Southern Urals

This part of the South Urals became the basis of the territory of future Isetskij province. According to one version, in the area settled descendants of Cossacks from Ermak, named Iset. Significant role in the development of the Southern Urals played was built in 1644 Dalmat monastery, a neighborhood populated by peasants. Mastering Isetskiy edge is in the direction from north to south and south-west.

It started formed one of the major agricultural centers of the Urals. More slowly populated area northwest of Bashkortostan. An important stimulus for the development of the Southern Urals in the xviii century was the Orenburg expedition. System built forts contributed to the process of free-style peasant colonization hozyastvenno-economic and cultural development of the region. Especially went quickly colonization of the Bashkir region with a 30-s of the xviii century. When the Government to establish itself as the Southern Urals and the use of resources of the region was engaged in an artificial population of the region. Together with servicemen people began to master the edge of runaway peasants, soldiers and Russian every class, escaping dissenters from persecution. Newcomer here Luda allotted Bashkir lands, but for the most part Russian settled willfully, violently. To build a mountain plant land bought from Bashkir with hundreds of thousands acres for a pittance, the mines were allocated free to existing law, then. To keep the local population – Bashkir in humility and to prevent their rebellion, built forts, redoubts.