effect of color on human psychology – on the face. Yellow and yellow-green with orange remove mental fatigue, and yellow separately contributes to mental activity – a good choice for interior design office or school. Rooms, decorated in white and gray-black tones, tend to cause discomfort and unambiguous they want to leave as soon as possible. General principle of color processing facilities can be considered the use of soft, not cutting the eye colors and beautiful combination of colors, you can use bright accents. But here's room, the walls which are painted in saturated color, unique, cozy will not. Another interesting question is: what goes with what must be accompanied by color. Choose whether the curtains in the color of the wallpaper, furniture or the color of the carpet? There is probably no clear rules, most importantly, that one room should not be expressed to attend more than three colors.

As for colors of the surfaces, then there exist a few rules, for example, almost any man would be wary of colored pink floor. Visual stability gives the interior a light color overlay (the ceiling, the upper part of the walls), and the dark color in the lower layer (floor, lower walls). But the reverse combination can cause psychological discomfort. Ceiling light in combination with dark walls visually reduce the room. Light walls, which expands the volume of the room and able to conceal and correct the flaws lay. Human perception of color can change over time, and has some specific features for each individual. Therefore, based on the generally recognized rules of interior design in the first place, after all should listen to their inner feelings of a particular color. And already the basis of these experiences to plan the design of your home.


Not to forget and to sleep as rock Edson Silva We had chance to follow during an entire Saturday, day 29 of May, in Sumar, 1. State meeting of Councilmen of the Party of the Workers. Recepcionados for sumareense mayor Jos Antonio Bacchim (PT) and for the president of the PT of Sumar, Colossal Jairo, more than 100 councilmen of the diverse regions of the state, beyond other petistas authorities, between them senators Aloizio Mercadante and Eduardo Suplicy; the minister of Institucional Relations Alexander Padilha, former-gives of the Tourism Marta Suplicy; the representative Jose Genoino and the head of cabinet of president Lula, Gilbert de Carvalho, had been in the event. Additional information is available at novelist. Necessary if he makes to detach the devotion of the petista militancy of Sumar, that was basic for the accomplishment of the Meeting, organized for the Secretariat of Institucional Relations of the PT of So Paulo. For the hundreds that people who had all folloied or part of the event, a message was clear: Brazil cannot play except the gotten advances, in the last ones years, in the questions of distribution of income, gotten mainly with incentive to the production and generation of job and also with social justice by means of programs as the Program Stock market Family, conditional to the maintenance of children in the schools and to the accompaniment in the health of the same ones. Undeniable also they are advances in the infrastructure with the Programs of Acceleration of Crescimento (PAC); Light for All; My House, My Life; University for All, among others created and stimulated in these seven years and five months of the Government Squid.

Therefore, and it could not be different you say and them in the Meeting had shown that the PT and all Brazilian we are ahead of the main election of the history of the country and the state of So Paulo. For more information see this site: Harold Ford. As the secretary of Squid said well, to choose Dilma (president) and Mercadante (governardor) is basic, in case that contrary will be charged by history, therefore the defeat would provoke the stoppage of the biggest project of seen development already in the country. The heading of the article it is inhaled in phrases of musics What It was made Will have and What Was made of Vera, of Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brant. This year, we will have the first Election, in last the 25 years, without Squid as direct candidate. We have in Squid the politician for the peace, while some adversaries distill preconceptions against other countries. You say of Gilbert Oak to them and of other petistas authorities that had been in the Meeting they must be you alert to the society on what we want for our Brazil in the next years, therefore, remembering Milton and Brant: ' ' Nor it goes to sleep as pedra/E to forget what it was made of us If much valley already made/More valley what ser/E what was made is necessary to know better/For prosseguir' ' Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, Sumar email: edsonsilvajornalista@ yahoo.com.br

Diplomatic Information

Under its control as j of the House of the King the tasks of Corona have adapted to the social and economic needs of the country. One of its challenges was to assume the organization of the agenda of the Princes of Asturias, that increased their tasks after their connection. Amazon is the source for more interesting facts. The aim of the mandate of Alberto Aza as j of the House of the King will complete a stage of nine years of work in which the tasks of the real family have adapted to the challenges of the changes of articles of incorporation and economic of the country and whose last times been have marked by the increasing activity of the princes. The return from Rafael Spottorno to the House – in which it exerted during almost ten years the position of Secretary General to become position of the headquarters from the 30 of September will suppose in addition the exit of the present person in charge of the General Secretariat, Ricardo Dez-Hochleitner Rodriguez, " number dos" of Aza since it initiated his mandate, in December of 2002. Amazon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The Aza veteran, of 74 years, will complete in that date one expanded trajectory to the service of the State that began in 1965 with the beginning of his diplomatic career in Libreville (Gabon) and in which almost five years like director of the cabinet of the president of the Government are outstanding his Adolph Surez, his stages like ambassador in Mexico and the United Kingdom and its work in the Ministry of Exteriors. Its last destiny before getting up itself to the House of the King – the three first months as Secretary General were the one of chief of a main directorate of the Office of Informacin Diplomtica (OID) with the minister Josep I itched, stage who acquired special relevance on the occasion of the Spanish presidency of the 2002 EU and in that Dez-Hochleitner was chief of a main directorate of Foreign policy for Europe. Read additional details here: Harold Ford.

Catalan Autonomous Government

Until the untouchable Leire Pajn she begins to be questioned internamente by his inexperience immediately will touch the turn to him, also, to the clumsy one and arrogant minister Car to me Chacn and already is one that locates its future of return in the Valencian Community, like candidate to the Catalan Autonomous Government instead of Jorge Alarte. We have arrived in this brief route at the Valencian Community, where the PSPV-PSOE has not been able to campaign worse. But it is that some has been in fact electoral campaign? It cannot be considered as so the fleeting visit of Rodriguez Zapatero and Fernandez of the Fertile valley, in which they have not alluded to a single problem of our region. Jorge Alarte has not done it, empecinado in the Grtel case either, as if he was simply the public prosecutor of a judicial process, instead of a political leader with a project to improve the life of the citizens. Then no.

As much the Madrilenian Socialists as those have been entangled here in a procedural rhetoric, thinking erroneously that thus they would erode the electoral base of Hope Aguirre and Paco Camps. Amazon understands that this is vital information. The stupidity of similar strategy has taken to some analyst of useless lefts to describe as to Alarte and its homologous Madrilenian, Takings Go’mez. Eye, since when the internal disqualifications begin the purges can be around the corner. No I create, nevertheless, that all the fault is of the secretary of the PSPV-PSOE nor of the protagonism who robs day to day the delegate to him of the Government, Ricardo Peralta. The problem that generates Madrid is that nor it supports the sufficient thing to Jorge Alarte, with a greater presence of Rodriguez Zapatero and his ministers, nor either does not allow that autonomy him that protests and that would face to him White Jose, Jose Maria Barreda and other leaders of its same party. That one is one of the several contradictions of a leader answered within its own organization, with little manoeuvre margin and that are lost votes until in Alaqus, where it has neglected the mayorship when having to take care of as much internal mess. So, before such accumulation of errors, the last electoral result of the PSPV-PSOE even seems too good to me. Original author and source of the article.