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This gave him understanding that simplicity is the result of wisdom, What manifests itself clearly in the depth and simplicity of his writings. Dr. Ramon Gallegos progressed in time and age and as points out himself in his talks, the biggest revelation in relation to the need to rethink the purpose of education bases direct contact with their pupils; gave it It was rural teacher of children and adolescents who lacked the same thing to him at one time invite him to his pilgrimage for several years: his students in the background also asked that they be treated as human beings, that listen them, to respect their dignity and their essence. In this experience as Master confirms the centrality of spirituality in a truly comprehensive education and decided to constitute the International Foundation for holistic education. His studies in psychology, sociology, philosophy, perennial philosophy etc., their practices intense within Buddhism, experiences and spiritual needs, they were forming the ideal stock for its innovative approach, not only in education, but in many other areas such as the economy, politics, etc. By 1991 upon completion of his model of the new concept of holistic education masters in Sociology of culture, it was practically structured and starts its dissemination at various international fora, also organizing the first forum for the holistic education in Mexico. The most common adverse events include light headedness, headaches, dizziness, free tadalafil and facial flushes. It is found especially in summer, the heat from the core of the body and removes it through direct contact with atmospheric air, cialis side effects a little cold. A buy generic viagra man and women must avoid taking this pill. Patients presenting generic viagra order with the above side effects generally do not need to stop taking this medicine. Is interview with great educators, scientists, philosophers and writers, such as Allan W. Anderson, Hazle Henderson, David Fontana, David Peat, Francisco Moreno, Jefre Kane, Gregori Wilpert, among many others, and his interviews are reflected in three books entitled dialogues Holistas.

In these writings is worldwide the importance and interest that have aroused their contributions. He is the author of 12 books including education Holistic named Book of the year 2001, the spirit of education, spiritual intelligence, an Integral Vision of the equation, spiritual intelligence amongst others… They reflect the experiences and concerns expressed from an early age.