Selfishness And The Life Partner

Every human relationship in which we are committed involves any waiver by force. I.e. Yes accept the commitment to live with a partner, agree to be in couple with that person that I have chosen as my partner. However, to be able to give me another, I need a good dose of love and selfishness […]

Business Values

“We consider it necessary to approach and debate real-entrepreneurial companies with the institutions for this way to start generating commitments, actions and synergies that we consider changing models obsolete, “explains Garcia Vessel. “Do not feel alone.” It is one of the requests to a businesswoman and defending the model of the Platform links, which both […]

Do You Drink Tea? Drink Tea!

Germany and its tea culture under the microscope as the East Frisians have maybe still the largest per capita consumption in Germany, which is not surprising given a top-ten position in the international tea consumption. And to stop one of these positions is also terrific, the world production of tea in 2007 but more than […]


New exhibition stand in the Zenit Messebau GmbH Zenit Messebau GmbH design Configurator has expanded the trade fair stand design Configurator. If you don’t know the application, it can be online rental booths. The special thing about it is that it is possible directly in your own corporate design. Logos, graphics and corporate colours let […]


Sometimes I think about the weird ideas that are around in our heads on the topics of welfare, health and their counterparts: the discomfort and disease. They are part of the common way of thinking in our culture and ideas that, in general, never dare to question, as if we gave assumes that they are […]

Google Domain

Currently it is necessary to have a Web site with own domain to have a presence on the internet, already not only companies seeking opportunities in international markets to generate profitability, but also natural persons seek employment opportunities that allow us to meet certain economic needs. Then on a personal level, have a Web site […]

Somewhat Boring

Friday 30 of July of the current year. Jaime Bayly began his television program the franc shooter half an hour late, because this problem of delay in the programming of the channel 2 slithered from the transmission of the volley that was before nine o’clock in the evening. (Jaime program supposedly had to start at […]

From Hotmail Is headlines led the resolution of Hotmail and the simultaneous removal of all users to the then-new Web service changes and alternatives for Web mail services in the last year. Now, a few months after the announcement, the transition is complete. What changes brought the change to un, what alternatives are there? The Hotmail story […]