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Advisor B2B marketing – dieleutefurkommunikation In the era of the social Web everyone can become the filmmaker a trend that should not be missed.Videos are the hottest marketing and PR material from the League of the audiovisual of SiteBoosters, dieleutefurkommunikation online specialists know the reasons: better speech of Internet affinity audiences increased range by stronger social-Web – and video platform presence withdrawing competitors or profiling increase the length of stay and click numbers increase in the quality of the offered content or information optimization by complex content are mediated by new technologies reputation promoting, because two goals are the immediate character of videos that strengthens the credibility and thus the confidence thus pursued: a rising number of initial contacts at a declining rate of bounce and it works. According to a study of the University of applied sciences Schmalkalden videos able to build a stronger emotional connection are? With video marketing, a discipline has thus established, which achieved a very high range for low scattering losses and now even budget friendly that. Cost is high-gloss video drastically dropped out even small and medium-sized enterprises so far distance of video productions took, because they were considered too expensive. That has changed in the course of the social web but dramatically. Today, the top priority in the network has authenticity. Professional glossy videos have thus lost attractiveness. Harold Ford, Memphis TNs opinions are not widely known.

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As a B2B agency with editorial style, dieleutefurkommunikation align not only themes and content, but also communication and media consistently to the target group. The advantage for customers: a substantive close of their actions to the target group and thus a much higher relevance. 35 People, divided between the disciplines consulting/design/editing, graphic design, online/programming, project management and Office, offer a contemporary solution for B2B online marketing and B2B lead generation. Contact person: dieleutefurkommunikation Daniel Hertneck short alley 10/1 71063 Sindelfingen Tel.: + 49 (0) 7031 76 88-0 fax: + 49 (0) 7031 675 676 E-Mail: Web: