10 Considerations When Purchasing a New Laptop

Take your time reviewing laptops when you go to buy a new one – it is time well spent, especially if you want the best laptop that meets all your needs. If you are buying a new laptop, you should first make some simple considerations: 1 – Screen: What you’re looking at the screen? Here we must consider resolution, size and definition. Remember that is where you will be visible during all your sessions with your laptop. Make it something comfortable for your eyes. 2 – Portability: Are you going to move a lot with your laptop or are you going to use primarily at home or in hotels? The weight to be our new laptop is something to consider. Especially since we’re going to have to carry us. l by clicking through. 3 – Speed: The notebooks are usually a little slower than standard desktops. If speed is important for the work that you are developing, pay special attention to details such as: CPU, hard drive and motherboard.

4 – Upgradeable: Unfortunately there will be many things you can update on your laptop so it is important to know what you’re going to need long-term. The updates can be very expensive and some more worthwhile to purchase another laptop. The best thing is to buy a good laptop from the beginning. 5 – Memory: This consideration may be the most important. Many low-cost laptops or used, are being sold with 128 MB of RAM. Today is not enough for many applications in Windows XP or 2000.

If you are using your notebook to occasionally write documents or surf the Internet, you can be worth 128 MB but still, you’ll be happier with 256 MB. It goes without saying that if you go directly to 512 MB or more, the better. 6 – Battery: Lithium batteries are best suited. 7 – Hard drive: You should consider a minimum of 40 GB. Anyway, as they say … the more the better. 8 – Hardware (DVD/MPEG-2): When buying a new laptop, the more certain is that this device comes already built so you do not have to worry. Of Anyway, be sure to come integrated. 9 – Price: The cost of a computer should be something that we take into account before making the purchase. There are many prices and strong competition, which is good for the buyer. The secret is to review and look at everything you can and not settle for the first portable models to see. 10 – Warranty: This does not usually have problems because by law (at least in Spain) in the purchase goes directly included a 2 year warranty. Still, you are where you are, ask the seller about this item. If you buy the laptop online, do it in trusted sites recognized and read the conditions of purchase. Conclusion Making you these 10 considerations assures you that what you buy will be even a long time, and not have to repent after a few months. A laptop is not a toy and is not a cheap thing.