Political Honduras

Lucid Honduras. “Not all are blind, but as costs keep my eyes open.” (Jose Saramago) I’ve never seen my people more lucid than today. The clarity and quick thinking has been to understand and explain the things that have happened since 28 June (day of the military coup) are impressive: everyone knows that in the last election voted for the 2005 NO Mr. Micheletti. That what happened on June 28 in Honduras, was a military coup.

That the solution to the current conflict situation is bringing back the original June 27. That at this moment there are no conditions for elections under a de facto regime. “Bad time to vote, complained the president of the polling station number fourteen after closing the umbrella soaked violence and remove the coat which served him little hurried trot during the forty meters that separated the place where he parked the car the door through which, with the heart saliendosele by mouth, had just entered. “For However, with these words Jose Saramago, provides a space very similar to ours, in the essay on lucidity, municipal elections approached, the PDM (the middle part) PDD (right-wing party) PDI (party of the left ) were ready to race. And they are circumvented by a right as old as democracy itself, the right to know the truth, the right to think, the right to exercise critical and analytical thinking that leads them to judge and make decisions. And that frightens them more than a war, rather than a chemical attack. In this novel, Saramago, entry presents a “Violent Storm” which reported landslides and flooding everywhere.

“The president of the polling station number fourteen, I am very worried, something very strange is happening here, so far has not turned up not a single voter to vote for more than an hour we opened, and not a soul, yeah sir, of course, there is no way to temporarily stop it. There is no question about the online cialis find for info efficiency of Kamagra UKbecause of their past users’ experience and also its unique safety profile. The sexual organs are strengthened unica-web.com cheap cialis from canada due to apt nutrition provided to the same with the use of this product.e. This is the time to take action and find some hair loss cures that actually work. buy levitra uk The STOP error screen struck the OS/2 when developers were porting other tools from Lattice, Inc. via without prescription viagra internet. “The protagonists are a police commissioner and woman who kept the light on the epidemic of white light, exhibit the moral high anonymous citizens can achieve when they decide to exercise freedom. In Honduras, the storm raging since the fateful June 28 is called a coup, together with human rights violations, and provocacionesa one after another “power sewers are in place: the guilty must be eliminated . Click Suffolk County representative to learn more. And if they are not, are invented. As polls are invented, projections and targets. We must be alert if I see my twin sister or giving a vote that I did not. “It may happen that one day we must ask ourselves Who signed this for me?” a Tegucigalpa Honduras. 1964. Pedagogical University Degree in Literature NacionalFrancisco Morazan. International Representative of the Peruvian poet’s house in Honduras. Free articles for El Heraldo of Honduras and FIDES. DIPLOMA IN POETRY: Virtual Design Studio Specializing in Creative Writing Poetry. Barcelona Spain.