Family Code

Unfortunately, in life there are mistakes and not always correct decisions, but if we can not prevent them, then fix it, or minimize the consequences of our power. One of these common mistakes, this ill-conceived divorce. In life there are light and heavy-case scenario, if the first case, no children and the common property, the divorce procedure will take place almost imperceptibly, in the second, you should always get consult a lawyer. Under the Family Code, if you have no minor children and both of you are not against divorce, it is enough to write a letter to the bodies of registrar. In all other cases, you must apply to the court by filing a claim for divorce. Divorce, the most difficult from a psychological standpoint the procedure, so all things related to the court are best left to professional lawyers. Very well, if you will be able to apply to specialized law firm. Of course, if you have preliminary questions, and now the Internet is widely developed systems of online consultations certainly answer there will be as short as possible, but you can understand the overall situation.

Of course, that the difficult question, the answer is better to get at the reception of specialized lawyers, since in many cases, for a full response requires various documents. Of course, consultation You can get almost any law firm, but still, try to find a specialization of the law firm. When you go through the whole procedure of divorce, on average, it is 1,5 – 2 months, and your marriage will be terminated (marriage shall be deemed terminated upon the entry into force of the court) if you are divorced written statement to the registrar, the dissolution of the marriage and issue a certificate of divorce will be issued after months from the filing date. In our country there is a very cool attitude to maintenance obligations, if they are not spelled out in the agreement. Frequently, lawyers face the following situation, two adults a divorce, verbally agreed, and six months later one of the parties to find a new partner, was to evade or weight reduced payments for a child, about the size of which has been made oral agreements. In some cases, when one party is trying to deprive another of parental rights, the lack of payment of child support is one of the leading arguments. Collect support possible in the case is not a registered marriage, when determining paternity. Do not give up, maintenance needs first and foremost your child, so negotiate immediately and do not postpone it for later, and perhaps most importantly, all of your mutual agreement fix the agreement, which You will make legally competent lawyers, and register it with the notary.

Yashkova Law

What happened there – I will not discuss. And the man was forced to retire. Midwinter society remained without a chairman. But Ludmila site is not owned, and the chairman did not. Site owned her husband. And so he became chairman. And his wife have chosen an accountant. And they began to live happily ever after. Yes acquire even better as soon Ludmila has pressed her husband, and she became chairman of the society. Were elected and board members. Who signed the documents simply because they have to sign up. That is, the credibility of the chairman. On board were deprived sections of society, does not care about propriety, nor the compliance with the rules of law. Let’s say a person educated arrears. If the first called to the board and found out the reason and talked.

Now it was not. Editors are not computed comparable amounts debt to the amount that can be obtained from the sale of garden houses or, for example, bus, or simply fencing and garden trees. Nobody filed a lawsuit against the owners of plots of deprivation of private property. And why, properly? If you are all well aware at the top, why should comply with any decency? At the dacha went architects, but In short, privatization was the way it was needed the chairman, and not as it should under the law. Gathering for the sold plots certain amount after having secured the signatures of board members to deprive people of sites and filling in for mzduyuschih documents for the issuance of state certificate Yashkova ls with his family safely left in Russia.

Civil Code Companies

Registration of the company – is the transition of your business to a new stage in its development. In any case, if you have already carried on business as a pi, ie without a legal entity, or just decided to start your own business, and understand that job opportunities registered by an individual entrepreneur is not enough, the registration of companies – is the first thing will start to enter the “legal field” Business deyatelnosti.Sleduet immediately clarify that the legislation of the Russian Federation is no such thing as a “registration of companies” does not exist. Correct to talk about registration of firms in specific organizational and legal form, such as the registration of the llc, Inc. or other forms of work organization. However, for simplicity, hereinafter we will use the generalized concept of registration of companies.

Before you proceed directly to the registration process the company must clearly define for ourselves what the organizational and legal form would be most optimal in terms of the further work of the company. Registration of companies – this is very crucial and important process, and the correct choice forms of business often depends on the success of the enterprise. The legal procedure for registration of firms is described in detail in the Federal Law “On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual entrepreneurs, and all possible legal forms of work outlined in the Civil Code. Registration of companies in today’s reality – this is not an easy task. You can initiate and firm to conduct the registration process yourself, but if you’re not in the legislation, and does not know all the intricacies of regulations, the process of registering companies is best left to professionals. Services Registration companies in Moscow provided the majority of law firms. In addition, you can buy a ready-registered firms, all documented. In any case, before you begin the process of registration of a company you will need to consult with a lawyer to prepare all necessary documents and to gather as much information regarding various forms of organization and registered firms.

Santa Catalina Public

The limits in the manner provided by this Constitution may be amended only under treaties approved by Congress, duly ratified by the President of the Republic. They are part of Colombia, in addition to the mainland, the archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina, Malpelo Island and other islands, islets, cays, hills and banks that belong to him. Also part of Colombia, the subsoil, the territorial sea, contiguous zone, continental shelf, exclusive economic zone, airspace, the segment of the geostationary orbit, the electromagnetic spectrum and the space where acts in accordance with international law or the laws of Colombia in the absence of international standards. ARTICLE 102. The territory, with the public goods that are part of it, belong to the nation.

PART IV – DEMOCRATIC PARTICIPATION AND POLITICAL PARTIES CHAPTER I – FORMS OF DEMOCRATIC PARTICIPATION ARTICLE 103. Are mechanisms for involving the people in the exercise of its sovereignty: the vote, the plebiscite, referendum, the referendum, the open council, the legislative initiative and the recall referendum. The law and regulations. The state will contribute to the organization, promotion and training of professional associations, civic, labor, community, youth, charitable or non-governmental public utility, without prejudicing their autonomy in order to constitute democratic mechanisms of representation at different levels participation, coordination, control and surveillance of public administration to be established. ARTICLE 104. The President of the Republic, signed by all ministers and the prior approval of the Senate, people may consult the decisions of national importance. The decision of the people shall be compulsory.

Regional Yguasu Foz Director

“Yesterday, Saturday August 29, 2009, was the FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS POSADAS GUARANI OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF MERCOSUR”, in the city of Posadas (Misiones Province, Argentina). This great undertaking, carried out in the Convention and Events Center, was organized by the ASSOCIATION GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE, with the support of ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE. The General Coordination of Congress was given by Prof. Carmen Gladys Bernatto. ATENEO omoguahe heta vy’apave Mr.

Leopoldo Baez, Language and Culture Association Guarani Civil motenondehara has inirunguerape; ojapore amandaje hikuai guasu oseporaiteva’ekue. Congress included nearly 300 people from different parts of Argentina (Misiones, Corrientes, Buenos Aires), Paraguay and Brazil. The Governor of the Province of Misiones: Dr. Maurice Fabian Closs, presented a beautiful present to ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE, a gesture that appreciate and value. SOME OF THE CONCLUSIONS 1. To request the governments of the Mercosur countries and the strengthening of the Guarani language and culture in each country Parties and in the context of regional integration. 2.

At the level of the Province of Misiones, achieve a greater presence of the Guarani language at all levels of education. 3. Establishing a Coordinating Bureau of Labor between the representations of Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay to address advocacy and outreach programs of the Guarani language and culture in the region and elsewhere in the world. 4. Support the creation of a regional body (an academy) that can unify criteria regarding the spelling Guarani and also define other language issues and also conducts scientific research. THE DELEGATION OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE ATENEO GUARANI consisted of 50 people, including the following directors / as. 1 .- Mg. Zachary Nelson Ortiz, Secretary General of the Ateneo and Director of Regional and Lambare Ita. 2 .- Mg. Pedro Ernesto Drain Franco, ATENEO Relations Secretary and Regional Director of Pedro Juan Caballero. 3 .- Mg. Porphyria Orrego Invernizzi, Treasurer and Director ATENEO Paraguari Regional. 4 .- Mg. Maria Antonia Rojas, Administrative Secretary and Director ATENEO Ka’asapa Regional. 5 .- Mg. Jungle Concepcion Acosta Gallardo, Director of the Regional Centre Asuncion. 6 .- Mr. Evangelista Rotela Atienza, Director of the Regional Asuncion Barrio San Pablo. 7 .- Mg. Angel Martinez Gaona, Regional Director of Kapi’ivary. 8 .- Mg. Beatriz Cardozo Teresa Chaves, Director of Regional and Bridge Kuruguaty Kyha. 9 .- Mg. Ovelar Antonia Sabina Cabrera, Director of the Regional Arroyos y Esteros. 10 .- Mg. Nery Felipe Miranda, Director of the Regional Tovati. 11 .- Mg. Pastora Leguizamon of Mafra, Regional Director Karapegua. 12 .- Mg. Haidee Serafina Villalba, Regional Director of the San Pedro del Parana. 13 .- Mg. Ramona Ayala Colman, Director of the Regional Edelira. 14 .- Mrs. Mirtha Gonzalez Alegre, Regional Director Colonel Bogado. 15 .- Prof. Jorge Roman Gomez The Kunumi, Regional Director of Ytusaingo (Corrientes, Argentina) 16 .- Mr. Gudelio Ignacio Baez Benitez, Regional Director of the Buenos Aires (Argentina) 17 .- Mr. Antonio Cabrera, Director of Regional Yguasu Foz. 18 .- Mg. Modesto Romero Cueto, Booth 19 .- Mr. Miguel Sabino Fernandez, animator

International Labour Organization

Carlos Mora Vanegas We have been written several times about the actions that governments should take towards safeguarding the rights of children, child labor exploitation, as many countries, especially underdeveloped countries, including us, those located in the Latin American continent, where Venezuela, where poverty is still evident in a large number of families who have children to support, where due to low income, low salaries and wages that do not support the high prices of commodities needed that children join the workforce to increase their income and purchase. The latest figures indicate that there are approximately thirteen million children and adolescents between 5 and 17 years trapped in child labor in Latin America, which means that for every five children, one is to work on this reality, . ar. writes that the theme

“The elimination of child labor: Within reach”, was held 7, 8 and 9 May in San Jose, Costa Rica the Second Tripartite Meeting of National Commissions for the Prevention and Eradication of Child Labour and Protection of Young Workers. The meeting was organized by the International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) of the International Labour Organization (ILO). In the meeting took part representatives of the constituent organs of the International Labour Organization (ILO): governments, employers ‘and workers’ organizations, who make up in their respective countries, National Commissions for the Prevention and Eradication of Child Labour and Protection of Child worker. National Commissions in Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic shared information and experiences about the progress of countries in the prevention and eradication of child and adolescent labor protection.

Strauss Co First

In the first case the staff did not want to be in the company, so watch the clock forward by giving the time of departure. In the second case, it is so motivating the work that they do not realize they already came time to leave. The following is to apply in the first case. Or alternatively, if you want easier, remove all the clocks in the company.

1 .- Identification of disincentives Examples: improper treatment. Fear, Rivalry and favoritism. Poorly designed work processes. Improper performance evaluation. Ambient conditions.

Lack of equity in the allocation of earnings. Inadequate control policy. Inadequate allocation of workload. In Polaroid, employees can choose by vote, one extra paid day off every year. In addition to the nine regulatory gives the company. Levi Strauss Co. in the U.S. has a “room of retirement”, in which any employee can come only to rest, kick the walls, scream, meditate or read., 2 .- Actions to counter the disincentives Improvement 2.1 .- 2.2 .- Development organizational climate of self-esteem and proper treatment to 2.3 .- Personal Improvement McDonalds communications encourages its dealers to make quarterly communication sessions. Usually the owner of the establishment sits with a representative group of employees to listen to their suggestions and complaints. “Things like a team relocate or modify procedures are done each time , as suggested by the workers. ” I forgot to McDonalds provides a three-month sabbatical after 10 years of service. 2.4 .- Improving the work environment Burger King rewards its employees with cash when they successfully recruit new employees at the administrative level. By finding good workers receive gift certificates for purchases in local stores.

2.5 .- 3 .- Shares Ratings group for motivation and commitment to Apple Computer Company recorded within the first Macintosh computer. All signatures of employees who worked on it. 3.1 .- visitor Chicken Legend Chicken Award was created in Kentucky Freud Chicken (KFC) to recognize employees who tries more than absolutely necessary. The General Manager of KFC deliver the prize personally adding a handwritten note thanking and a check for $ 100. A photo of the presentation is displayed on the wall of the “leaders”, which is situated in a prominent area of the headquarters of KFC. Sense of Belonging 3.2 .- During the Christmas Walt Disney Company, Disneyland opened one night only for employees and their families. Each of the attractions is then attended by senior executives dressed in costumes. 3.3 .- Participation Ford Motor Company to engage their employees in their television ads Delegation and autonomy 3.4 .- 3.5 .- Recognition President Clinton sent a pink rose and a card signed by him and his wife to each employee White House to commemorate the first hundred days of government. The card read: “Thank you for participating in the first hundred days.” The seventy senior officials received more silver key rings. Each with a tiny saxophone. (Clinton plays the saxophone). Remember: They say that there is no perfect company, but in us find specialists that this myth a reality.

Andrew Berterreche

Acting Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries of Uruguay, Andrew Berterreche, said the Uruguayan newspaper a The Spectator : a The state is the guarantor of natural resources, although they may be in usufruct, are in essence property social, because the soil resources of the country is beyond that the land has an owner for catastroa . a It is likely that greater control by the Uruguayan government slow down a little soy boom Uruguay, or at least limit the profitability that can be obtained (and will be monitored closely planting methods used.) Nevertheless, it is expected that soy will continue to expand, while limiting the negative impact that may have growth in Uruguayan land. However, Uruguay seeks to tap not only what is happening with international prices of food in regard to soy. There is also growing strong in the meat sector. So far in 2008, according to Uruguayan newspaper publishes the Observer a The Montevideoa , exports grew by 58% meat.

In this case it is worth clarifying that the strong growth of exports of meat is largely due to the increase in the prices of the same (in the first five months of the year increased by 60%), while in terms to variation in quantities, they recorded to date an increase of 4%. While the increase in export quantities of meat can be low, the prospects opened up for sector, with increasing prices, have significantly increased their profitability, are more than promising. I tried the Uruguayan asado that attest the quality of their meat, so I have no doubts that have growth potential.

College Administrators And Other Universities

“I do not share your opinion, but I will defend with my life your right to express it.” Voltaire many years has been heard of managers graduating from college, especially that of Carabobo, the interest of recovering from its lethargy the College that members, which is supposed to safeguard the of everything that is prejudicial to their rights gained through their professional training. The aim is to participate in a College proactive, efficient, one that safeguards their rights legitimately earned through their education, training, and referred to in the professional practice of law administrator. However, despite the promises of its graduates from the restructuring of the College towards optimum performance and collaboration that has been made, especially in stimulating the motivation to join the college graduates, this is unchanged,

While it is true, that sometimes is no sign of change, but unfortunately, these signals remain a short time, and returns to the routine, the passivity, the conformism constantly wasted opportunities the environment provides the national stage, to generate the transformations that give strength and appearance, the rebirth of a college to be the best in the country, given that its professionals are highly trained to perform administrative encourage them and be able to face the challenges with the necessary changes, to ensure good operation with an institution which its members are well supported, represented. Since long ago, when taught the chair of Issue of the Venezuelan government, emphasized, in that administrators graduating, she had knowledge, administrative tools to play a role commensurate with the requirements of national and international scenario, an administrator fully identified weaknesses, opportunities and threats that the business sector had by that time and that still means underlined the importance of having a College Administrators were not subject to a figurative role, social, but had a more dynamic, academic, advisory, consultancy, training, membership in the needs, challenges, attacks that sometimes the business sector and other organizations face..

The Real Role Of A Good Leader

"The thought, the vision and the dream always precede action." Orison Swett Marden and General Considerations The topic lends itself to an analysis of what currently represents leadership, depending on the scenario where the leader evolve, position are different objectives, goals to be achieved, however, have common topics, for example, the characteristics that every good leader must have towards their management is expected by his followers, generating changes, changes necessary. On this occasion, not concrete in management, where his role is very significant, especially given the crisis faced by the business sector according to the performance of the contingency variables that are having very significantly in organizational behavior, survival, operation . Some relevant, such as Venezuela, where the state variable is identified as a new Bolivarian Revolution appears and its president, Lt. Col. Hugo Chavez Frias has decided that the country must venture into what it calls Socialism of the XXI century, seriously affecting the survival of many enterprises in the country's business sector, generating fear, risk, uncertainty and turbulence as negative, cessation of productivity is required to supply the inhabitants of commodities.

Another aspect incidentally, is the current economic and financial crisis that already affects lmuchos countries where Venezuela, and Mexico to name a few who are known not escape. The rapidly advancing change shows no sign that it will diminish quickly. If anything the contrary, it is likely that competition in most industries to accelerate further in the coming decades, the consequences can be negative. There is no denying that the relentless change and insecurity that define our time demands a strong leadership in business, government and society.