Changing Climate

Everyone knows that our planet Earth is still warming up i.e. its temperature average is on the rise. Even if the temperature rise is miserable (a few degrees) this would bring complete thawing of the glaciers of both poles and could therefore raise the level of the world ocean. Let us talk about that topic. It is worth mentioning that the rise of temperature averages in the ORB is evident in particularity in the climate in Russia. The author of that article is surrendered to the evidence as it continues to change the climate in Moscow each year.

I remember that at the end of December 1978 the daytime temperature in Moscow was close to 30 degrees below zero and at night thermometers were touching 40 degrees below zero. It was so cold until January 4, 1979. I think these days as the coldest in my life. In terms of the temperature averages invernale in Moscow this also continues to rise each year. In the years of my childhood had only a few days of winter of 1984 when thermometers in Moscow marked 2 to 4 degrees above zero. see this pharmacy store now purchase cheap cialis These training programs augment the conflict management and negotiation skills of business leaders at different organizational hierarchies. Before you dash purchase viagra, let me just explain the exact meaning of this medical term: erectile dysfunction, let me take a moment to explain this to them. Schizophrenia has become a well known word these days, thanks in part to the media! But have you wondered what levitra without prescription sets them apart? It is not possible that all of them are up to the mark and offer excellent services. The amount may be increased slowly till the best possible control of blood glucose level is gained. cialis professional australia And other days the thermometers were environment at 5-25 degrees below zero.A few years later in December of 1987 had a few days that the thermometers marked about 5 degrees above zero and rained. In the summer of 1988 thermometers many days marked 30 degrees above zero and the temperature averages that summer was about 5 degrees higher than normal.In the 21st century every winter in Moscow there were days that the thermometers marked a few degrees above zero midday. By the way in December 2004 had a storm that was defined as a downpour along which two or three lightning lit up the sky.

In the winter of 2006-2007 during the December and January was hot since that time most days the temperatures were above zero. Had features precipitation more for autumn or summer because not snowed but it rained. If not it fails the memory only in February of that year the earth went white for being covered with snow.As for the veraneal time should be noted the following. When I was a child the summer used to be rainy. I remember the year 1980 whose summer was very rainy because it rained non-stop almost forty days. I just write without stopping because it stopped raining for a few minutes and to spend this time came back to rain. As I had holidays throughout the summer and stayed with me at my farm was to be locked up at home to cause rain and almost not came out to the street.Obviously five years veraneal season in Russia is quite different to how it was 25 years ago. Since the summer of today is considered as dry and warm.Clearly warns that the Earth will warm and a good day in the whole terrestrial globe has neither a glacial.Who wants to know more can read about the climate in Russia.