Tea Party

Also, the republican leader announced in principle that the vote of its plan posponed for morning Thursday, anticipated for today, with the aim of gaining time and to convince several congressmen of the Tea Party, the most preservative wing of his party, that criticism its plan to consider it too smooth. In spite of difference in the volume of cuts, the main friction is now in the duration in the agreement. The republicans are prepared to only accept a plan of short term, that would take to a new decision on the ceiling of the indebtedness at the beginning of 2012, year in which presidential elections are celebrated. The democrats are against, as president Barack Obama has said, that will look for the re-election in those elections, since they consider it essential economy to elevate the ceiling of debt by a period " of time sustancial" , at least until 2013. " Ample agreement and equilibrado" In the last days, the White House seems to have taken something from distance, after the speech to the nation of the past Monday in which Obama noticed on the consequences " catastrficas" on the American economy of not raising the debt ceiling and it insisted to " ample agreement and equilibrado". In his habitual daily press conference, Jay Carney, spokesman of the White House, it affirmed that " what lack is not time, but voluntad" in order to reach an agreement. The formula is patented by SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office http://www.icks.org/hugo33kim/pdf/PoliEcon111@HugoKim2014@22%20Economy%20Biblio.pdf purchase cheap viagra of the P.R.C) with the application of pancake makeup to even out blotches and the treatments Jackson used for his illness further lightened his skin color, he could appear quite pale. A many healthcare providers buy cipla viagra around the world recommend these medicines to their patients. The blood is then retained inside the penis to stay erect is not available, so old men tend to get the soft erections order cheap cialis and they also lose their level of confidence & power for proper performance during such acts. Men and their partners are often very concerned with cialis viagra sale the drug’s affordability. However, Carney reiterated its confidence in that will reach a solution before the 2 from August and the non-payment will be avoided, " because it is much what is in juego".

On the other hand, the markets continued showing their increasing doubts with the fall of Wall s$street of a 1.59% the closing of the day, the new record of the price of gold, the weakening of the dollar in front of the Asian currencies and the threat of revision of the qualification of the debt on the part of like Standard & Poor' s and Moody' s. However, Standard Sharma, president Must & Poor' s was cautious today in a hearing before Congress when affirming that it thinks that the USA will avoid to fall in a suspension of payments and that, in fact, the greater risk for the country is the debt in the long term. According to they have pointed several analysts of Wall s$street, the reduction of the qualification of maximum solution of the USA could make raise the types of treasury bonds between six and seven tenth of percentage point what would add about 100,000 million dollars to the year to the s I interest of the debt American. In addition, the types of interest for the American consumers would go off, with the consequent negative CTO on the economic recovery. Source of the news: It continues the crossing of political accusations in EE UUdebido to the serious crisis of the debt