Frosty Winds Of Change

Vagaries of nature: cold and snow in Russia lead to disaster and again, most news last week were associated with the vagaries of nature in Russia. Like and have already passed, so no – Russia continues to freeze and cover. So yes strongly that we have to introduce state of emergency! For example, the regime of emergency due to frost was announced earlier this week in the Chita region, and in Samara, because of snow that hit the city, the emergency was introduced. Due to severe weather conditions in many regions of Russia were canceled classes in schools and airports closed. By the end of the week heavy snowfall collapsed and the capital region. Only last week in Moscow, fell almost half of the monthly precipitation.

Public utilities continue to struggle with the consequences of heavy snow in the metropolitan area and clear the snow from the city. Record low temperatures this week have been recorded in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Huge front of cold air, called, brought the cold of Russia to the usa. Perhaps the assumption of scientists that 2008 will be the coldest since the beginning of the century, will be true. : continuing events Recall that last week was very rich in human events around . The main media attention was focused on reports about the possible resignation of Oleg Mitvol.

Only at the beginning of the week Mr. Mitvol gave comments on the dummy for his resignation. On the same day in the media reported that the structure of the Russian government may soon be created State Committee on Ecology.