Family Code

Unfortunately, in life there are mistakes and not always correct decisions, but if we can not prevent them, then fix it, or minimize the consequences of our power. One of these common mistakes, this ill-conceived divorce. In life there are light and heavy-case scenario, if the first case, no children and the common property, the […]

Yashkova Law

What happened there – I will not discuss. And the man was forced to retire. Midwinter society remained without a chairman. But Ludmila site is not owned, and the chairman did not. Site owned her husband. And so he became chairman. And his wife have chosen an accountant. And they began to live happily ever […]

Civil Code Companies

Registration of the company – is the transition of your business to a new stage in its development. In any case, if you have already carried on business as a pi, ie without a legal entity, or just decided to start your own business, and understand that job opportunities registered by an individual entrepreneur is […]

Santa Catalina Public

The limits in the manner provided by this Constitution may be amended only under treaties approved by Congress, duly ratified by the President of the Republic. They are part of Colombia, in addition to the mainland, the archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina, Malpelo Island and other islands, islets, cays, hills and banks […]

Regional Yguasu Foz Director

“Yesterday, Saturday August 29, 2009, was the FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS POSADAS GUARANI OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF MERCOSUR”, in the city of Posadas (Misiones Province, Argentina). This great undertaking, carried out in the Convention and Events Center, was organized by the ASSOCIATION GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE, with the support of ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE. The General […]

International Labour Organization

Carlos Mora Vanegas We have been written several times about the actions that governments should take towards safeguarding the rights of children, child labor exploitation, as many countries, especially underdeveloped countries, including us, those located in the Latin American continent, where Venezuela, where poverty is still evident in a large number of families who have […]

Strauss Co First

In the first case the staff did not want to be in the company, so watch the clock forward by giving the time of departure. In the second case, it is so motivating the work that they do not realize they already came time to leave. The following is to apply in the first case. […]

College Administrators And Other Universities

“I do not share your opinion, but I will defend with my life your right to express it.” Voltaire many years has been heard of managers graduating from college, especially that of Carabobo, the interest of recovering from its lethargy the College that members, which is supposed to safeguard the of everything that is prejudicial […]