Vasili Volga Consciousness

Therefore, higher consciousness controls the lower, and it's pretty easy to understand by the example of the religious hierarchy system, where the highest stage of consciousness is God controls all, then go archangels, then – the angels, etc. You can use as an example and a manifestation of hypnosis, when, during a hypnosis session the idea of a stronger person able to suppress the thought of the weaker. Richard Blumenthal oftentimes addresses this issue. That is why, on the one hand, hypnotists can work, not all people on the other hand, not all people are susceptible to hypnosis. Adult, usually runs a child, and intelligent controls and suppresses the fool. All these are examples of the hierarchy of thought, and hence of consciousness. By reading this article, you can ask a simple question, but where there Vasili Volga, and why we need to know the hierarchy of his thoughts? So, wants to own man power, who knows people in the world wants power, well, it should be for this call of his thought, and what of it? And this is a logical question is if the person is not familiar with the true nature of such concepts as "very policy ", which displays the essence of the policy, taking place worldwide. And in order to understand it, a person need to start to get acquainted with key players involved in the so-called "big politics". We often look movies or play computer games, whose scenarios mapped fight light forces with dark, good and evil. About this struggle we are told, and representatives of the Church.

Labor Market

Labor market in early 2010 as stabilized heavy. Recovering personnel market is very slow. The crisis has halted the race, which prevented in recent years the company has started internal problems. So, get a breather, the company is actively engaged in shaping the organizational structure. In parallel to optimize business processes: the sights of changes came as the effectiveness of the company and individual departments, and sometimes even each employee.

As a result, the department has held a place of one, but a good specialist. Employees of the companies saw the reverse side of this optimization: they expanded the range of duties. Initially it was hoped that a temporary phenomenon. However, the days go by, but to recruit assistants and aides no hurry. If an employee handles – great – if not, then manual recounts that the labor market now mass of free competitors. Now, if the employer selects the employee, he knows exactly what kind of person he needed. Companies are requested not to send them to interview applicants who meet the application by 90% because they expect of one who meets their desires for all 160%.

The most difficult to account for young professionals, graduates. If they are, and take on the job, then the expected salary of 30000 rubles can not be considered. In the end, and all sorts of ratings confirm this, young people are showing great interest in working in government agencies. Toughen requirements to make the professional competencies to reflect the need to improve their skills. However, almost all companies have frozen their program to recover costs for staff training – both for a top level managers, and employees average. In the end, pay for education have on their own. In particular, before the crisis, 80% of students short-term programs taught by Companies to Work For. Today 60% of managers pay for their own learning. Reductions today are a "point" character. Therefore, the experiences of abating. Though not the best way affects the psychological mindset of employees mergers and acquisitions. As a rule, as a result of internal change management team was deprived of posts – the middle and lower composition do not touch. However, in most cases, new leaders have their own view on the approaches to work and staff requirements. Therefore, the fears of employees about the impending change of ownership of the layoffs are often justified. As long as the prerequisites to ensure that personnel market quickly returns to the rates of growth in 2008, no. And judging by the experience out of previous crises, the industry is never the first to be selected from the pit. As Typically, the engine becomes the real sector, which is gradually pulling for him all. Most experts agree that the crisis here is like a Latin letter L. A sharp fall, which we have already experienced, came the phase of stability – the truth "at the bottom." However, already by the fact that the market is no longer a fever, later in 2010 to become more productive. Personnel Center, "UNITY" (495) 543-82-59 Darya Ilina

Eugene Volkov

Judge Eugene Volkov, apparently did not read the book by L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology: The Fundamentals of Life, which he also gave a review. A quote from this book describes the author's attitude to the issues politics and religion: "Do not change the religion of man, do not change his political views, do not violate the sovereignty of nations. Instead, teach a man to use the fact that he has and knows that the first time, for any political system, to create a real civilization on Earth. For this we are working on. " The court relied entirely on the experts and decided to recognize the extremist literature. But, fortunately, Scientologists learn in time about this decision and were able to challenge.

Because of this it does not come into force. But this is a topic for another story. Likewise, and in the recognition of extremist literature Nursi was an expert Yakovleva found extremist phrase " I did not put up with violence and humiliation I do not tolerate violence and oppression." Obviously, the author tells about his attitude to violence, even talks about it in the past tense. How does this phrase refers to Extremism in Russia today? Many community and religious leaders have tried to change this situation. In particular, the chargeability against Islamic literature Nursi expressed and chairman of the board of muftis Russia Ravil Gainutdin, and the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia, Vladimir Lukin, and many scholars and public figures. But despite such support, could not change anything, because the basis for decisions of the courts is "Expertise".

Internal Affairs

Might work, If Major criticized the Russian government as a whole and called for the construction of democratic institutions. But he appealed directly to Putin – the use of traditional petition modern form, which makes 'American next>> not very clear. The effectiveness of this, in general, an effective pattern is minimized. November 9 published an open letter to veterans and retirees Novorossiisk police are angry Dymovskiy video message. Link to the authorities – a good and effective step.

But this authority must be a specific person. A famous person who is willing to enter into open confrontation and risk his reputation, unavailable. November 10 Department of Internal Affairs of Krasnodar region declared insolvency charges Dymovskiy. Chief physician clinics, to which is attributed to Major said that the police needed a serious medical examination. Information danger of such attacks tend to zero. Dymovsky hired bodyguards and had moved to Moscow.

One might ask: "where such money in an ordinary policeman?>> Is reasonable. But in circulation used another very Traditional and effective meme – "repentance and regret>>. Major admitted his sins and declared readiness to suffer – and so this method does not work, as it could. Oper said, as befits the people of his profession: messy, awkwardly, sometimes illiterate, but all we need, he said. Even more than that – whether it is even remotely similar to the Iron Felix, without fear and reproach – no one would have believed him. When? Video was posted on Friday, when the journalists always short of material, and they are particularly active in seeking information.

Civil Force

But in fact it was virtually impossible task. In comparison with the employers (and formed a strong independent individuals) that have passed through fire and water, and with whom we speak the same language, to build a working dialogue with the federal government, with political parties and state and public organizations up to now have not been successful. When the second half of 2007, we appealed to all parties with a proposal to familiarize with the solution of the independent development of small and medium businesses, we are faced with an astounding ignorance. For example, in party told us that they invent stories about small and medium businesses, but we have surpassed them and that they themselves to a level far Also, very strangely responded to atp, Fair Russia, Civil Force, United Russia, an independent deputy Vladimir , and all the rest, as if the topic of development of small and medium-sized businesses and the formation of the middle class before the elections to the Parliament at the moment is for them firing the article. (A maybe it's how it was: after a decision on SMEs as there was, and still does not. And to make any promises would certainly a substitute ). Very "interesting" we were greeted by a personal meeting at the Reception Administration President of Russia. A Mr V. Rozanov (At that time Deputy av Dvorkovich) for giving us the program looked with undisguised amazement, and said that he was not going to read it at all, let those involved Dvorkovich.