Financial Education for Children

Apart from teaching your child how to earn money,are you providing the knowledge required to manage and invest the money once they have it in their hands? All we as parents want our children to succeed in life and are focused to deliver an education that hopefully they insure their future financial situation. The most important thing is to learn a trade so they can be inserted into the labor market with the security of a good salary. Right? Not necessarily a good financial situation requires two things: 1 .- Learn how to generate an income 2 .- Learn how to handle it once it is in our hands. Additional information at Ohio Senator supports this article. Traditional education complies quite well with the first point, but fails miserably on the second. It is something to look around us. The financial condition of the vast majority of adults today, regardless of income, is deplorable.

Most of our monthly income are worn on the day they are received, given the level of debt we have. In the same way we are educated to generate income, we are conditioned to spend and live beyond our means. The sad result is more evident in times of low economic stability as it is today. If it’s your first time to take a prior appointment with him to discuss all your health generic purchase viagra conditions with the doctor openly. How levitra samples Erectile Dysfunction Occurs Despite the fact that there is always a solution for the problem. All buy cipla cialis of these forms are available at a fraction of the price. You need to consume one or two pfizer viagra for sale bananas before few hours of lovemaking. In the midst of the global crisis we are faced with a high level of debt and little or no accurate investment for our future. Not to mention those who are dealing with the problems of unemployment. Let’s face reality: we are poorly prepared for retirement. What’s wrong? The answer lies in our financial education.

The vast majority of adults today are illiterate when it comes to basic principles of money management. We have been educated to work in a job and rely on the apparent security of a salary, but do not know how to invest our money wisely, how to generate passive income nor how to exploit our individual talents to make money through them. Apart from trying to solve our financial situation, the question today is how can we prevent this same thing happen to future generations? Are you preparing your children for the workplace and also providing them the necessary financial skills to manage money so that they can meet the unstable economic times successfully? The problem is that even if we make a change in the education of our children, we can not do because we do not have the answers. We are the result of an education system that taught us the secrets about how money works. However, once aware of the problem, we are in a position to find solutions. If we make a consistent change in the financial education of our children and give them the knowledge and skills necessary for them to leave home and be financially free, we must take the bull by the horns and implement major changes in the way that educate today.