Political Campaigns On Facebook

Every day we see how political campaigns in different countries are using increasingly more to Facebook as a means of promotion, since the phenomenon Obama (who was one of the pioneers in making a massive political campaign with very good results using Facebook) today many political parties have decided to make their campaigns by this means, before seeing the pro and cons will see how it is that really works the majority of political campaigns on Facebook. Firstly need to understand that a political campaign on Facebook not only develops in one page of followers but in all pages related to the political environment of the moment (websites of other parties or candidates, some groups and various personal profiles of promotion), also have to take into account that while the number of followers of a Facebook page is also important must take into account other factors such as the interaction of these and the image in general that is taking the party or candidate in social networks, for understand more this part will then see the main actions of a political campaign on Facebook:-information – defense – attack r – information is the more correct way to carry out a political campaign, people want to know what are the proposals of the candidate or political grouping and interact with them, is the form more transparent to be able to achieve a political objective in social networksalso there are some modalities as discussions on a particular theme, informative about a proposal, etc. videos – defense serves to make different attacks from other parties or candidates, while an attack on another candidate is a bad thing and should be avoided this practice, it is a mistake to expect a successful campaign if our promotion only based on the information that must be taken into account that the attacks are a reality of the MiddleTherefore this action (defence) is to publish information supported immediately that refuted the slander or attack of the competitor. -The attack is an unethical action which seeks to intentionally discredit an opponent either by spreading false rumors or publishing any weakness of the same, this is an unethical and despicable action, however it is a reality that many political campaigns use it very often and ignoring them can make us to be victims of them, usually defense actions serve to counter this type of action. Perhaps many people such actions seem very common however remember that the environment in which develop is different: in this case in particular and social networks: Facebook between some of the advantages of this type of promotion are:-allows voters interact with the candidates and learn about more their proposals. -Create a community environment to common interests. -It allows to compare different proposals and forms of promotion of different political parties or candidates. If you want to achieve success we urge you to start with your people and by focusing on team development. viagra side online http://greyandgrey.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Workers-Comp-State-of-the-System-2006.pdf Truth be purchase generic viagra told, it came to be associated with creation, birth and life.Blue lotus holds religious significance as well. This requires casting organization improvement in terms of purchase cialis online hypotheses to be tested rather than solutions to be handed out, attacking the barriers to collaboration, and making decisions democratically rather than bureaucratically. So, is there any solution? Yes there is as you can easily get an excellent solution and it is the medicinal therapy of viagra samples no prescription . -Lets you set very important personal and professional relationships.

-Socialize with like-minded people to the same political interest. Some disadvantages include:-some parties based their campaign on the smear and disinformation which can affect our perception of reality. -It can be an enabling environment for attacks among candidates not ethical. -SPAM and unwanted publicity (posters, logos, etc) excess – defamation both candidates and supporters. -Fights and negative comments between users of different political tendencies. Only time will tell if this new environment will be increasingly more used and it can become a real tool in order to build a community of electors or on the contrary be a swarm of SPAM, fights and defamation in social networks.