Patent Office

It makes no sense to tell why any more or less serious company needs a trademark. Harold Ford takes a slightly different approach. In principle, like any other job, trade mark registration can be done independently. You can also independently build a house on their own without a lawyer go to court to repair the car. But, better and more advantageous to entrust this work to professionals. Professionals in the field of registration of trade marks referred to patent attorneys.

That is all that is necessary for you to contact a patent attorney to register the trademark: the image of the brand; indicative list of goods and services for which it is supposed registration of a trademark (for example: medicine, footwear, sanitary ware, confectionery); your details and contact information. Perhaps you will wonder what will happen next? A further patent attorney on your behalf begins to prepare an application for trademark registration and then delivers the prepared application with the Patent Office (in Russia – Rospatent, Ukraine – Ukrpatent). Application is called a set of documents (application specific form, power of attorney, receipts for payment of fees, a set of images, description, brand, etc.). Lettings request it in person or by electronic mail (such a possibility recently Ukrpatent finally came). Patent agency is considering (ie, examination of applications). Any successful pharmacological treatment for erectile failure tadalafil 50mg demands a degree of cardiac risk associated with sexual activity. use this link generic cialis The arteries in it get hard and block the flow of blood. It augments sperm volume, sperm count and purchase cialis online boosts fertility. Heart disease is truly one way that our hearts can be broken by illness. view for source now viagra generic cheap That patent examiner decide whether to register a trademark or for any reason (eg due to improper design documents) to refuse registration. The Patent Office shall check whether the registered the same or similar mark before. With the positive decision of examination issued a certificate of trademark, and when negative – Certificate is not issued.

The role of a patent attorney at this stage it is very responsible. He must quickly respond to requests for experts of the Patent Office, to provide reasons and arguments in the case Pre-registration refusal, to correspond with the Patent Office, to monitor the timing of payment of fees, etc. To minimize the chance of rejection, the patent attorney will ask you to apply for registration brand to conduct a preliminary search for identity and similarity to determine what are other people's trademarks similar to yours. I think that make sense to abandon this test is not, as this will save your money and time. Standard registration of a trademark lasts about 18 months. If this period seems to you very long, then at your request patent attorney can speed up the procedure to 3 months. Acceleration – an additional fee service, and most important – absolutely legally.