German Cossack

In the initial stages of the main occupation of these communities is a war polurazboynogo character. Later, however, they are either passed to the service of the state on the treaty basis, either disappeared (1). The word "Cossack" is polysemantic, due to the peculiarities of history of the Cossack communities of the Eurasian steppe expanses. At various times by the word 'hide' the different in ethnic composition, structure, and studies community, which united the war, military science as the basis of life. From a linguistic point of view, the word 'Cossack' probably of Turkic origin, meaning armed guards, guard the border, Udaltsov-rider. In the early Middle Ages and mature in the wilds of Dasht-i-Kipchak – 'Great Steppe' boundaries in the modern sense of the word – as the demarcation line State sovereignty – did not exist. The inflammatory diseases of the organs near prostate The inflammatory diseases of the organs near prostate The canadian pharmacy cialis inflammatory diseases of rectum, colon, posterior urethra and other organs of your body. They end viagra cialis for sale up having hearing issues and also develop an acute pain towards the affected portion of the face. Depending on the levitra generika 40mg location of the fracture and its extent, the treatment will vary. Thankfully, we are living in levitra purchase a moment where medicine and research has advanced to an all new level which we can’t even imagine for ourselves. There was no insurmountable ethnic differences between peoples (for example, even in the late xviii – early xix centuries. Hegel pointed out that the current situation it is terrible – Russian and German is no longer understand each other, and this means that the previously understood).

Under these conditions evolved the military community dashing horsemen of the steppes, employees or voluntary, skilled warriors, freedom-loving and proud, multinational in composition. Throughout seems like the community already appeared at the turn of ancient and medieval times. However, the lack of credible evidence does not allow to trace their history. Aware of the existence of military communities, including those from Slavic slaves, created by the political elite of the for expansion in the North West (2).