Andrei Volkov

Petersburg, the most complete and "advanced") to anyone but government agencies are not issued. But somehow the wheels with her freely sold on the stalls in the underground. We checked the data on we know the companies – like the truth. State Bureau of Registration (RRT). If your competitor to take an interest in property rights, problems he did not arise. Turning to the rrt, you can get this information in a single day, which costs only 300 rubles. If there is no particular urgency, then a statement of your rights in immovable property will need to pay even less – 100 rubles.

Kuga. If your company rents a room at the Kuga, officially receive information from, a competitor can not. The press service of the committee, we were told that any information about the tenant, whether the data on leased facilities, amount of rent, the regularity of payments, etc. etc., commercial organizations are not issued. Again officially. So unofficially, your competitor, having spent some time and not too much money on their own know about you quite a lot. But still not all.

To simplify his task, he may appeal to the detective agency (they are in our city 11), which will collect any necessary information about your firm. In particular – on their oiled channels and from government agencies. Told us head of the detective agency "Russia" Andrei Volkov, complete information about any company can buy for $ 800. When I first saw it my first inclination is to wonder “where did you learn that?” If I reflect on it for a while, so price points must be sharp. cialis uk About effective of viagra line is of same quality as of levitra. These types of problems can occur at cialis uk any age. Another study predicted that combination of L-arginine with pycnogenol that low cost viagra is product of plant bark restored sexual function in about 80 percent of participants later to 2 month period. 92 percent had their erection ability boosted in about three months. Of course, it's not only the information that the client may itself be obtained from government agencies, and many more useful data, which by law are not open. This includes information which, on assurances of officers of state institutions, not given to anybody, because it is commercial and official secrecy. This information tax payments, balances of enterprises, 'black' turnover and profits, wages and salaries and other accounting data, information on registered vehicles, passport data managers and employees, and much more. Andrei Volkov did not disclose the secrets of our reporter of his profession, but said that the sources of the necessary information vary depending on the specific and case. So there is no guarantee that your, for example, tax records will not become the property of a competitor. You can protect yourself by paying a detective to protect information. This service is costly. Depending on the firms, the cost information, economic security can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. How detectives will it work (not to the same protection in each official), refused to tell us. By some reports, it is a preventive treatment of famous detectives channels "drain" of information (for example, the carrier of secrets can pay for something that he did not part with them). Anyway, to afford such a service may be a few – in the "AA-1, requesting it not more than five companies per year. The rest is nothing remains of how to learn all about a competitor or through the first detectives, or independently from government agencies. How much are our secrets? Working on material, our correspondent incognito turned into one of the detective agency with a request. price information about the publishing house "Businessman of Petersburg". There work was estimated at 1050 euro. These include: I estimate the financial state – 350 euros, I analyze data on public companies – 200 euros, I provide these data in the paper closed – 500 euros. As explained to us, prices vary depending on company size, location, and many others factors.