Biographies: Get The Own Life Story For Posterity

A survey of Claudia Cremer determined the motives to create a biography of politicians, artists or athletes use a biography to perpetuate, new to draw attention to themselves or banal to make decent money. But what drives the great multitude of the nameless, create your life story? “A central motif of normal citizens ‘, is to hire a biographer, to leave something children and grandchildren that shows them, who they were and what has moved you in their lives”, Claudia Cremer, biography agree has questioned for the survey of 50 reported. Memories hold often there are children or grandchildren ask MOM, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa to keep their memories in the form of biography. But Claudia Cremer, who is active in Cologne as an independent biographer, notes repeatedly that wishing to write their own lives, is already long ago there in person, they but out of humility or fear of excessive demands repeatedly pushing back him. The request of the Relatives then serves as a catalyst, to begin the biography.

The desire to compose own memories, is greater if the person has experienced something exceptional, which should definitely not forgotten”the experienced German scholar explains. Rheuma is taken from Greek language that signifies “streams as a river” and ology is a suffix word that means “the study of urine”, Urology female viagra pills is termed as a surgical sub-specialty. Thanks cialis levitra online to the stimulating Sildenafil Citrate it contains, which not only helps men to attain and maintain an erection. Urethral inflammationBecause urethra sildenafil generico viagra is very close to prostate, the inflammation is very likely to spread from prostate to urethra. All of them are found price of viagra pills in various medications. More women than men, there are more women than men who want to create their biography, identified Claudia Cremer. Two-thirds of respondents were already over 70 years old. The older a person, the faster he reaches for the listener, when he learns that there is someone, who professionally writes biographies”, the Cologne literary scholar, whose oldest Kundin 95 years is white. As the memories fade with age, older people feel particularly the pressure to create her memoirs. Usually it involves to experiences, that an existence in the post-war period, to memories of hard work, giving, love and loyalty so war experiences, building on children and grandchildren even with the desire to model be how Claudia Cremer mentioned are propagated.