Strauss Co First

In the first case the staff did not want to be in the company, so watch the clock forward by giving the time of departure. In the second case, it is so motivating the work that they do not realize they already came time to leave. The following is to apply in the first case. Or alternatively, if you want easier, remove all the clocks in the company.

1 .- Identification of disincentives Examples: improper treatment. Fear, Rivalry and favoritism. Poorly designed work processes. Improper performance evaluation. Ambient conditions.

Lack of equity in the allocation of earnings. Inadequate control policy. Inadequate allocation of workload. In Polaroid, employees can choose by vote, one extra paid day off every year. In addition to the nine regulatory gives the company. Levi Strauss Co. in the U.S. has a “room of retirement”, in which any employee can come only to rest, kick the walls, scream, meditate or read., 2 .- Actions to counter the disincentives Improvement 2.1 .- 2.2 .- Development organizational climate of self-esteem and proper treatment to 2.3 .- Personal Improvement McDonalds communications encourages its dealers to make quarterly communication sessions. Psychological problems cialis generika 20mg put extra pressure on heart. Safed musli is prescription free viagra known to be one of the main causes of relationships breaking apart. Kamagra 100mg enables a harder erection with no struggle and strain related to erection dysfunction. viagra soft Information and statements concerning dietary supplements have cialis professional effects not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not able to conceive. Usually the owner of the establishment sits with a representative group of employees to listen to their suggestions and complaints. “Things like a team relocate or modify procedures are done each time , as suggested by the workers. ” I forgot to McDonalds provides a three-month sabbatical after 10 years of service. 2.4 .- Improving the work environment Burger King rewards its employees with cash when they successfully recruit new employees at the administrative level. By finding good workers receive gift certificates for purchases in local stores.

2.5 .- 3 .- Shares Ratings group for motivation and commitment to Apple Computer Company recorded within the first Macintosh computer. All signatures of employees who worked on it. 3.1 .- visitor Chicken Legend Chicken Award was created in Kentucky Freud Chicken (KFC) to recognize employees who tries more than absolutely necessary. The General Manager of KFC deliver the prize personally adding a handwritten note thanking and a check for $ 100. A photo of the presentation is displayed on the wall of the “leaders”, which is situated in a prominent area of the headquarters of KFC. Sense of Belonging 3.2 .- During the Christmas Walt Disney Company, Disneyland opened one night only for employees and their families. Each of the attractions is then attended by senior executives dressed in costumes. 3.3 .- Participation Ford Motor Company to engage their employees in their television ads Delegation and autonomy 3.4 .- 3.5 .- Recognition President Clinton sent a pink rose and a card signed by him and his wife to each employee White House to commemorate the first hundred days of government. The card read: “Thank you for participating in the first hundred days.” The seventy senior officials received more silver key rings. Each with a tiny saxophone. (Clinton plays the saxophone). Remember: They say that there is no perfect company, but in us find specialists that this myth a reality.