The Government

On his return to Japan, one day he was meditating and I realized the effects of a strong gust of wind on a willow tree and a cherry tree, he gave account that the strong branches of cherry trees broke under the onslaught of wind, while the thin and flexible willow branches are rostrums and […]

Helena Quintela Brando Vilela

Its action was dislocated gradually from the reality of the classrooms, the parties and the dated interests, to reach another land, of the perennial feelings. The necessary politics of Teotnios as the peoples needs artists. The worse one of the losses seems us to be this that its absence in inflige’ ‘ , it affirms […]

Federal Government

The Federal Government of Brazil, the past years em comes picking through a sustainable environmental policy decrease the negative indexes of capitalism in the region, governorate to these problems requires time and much discussion, as it is known, that in a very diversified region as Amazon won’t be a single political action that I had […]

Advertising Network

February 1 Uanet launched a new service to promote offline products online – ROS.UA. This is the first digital advertising network, aimed at increasing online sales of brand manufacturers. Networking advertise directly in the field of sales – on the websites of online shops. ROS.UA together the largest in Ukraine, e-commerce platforms and works with […]


Felipe Gonzalez says that primary elections dislike to him because they only serve to weaken the party that carries them out. That is what also believed the PP so, without boasting of it, practice digital designation method from above. Not the case in a democracy as transparent as the American. Less than two years ago […]


Everyone looks to the future with anxiety. Some of us are looking for predictions and prophecies about his fate and the fate of Russia at the gypsy fortune-tellers and others – in the Bible, the texts' Bhagavadgita 'or in Chinese "Book of Changes', the third prefer to go to psychics and clairvoyants. (Similarly see: James […]

Friedrich Ratzel

But nor always it was thus, history in the sample that, that diverse empires and kingdoms, in prominence, the empires Roman (absolute terrestrial domain) and British (unquestionable domain of the seas), had conquered many spaces, generally called of territories, without the existence of a necessary delimitation. The territory concept is many times confused with the […]

Ilona Davidova

As we have already said, subjects that are covered in the first year – domestic. This topic work or school, dating and love, birth, marriage, topics related to apartments, houses, environment, weather and so on. Who can be trained in the method by Ilona Davidova? For whom will benefit from this course? Engage in this […]