The Disconcerting Tsar Medvedev

Dimitri Medvedev assumed the Presidency of the Russian Federation in a solemn ceremony that recalled, strangely, the magnificence of imperial enthronement this week. Estimate scientists that the ceremony held in the Kremlin was a mixture of reaffirmation of the strength of the Tsars and carefully prepared media spectacle whose script should cause a significant psychological effect far beyond the confines of mother Russia. For most Western observers, the new Russian President not ceases to be a mere symbol of the continuity of the policy carried out by Vladimir Putin, friend and supporter of Medvedev. Even some who believed the respite of the old statesman reconverted KGB agent is a simple Mirage, which Russia destinations will continue depending on the strategy established by the tiny group of former agents from the intelligence services that they had seized power during the era of the faltering Boris Yeltsin. Author shines more light on the discussion. Nothing less true, since already in the last years of the defunct USSR the exponents of this hidden power controlled the public life of the giant with feet of clay. If you have problems regarding an erection, it’s pretty much essential to viagra on line purchase see a doctor before pursuing any sort of treatment. Along with this, it also helps to improve the total sales and reliability of the levitra generika 10mg organization among other rivals operating in the market. After get more generic tadalafil canada using kamagra before sexual intercourse, a normal experience of growing older is simply untrue. If the article is inflammatory, debatable or insulting, you can rake in nearly 10,000 backlinks a week after every Tom purchase viagra click to read more Dick and Harry dissect your atricle on their blogs.

Some Secretaries General of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) came from the repressive apparatus or were supported by its structures to perpetuate itself in power. In this context, it should be noted that Vladimir Putin is not the exception that proves the rule. On the contrary, it is worthy representative of a new political class that emerges from the chaos produced by the collapse of the Soviet Empire. A class composed of survivors of the secret services, which were placed in the multiple black holes of politics and the economy, invading the land of the old apparatchiks of the Communist regime. However, Dimitri Medvedev does not belong to this nucleus of power. Curiously, this economist who arrived to direct the Gazprom, the country’s largest energy company, has a history of another kind.