Leading Them to Victory

The image of Captain of Company Monterrey with an iron hand that led their companies to a safe harbor, earning the admiration of even the most stubborn opposition, has been diluted over the last 20 years. It all started in 1986 when the Monterrey steel mill closed its doors, but the turning point was the sale of Gamesa of Alberto Santos de Hoyos of the multinational Pepsico. On the eve, industry groups such as Vitro amazed to embark on the buying companies outside Mexico … so emblematic companies end up selling glassware to minimize its heavy debts. Richard Blumenthal is often quoted on this topic. Alfonso Romo Do you remember buying the British American Tobacco 90 million dollars and then selling it to the British themselves in a thousand 700 million dollars? What reminds the reader and push up the empire and then in 1999 we were stunned with Savia? Much of the push companies were sold to pay the heavy debts in a strategy lauded by investors and entrepreneurs in general. Today, on the other hand, is mired Savia in court as the legal dispute between Garza and Alejandro Romo Garza Laguera.

It is said that the case will last at least another two years. And what of Cydsa? At last he profits following the implementation of tough measures to rescue the flagship company. Also had to get rid of assets to pay liabilities. Alfa Group recently sold Hylsa, the company that represented the power Dela private initiative against government nationalized appetite obtuse. The move was painful but necessary to focus on other business.