Regional Yguasu Foz Director

“Yesterday, Saturday August 29, 2009, was the FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS POSADAS GUARANI OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF MERCOSUR”, in the city of Posadas (Misiones Province, Argentina). This great undertaking, carried out in the Convention and Events Center, was organized by the ASSOCIATION GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE, with the support of ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE. The General Coordination of Congress was given by Prof. Carmen Gladys Bernatto. ATENEO omoguahe heta vy’apave Mr.

Leopoldo Baez, Language and Culture Association Guarani Civil motenondehara has inirunguerape; ojapore amandaje hikuai guasu oseporaiteva’ekue. Congress included nearly 300 people from different parts of Argentina (Misiones, Corrientes, Buenos Aires), Paraguay and Brazil. The Governor of the Province of Misiones: Dr. Maurice Fabian Closs, presented a beautiful present to ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE, a gesture that appreciate and value. SOME OF THE CONCLUSIONS 1. To request the governments of the Mercosur countries and the strengthening of the Guarani language and culture in each country Parties and in the context of regional integration. 2.

At the level of the Province of Misiones, achieve a greater presence of the Guarani language at all levels of education. 3. Establishing a Coordinating Bureau of Labor between the representations of Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay to address advocacy and outreach programs of the Guarani language and culture in the region and elsewhere in the world. 4. Support the creation of a regional body (an academy) that can unify criteria regarding the spelling Guarani and also define other language issues and also conducts scientific research. THE DELEGATION OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE ATENEO GUARANI consisted of 50 people, including the following directors / as. 1 .- Mg. Zachary Nelson Ortiz, Secretary General of the Ateneo and Director of Regional and Lambare Ita. 2 .- Mg. Pedro Ernesto Drain Franco, ATENEO Relations Secretary and Regional Director of Pedro Juan Caballero. 3 .- Mg. Porphyria Orrego Invernizzi, Treasurer and Director ATENEO Paraguari Regional. 4 .- Mg. Maria Antonia Rojas, Administrative Secretary and Director ATENEO Ka’asapa Regional. 5 .- Mg. Remedy may want to tadalafil uk cheap embody: stop-depressant herbal supplements, hypnosis, in addition to way of life changes. It is one of the key ingredients of FitOFat capsules that help to improve muscle strength and prevent weakness caused by loss generic cialis pill of body weight. This is more common in online viagra prescription women than in men. You likely don’t get enough sleep and your nutrition is probably deficient as see to find out more buy canada levitra well. Jungle Concepcion Acosta Gallardo, Director of the Regional Centre Asuncion. 6 .- Mr. Evangelista Rotela Atienza, Director of the Regional Asuncion Barrio San Pablo. 7 .- Mg. Angel Martinez Gaona, Regional Director of Kapi’ivary. 8 .- Mg. Beatriz Cardozo Teresa Chaves, Director of Regional and Bridge Kuruguaty Kyha. 9 .- Mg. Ovelar Antonia Sabina Cabrera, Director of the Regional Arroyos y Esteros. 10 .- Mg. Nery Felipe Miranda, Director of the Regional Tovati. 11 .- Mg. Pastora Leguizamon of Mafra, Regional Director Karapegua. 12 .- Mg. Haidee Serafina Villalba, Regional Director of the San Pedro del Parana. 13 .- Mg. Ramona Ayala Colman, Director of the Regional Edelira. 14 .- Mrs. Mirtha Gonzalez Alegre, Regional Director Colonel Bogado. 15 .- Prof. Jorge Roman Gomez The Kunumi, Regional Director of Ytusaingo (Corrientes, Argentina) 16 .- Mr. Gudelio Ignacio Baez Benitez, Regional Director of the Buenos Aires (Argentina) 17 .- Mr. Antonio Cabrera, Director of Regional Yguasu Foz. 18 .- Mg. Modesto Romero Cueto, Booth 19 .- Mr. Miguel Sabino Fernandez, animator